R.I.P. Deadpan Host of Horror

Bob Wilkins, R.I.P.
Bob Wilkins, R.I.P.

Thanks to my good friend Mike via email this morning I was informed that Bob Wilkins, the host of 70’s horror movie show Creature Features has died as of today. This is a bit sad to me because as a kid watching Bob on Saturday night along with ordering a pizza and hanging out with my friends watching cheesy old horror movies was the best thing a few 13 years could do since we couldn’t get booze yet.

Bob has a way about that was, well nerdish, babyfaced and deadpan. He rarely showed any emotion. I can’t remember ever seeing him laugh. He was just there, but that’s what made him something that added a bit of character in the Bay Area. I remember meeting him at a Star Trek convention at Civic Center sometime around 1976. [OK, maybe I shouldn’t have just admitted that.] All he said to me was, “Oh, Hello.” shook my hand and walked off.  That was about the friendliest I’ve ever seen him. It also made me realize how badly he reeked of the cigars he always smoked. Hopefully with a little luck KTVU channel 2 where the show ran will run a few repeats as a tribute. For now you’ll have to do with this short video I found on youtube.
Creature Features

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  1. I was talking to a co-worker today and he said that when he was growing up, he always passed by Creature Features because it was too scary for him! Dialing for Dollars he could handle but not Creature Features!

  2. I loved this show. It got me through many nights, and made me the horror nutbag i am today. I’d like to think somewhere that Bob Wilkins and George Burns are comparing cigar notes and telling old hollywood storys.
    now put a glass of scotch in there and count me in.

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