The Music of Eric Kauschen

Saundhaus CD’s are now available by clicking on the artwork unfortunately they aren’t currently available through streaming, but I’m working on it.

Exile In The Sunset

My second hard rock album that really gives my fingers a work out. I think you’ll like this one. It’s already being played on several radio stations around the world. WSCA 106.1 has called this one of the killer solo releases of 2011.

Symphony of the Nine Angles

I’ve Got a Guitar and I’m not Afraid to Use it!

My first album of guitar oriented work. This has taken me over 10 years to come into being and I’m glad it finally did. Available on CD by clicking on the photo to the left.

True Sounds of Ry’leh

This is an hour long ambient piece based upon [once again] H. P. Lovecraft. I suggest that if you purchase this CD because that is the only format it will be available in that you listen to it in the dark with headphones to let the sounds wash over you and bring about change within in.

Not available on iTunes, but if you click on the photo to the left you’ll be taken to our store to purchase the CD.


Symphony of the Nine Angles

Symphony of the Nine Angles

The Symphony of the Nine Angles is musical exploration of a neo-classical style into the writings of HP Lovecraft symbolism. Available on CD by clicking on the photo to the left.


Vampyric Suite

Vampyric Suite

A look into the various archetypes of the Vampyre along with a three
added pieces of orchestral excess. Available on CD by clicking on the photo to the left.

Yuggothic Choir

Yuggothic Choir

This EP is not for the faint of heart. It is some sonic fun of a lovecraftian nature. The only instruments are voice. Listen to this in a dark room with the volume up to fully understand what filled HP Lovecraft’s mind when he went to sleep. This CD also included the vocal chant of the runic invocation. It will surely invoke a berserker rage in you! Available on CD by clicking on the photo to the left.


Die Electrischen Vorspiele

Die Electrischen Vorspiele

This is a special commemorative CD that includes electronica from the experimental to modern day dance. Anton LaVey wrote a ritual by the name of “Die Electrischen Vorspiele” many years ago as a futuristic working to bring about change. The problem with this was that his visions of the future where based on symbolism of the past. His suggestions for the types of music were based much on cartoonish ideas of the future, not the reality of what we see in the future today. You can see what saundhaus sees as the future by purchasing this CD.

Albums not Released by Saundhaus that Feature Eric Kauschen

For Lucio Fulci: A Symphony of Fear

This CD was compiled by Graveside Entertainment as a tribute to Italian horror film composer Lucio Fulci. What started out as one CD quickly turned into four CD’s. Eric provided a rendition of the theme to 2072: The New Gladiators which has received worldwide raves from industry writers. This collection features renditions of the late Maestro Fulci’s composition by such artists as Alucarda, Another Dead Junkie, Body Hammer, Carfax, Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Al Festa, Gwar, James Murphy, Dave Nearbore, Necrophagia, On/Off, Penis Flytrap, RokOpera, Inc., Mike Scaccia, Skitzo and Marco Werba. Eric’s song on this album is also available on I’ve Got a Guitar and I’m not Afraid to Use it!

This CD was released by Blackest Heart Media, but I don’t believe it is available anymore. There are occasionally copies available on eBay or you can always google it!

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