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He definitely would’ve made it onto my list of favorite LIs. a scene is shown of Tialo believing his family and clan have turned on him, struggling to survive in the mortal world and vowing revenge on Alex. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. It shows her being ostracized for her necromancy and resurrecting a man named Thomas, who she had feelings for. They can improve or decrease relationships with the characters. The first is Kristof Jensen's. It shows him dealing with the dragon Black Valerian because he's the only one capable of speaking to dragons fluently, being able to heal her and being offered a ride on her back. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Another scene is shown of the ghost ship as Nik catches up to the Fate, guessing that she was his mystery client who hired him to protect Alex. SO MANY. Drabble based on Nightbound. Thank you so much ! 271 votes, 30 comments. Choices: Stories You Play is a collection of Visual Novel Games released by Pixelberry Studios for iOS and Android. Discover (and save!) Caroline | 19 | She/Her | This is a choices blog but I mostly just reblog stuff because I’m not creative enough to come up with my own posts. :). nightbound choices choices the stories you play pb choices choices nightbound nik ryder choices nik choices nik ryder nik x mc nightbound fic choices fic choices fanfic choices fanfic archive choices fandom. I don't think it is at this point and you're beautiful work deserves to be visible. Cal wasn't even my LI in my first playthrough but this sure convinced me to replay the book and jump to the Cal train Very nice art btw! The ending was super rushed and there was that whole "main character believes in themself and suddenly becomes too powerful to defeat" cliche. Nightbound is one of the many stories of Pixelberry's Choices: Stories You Play collection and also a spinoff of their vampire story, Bloodbound. Phoebe, 23, she/her, disaster person. It also reveals that Thomas persuaded her to create the Bloodwraith that wrought havoc in New Orleans. Chapter 15. You always knew visiting New Orleans would be a life-changing experience... you had no idea how right you would be. Love your art style and the whole vibe of it! Just something I wrote off of a dialogue prompt. ... playchoices nightbound canceling nightbound just proves how greedy choices is i wasn’t totally into it but it was better than bloodbound in my opinion oops. Y’all left me in visual novel dating hell and I need you … and ended it wtf. Fall in love, solve crimes and embark on epic fantasy adventures Pick your story from our constantly growing library with weekly chapter updates Control what happens next in immersive visual stories! I wasn’t entirely sure to mark it as a spoiler since there were other NB posts about the ending that didn’t have anything spoilery about it but was still marked as such. Alex is half-Fae due to being Lord Elric's bastard child. After Tialo's failed murder of Alex, Lord Elric banishes him from Lamrian and the royal family, saying he has no son outside of a male Alex. With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the best collection of story games in the world! But now you got me thinking of all kinds of Beauty and the Beast Scenarios for NB , This is so beautiful we were robbed of more 30 scenes. Crossover story in which the survivors from both gangs go to New Orleans and pay a visit to Luc, Nik and Katherine to try to understand The Power. Thank you! /: Whew, this is a great looking Cal! Nov 19, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Austin. I love it so much. Ivy and Luc are with Vera to help her cure the Reimonenq curse. Press J to jump to the feed. The ending for Across the Void was so anticlimactic they literally just said we’re saved! Games Choices. your own Pins on Pinterest Follow/Fav A Happy Ending. Nik also says it to Bloodwraith!Thomas as he keeps peppering him with crossbow bolts. Wish we could’ve had more time with him. May I suggest not to mark it as spoiler? This art is stunning. Said by Vera in Chapter 15 when her death touch barely slows down Bloodwraith!Thomas. The third is the Fate's. Never got to use them. For further proof of that, I'll leave you with this tweet from a NYC defense lawyer. I have SO MANY issues with the ending. Search Works. Thomas attacks the Mardi Gras parade and seemingly kills Alex. # nightbound-choices Follow. AHHHH!! 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. He and his family were on a road trip to New Orleans when a shadow monster attacks, killing his wife and daughter and then him. This is so pretty. This is beautiful! Nik picks up a stick and stabs it dead, and Elijah gives him a rule: You can’t rely on anyone and when it comes down to the wire, he's on his own. We never got to see how Fae realm was handling the loss of their leader AND heir. It lives series crossover with Nighbound | moodboard. Warnings for this chapter: implied (off-screen) N*FW, discussions of trauma and therapy, a short tid bit at the end involving animal violence/death, and plenty of fluff and other domestic stuff Links to previous chapters: one // two // three // four // five It shows her torturing a drug dealer and manipulating her daughter Vera into killing him. It's pleasing to the eyes and I adore your take on MC & Cal's loving relationship. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Discuss your favorite books, characters, theories, and more here! I already miss our werewolf king

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