Become one with your inner macintosh…

Be well my friends. I have come unto you as a changed man. My computer has been returned to me most excellently and my life is whole again. I am one with technology.

Wow 4am poetry can be kind of sloppy, but the iMac is back in full effect a full day early. I’ve been so happy [and so has my wife] that I’ve been prodding and poking it to make sure it wasn’t still broken to make sure it didn’t need anymore fixing.

I have my big shiny screen back and the full memorex, hair blowing sound system back in order. All my apps are working except for a few that required me to re-enter the serial number [only 3 so far]. Life has returned to normal for me and my wife has her computer back all to herself. Overall, while still an obvious mac addict I manage to cobble through 4 days without a mac of my own to call home. I think now that I am back in order I should move on to solving whirled peas and fixing problems with my new employer’s iPhone app.