Sorry to my loyal readers…

I found a couple of sites that I won’t mention who pay you to put ads on your Facebook and tweet feeds. I thought I might be able to make a few extra bucks on this, but it turns out that in the past month I haven’t earned even a dollar from both combined.

So just to let you all know that I’ve stopped the ads on my Facebook and Twitter feeds so when you read something it will be from me and me only and not from someone who’s giving me a couple of cents per post.

My apologies. I will only be accepting sponsorships/advertising from San Francisco local businesses that I wish to promote and not from people  who will be trying to sell you crap. I will continue with the AdBrite adds at the end of each post until someone can suggest a better way to make money since as we all should know by now that Google is evil and their AdSense is a scam.


2 Replies to “Sorry to my loyal readers…”

  1. No worries. I thought it was interesting that you gave it a shot. I mean, you need the money. No judgment here. Good luck!

  2. I look at it as an attempt at “income diversification”. In this case it didn’t work as readers were responding that they didn’t like it. I rather lose less than a dollar than lose readership.

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