Baghdad’s Pic of the Day

My friend Tom who runs the Ocean Beach Bulletin and has a pic of the day about things in and around Ocean Beach. Since I cover more things San Francisco and not just the Westside of the city I thought it would be a good idea to add pictures in and around the city. If you’re out and about with your camera and see an interesting place, snap a photo and send it to me with any info you can on the spot and I’ll post it along with your name. If you can add any more info like your camera settings I’ll add that in as well. I used to do this way back in the early days of the blog and I think I’ll start it up again. You can email the photos to me directly by clicking on link there.

So to start off with, here’s a pic I took with my iPhone at the Japanese Tea Garden. It’s a nice peaceful place to visit that just walking around will put you in a meditative state.