New Release: Eric Kauschen

Well why not just be a little gratuitous and have the first post in the Music category be about me? I finally managed to finish my first album of guitar oriented music and I think this one will be pretty big for me. I’ve released four previous albums, but they’ve been mostly soundtrackish and ethereal. I’ve always been a guitarist and I finally got down to it and finished the album. Probably because I was inspired by my new studio setup that turned my abilities to record up to 11. I played all the instruments on the album with the help of William Duke who did the back up vocals with me on Ich bin ein Auslander.

The songs are as follows:
1. I’ve got a guitar and I’m not afraid to use it.
2. Ich bin ein Auslander
3. Eye of Set
4. Into the Arena
5. Fury from on high
6. Speed of light
7. Seaside Strut
8. 2073: The New Gladiators [theme]
9. Hawaii Five-O

The album should be available on iTunes by the end of November and I’ll add a link here to it when it comes out. For now if you click on the picture above you can get a pre-release listen of Seaside Strut. If you want to see some of my other work that’s available on itunes just click on the Eric Kauschen - Symphony of the Nine Angles button.