What the Hell is up with our weather?

One of the things in fall for San Franciscans is figuring out what to wear each day. I woke up and felt kind of warm and looked out the window to see this. This type of weather usually means it’s going to be cold out, but today oddly enough at around 9am when I went outside to pick up the paper it was 67° out.

San Francisco is gifted with Indian summers where we get our warm weather starting around the last two weeks of August and it can run until mid-November. Now all my friends that have lived here for awhile has said we had one of coldest summers in years which I have to agree. So I have to suspect that because of that is why we have warm overcast days during our Indian summer. I’m suspecting if we get our sunny days, they’ll come around October. Maybe it’s because of global warming, but our weather isn’t like it normally is. I might check back around 2pm to let you know what the day turned out to be.