That Waving Guy

If you’ve ever driven by 33rd and Vicente on the weekends [sometimes during the week] you’ll see a guy sitting in a wheelchair with a little white dog in his lap. He waves to every car that drives by hoping they’ll wave back. We always do and he always smiles at us. I happened to catch him yesterday and decided to stop and talk to him.

He’s an interesting guy. His name is John and his dog is named Winston Churchill. He told me he’s been sitting out and waving for the past five years when he and his wife Pat were in Mexico and he [like I] suffered a stroke. He can’t do much, so sitting and waving at people is pretty good entertainment for him. His seemed to be a lot worse than mine though as he pointed to his right side when he told me and used his left hand to shake mine. He had a bit of trouble speaking which I remember having as well, but as I said, mine was minor.

I didn’t get to ask him too many questions because he was telling me all about his and Pat’s trip to Mexico and how it was always warm and beautiful and he kept going on about the posole that it was the best in the world. Which I’m sure isn’t hard to deny considering posole in Scotland would probably be awful.

So I finally got to meet him and John is a nice guy. He doesn’t stay out there very long, but I did learn that I’m a good guy which he told me after Winston started trying to climb on me. John’s a happy guy all things considered and Winston knows people. I told him that I was going to write about him and I always hold my promises. Here’s to you John!

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  1. I live about a block away and always see John and Winston! They always put a smile on my face and I’m never too busy to stop and talk with him. We have a small conversation and when I have to leave I lean I’ve to give him a hug. He always reaches up to give me a kiss on the cheek and thank me for stopping by.

    I remember about two years ago he told me about his stroke. Then after a year he disappeared for the longest time. Everytime I passed that corner I thought about him and wondered if he was okay. Then a few months ago I saw him again and he told me that he had been in Mexico for the past month and was happy as a clam as he showed me his route!

  2. I met him this morning after only waving while driving by for the past three years.  He actually printed this article out and showed it to me! John is such a great person; he totally makes my day better, no matter how good or bad it is.  Thanks for posting this!

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