Dave McElhatton: Broadcasting Legend of SF

I have to start off by saying that my connection to Dave McElhatton is because I because I have a degree in Broadcasting. I met “Mac” when he came to one of my college classes to tell us how be be a good broadcaster. The funny thing is that when you look at the words “good broadcaster” you kind of have to think. How hard is it to sit there and talk to people who aren’t there? Well aside from the homeless people downtown who will beg to differ with you even if you aren’t there, talking to the public via a microphone or camera isn’t as easy as it sounds.

“Mac” was good at what he did and I doubt he ever would have admitted it. He didn’t have the stern delivery of Walter Chronkite or the laughable “what drugs is he on?” of Dr. Don Rose, but Dave McElhatton was the kind of guy you’d want to sit down and have a beer with and just talk. I didn’t realize his long history in radio prior to seeing him team up with Wendy Tokuda for the news on channel 5. He was one of the first inductees into the Bay Area Hall of Fame. I always remembered in college how my teachers would use “Mac” as an example of the way someone should deliver the news. While he retired in 2000 he never sort of left my mind. When i read of his death I suddenly realized that he wasn’t doing the news anymore and he’s probably knocking one back with Walter and Dr. Don somewhere.

Smartphones for Dummies: San Francisco

There’s something about smartphones that no one wants you to know. Now that I have my brand new iPhone 4 I am an expert and will share with you my font of knowledge.

Well, maybe at least what I’ve learned so far…First off, these are phones that connect to the internet. What they don’t tell you is that they try to access Wi-Fi first, then fall back to 3g, then Edge, then GPRS as the last resort. Everything after Wi-FI is where your monthly data charges come in. Now if you’re like me and the millions of other hipsters who got an iPhone to be cool and only make a few phone calls you can find a way to save yourself the $15-$25/month as soon as that’s not a part of your contract [looking into that tomorrow].

I’ve found there are tons of free Wi-Fi out there and there’s even a free app for the iPhone called of course, Free Wi-Fi Finder. While this works pretty good, I’ve found that if you see the #G or E or ° on your iPhone that you should go into your settings and try and turn on Wi-Fi. Chances are you’ll find an open system. I was wandering around my local Safeway and happened to remember this and turned it on and found that Safeway offers free Wi-Fi. So I connected and now because it’s a smartphone it remembered it and every time I’m in that Safeway it will automatically hook up. This is good because the cell phone reception is nil inside so I can run Skype if I need to make a call and call out over Wi-Fi and be a VoIP geek for a bit.

This secret has kept me from getting a Smartphone even when I could have afforded one because it was the data plan that pushed me back. I already pay less per month for much better Wi-Fi at home, why should I pay more for a slower connection outside the house?

So I think this weekend I’ll go fishing, but I’ll leave the pole at home and go around my neighborhood and as soon as I find I don’t have a Wi-Fi signal I’ll see who’s I can latch onto. I’ll also do that at the pizza place by where I work since I know they offer free Wi-Fi and they have good pizza considering they aren’t in New York.

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Gay Weddings, mo’ money, mo’ money!

So I start my morning a bit groggy as usual and begin my morning routine. Read email, check, go to sfgate.com and check out the news.

Whoa, they’ve finally realized that legalized gay marriages could stimulate our economy. Yeah, OK, duh. I’ve been saying this all along. I guess because being born and raised in San Francisco I’ve known a lot of gay people. I’ve also noticed that once they hit their 30’s they seem to have more money than most of the straight people.

They usually don’t have kids, so there’s one less money suck. They don’t have a problem dressing fashionably well which helps them land jobs in the higher paying sectors, and of course, they love to shop!

All of my gay friends had iPhones long before I did, they had flat screen HDTV’s long before I did. They’ve got money and they’re ready to spend.

San Francisco being the Mecca for gay culture [why exactly is Mecca always used as an example of the “place to be?”] We would reap untold rewards by legalized gay marriage. The money that would pour into this city as the “place to be” for a gay marriage would make our coffers explode to the point that San Francisco would start considering becoming it’s own nation state. The derogatory term, “San Francisco Values” would then been driving home from work in your new BMW because last years is so 10 minutes ago, putting food on the table and paying your bills while surfing the net on your iPad in front of your 50″ flat screen HDTV home theater unit while sipping a fabulous 83′ Cabernet from Napa.

That doesn’t exactly sound like we suck. If California legalizes gay marriage and pot we could easily become the #2 economy in the world. We would become an even bigger draw than Las Vegas. Donald Trump would take up a residence here and New York would become an unhip wasteland.

I’ve been in favor of gay marriage since I can remember and I’m a straight guy. I don’t have a problem with it and I can see the benefits we can derive from it. Oh, by the way, if any of you need a Universal Life Church minister to officiate at your wedding I’ll do a fabulous job…for a small fee. 😉

I F*cking Hate Car Seats!!!

Today was an auspicious day. It was time to replace the car seat we had and my wife and I got up early to attempt it’s installation. I write this because we have had two previous car seats and the same thing happens every time. I end up swearing a lot and hurting my knees and swearing some more then finally it gets installed.

Well, it was so so this time. We got it installed, but it still rocks to the left too easily. I have no idea how the guys at Babies-R-Us install the car seats while not swearing up a storm in front of the family asking them for help to put it in. It’s just insane. Why can’t they make an easy to install car seat?

I did call the local police station and they said they have some people who do that and they took my name and number and would get back to me some time this week.

Some time this week?

O.K., it was a Sunday, but still, some time this week? That’s like, “I’ve fallen and I can get up!” O.K. we’ll get back to you this week. I know that’s a bit overboard, but we hardly ever go out without our daughter. Next week doesn’t cut it.

So we have it installed, but according to the directions if we ever get into a crash our daughter is dead, which I’m sure voids the warranty because car seat makers don’t like to have dead kids in their history, but the thing still is rocking back and forth a lot. Maybe I could take my anger out on our car dealer who pointed out that when we have kids the car was all ready for the car seat because it had the LATCH hooks built in, but for now…I hate f*cking car seats.