Halloween in San Francisco

Here’s something you might not of heard of, but if you’re looking for something different to do on Halloween you might want to think of heading over to the Queen Anne Hotel and take their haunted house tour. The tour is $20 and while it occurs throughout the year Halloween is the big night because they pull out all the stops.

The tour led by Jim Fassbinder starts at the hotel where you get to tour some of the haunted rooms of this perfectly restored Victorian hotel. Jim is an awesome host for the tour and he takes you on a walk around houses nearby where he tells you about who’s supposedly haunting the house. Dressed in his Victorian finest he looks like he stepped right out of a Dicken’s novel. Jim is part storyteller, part comedian and part illusionist.

Be prepared though because you will do a lot of walking during the tour and nights can be rather cold in San Francisco so be sure to dress warmly. The tour takes around three hours and the majority is done outside.It’s a real kick to go on the tour and you get a little prize bag at the end of spooky stuff to remind you of the tour.

It is well worth the price and the hotel is really beautiful inside. If I remember correctly they offer coffee and hot cider before the tour which is always an extra bonus for me. If you go make sure to them Jim I sent you.