KUSF To Return From Exile? It’s Possible

I was a bit surprised when my friend Ian Kallen, one of the founding fathers of Rampage Radio sent me an email yesterday telling me that USF & USC’s lawyers have filed a petition to ban the transfer of the FM license for KUSF. It looks like they’re having a change of heart. There is also a website established to raise money to fight the transfer that you can visit at savekusf.org.

NOTE: I got it wrong from the email I received from Ian. USF and USC’s lawyers are fighting to block  the transfer. KUSF has an internet site using bandwidth from WMFU to broadcast over the internet in the interim. What I’ve heard is that KUSF is raising money so that if they get the reprieve and USF says, you want it, you pay for it they’ll have the cash to do it. Please donate to them.

KUSF has been a known leader in serving the community of San Francisco for many years and has sorely been missed by many residents since KDFC started pumping out it’s classical music over 90.3. I’m not sure why a for profit station such as KDFC is operating on a non-profit frequency, but that isn’t really the point. The point is that KUSF is gone and we want it back. If you can visit the site and donate if you can to help bring back KUSF.

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  1. KDFC is now a non-profit. That is why they were able to get the non-profit station frequency.

  2. they became a “non-profit” over night and are broadcasting in offices that they share with corporate media conglomorate entercom!

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