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[57], When it came to his next encounter with Solomon Grundy, Alan was reunited with Sam Zhao who has become an avatar for the White. • The nursery rhyme is the inspiration for the DC Comics character Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy, a large, strong zombie supervillain created in 1944 as an adversary for the Green Lantern, though later a common foe of Batman and Superman. [26], The origins of Grundy's resurrection come from the fact that the Parliament of Trees, a high council of Plant Elementals, tried to turn him into the newest Plant Elemental. He is offered nanotechnology stolen from GNX's Supercop program by Lex Luthor's daughter, Lucinda Luthor.[53]. [17] The Earth-One Solomon Grundy is born when the Parasite uses an enhanced crystal to metabolically hasten the growth of residual cells which becomes a new, much more bestial version. Batman is able to stop Grundy. [43], The sorceress Selena created a mindless clone of Solomon Grundy from his DNA sample to serve as the muscle for the Fatal Five and fought Supergirl. Solomon Grundy is a reanimated corpse stemming from a cursed place near Gotham City called Slaughter Swamp. The same thing never happened on Justice League Unlimitedbecause he died thrice before the Legion even formed. Having absorbed magic from Doctor Fate and Green Lantern, Grundy is easily able to defeat the combined might of Superman, Jay Garrick, Hawkman, Hawkman, and Green Lantern, until he is defeated by both Green Lanterns and sealed in Slaughter Swamp. [56], Eventually, Grundy's origin was revealed in a flashback. The bomb went off fusing Grundy and Banner together. He brutally beats Hawkgirl until Superman appears, though the situation is rendered confusing as his imperfect clone Bizarro shows up as well. The battle continues until Scott once again exiles Grundy to the moon where neither he nor the "Grey" can do any damage. His strength has varied greatly through the years; for instance, in the Long Halloween story arc, Batman beat Grundy, while at various points his strength is roughly on par with Superman's. Fifty ye… The radio continues its report, listing cities where Grundy was seen, so each member picks a city and heads for it to try to find Green Lantern while Wonder Woman stays behind. [31] The aftermath of that battle is inconclusive, but Grundy evidently survives, as he was last seen in a murky swamp in JSA Classified. The song was translated in different languages including French, German or Italian. Cyrus Gold (2011 - Present) Some have been truly evil; some much less so. In the police morgue, he transforms into Solomon Grundy. In the late 19th century, a wealthy merchant named Cyrus Gold is murdered and his body is disposed of in Slaughter Swamp, near Gotham City. Cyrus GoldAppearances • Images Jack Knight befriends Grundy, who has become innocent and childlike. He is virtually indestructible and immortal thanks to the elemental energy that imbues his form with pseudo-life. [28] In the final issue, the same Unknown Man punishes another of his group – the Eighth Man, Zor – by dressing him in Cyrus Gold's clothing and leaving him for the mob to find, implying that Zor – an extremely vain character, notable for attempting several times to overthrow the Universe and for having defeated The Spectre – would later become the first Solomon Grundy. See, Solomon Grundy also appears in the 1979 live action TV special, Solomon Grundy makes a cameo appearance in the tenth and final season of, Solomon Grundy would later return in the episode of, Solomon Grundy makes non-speaking cameo appearances in, Solomon Grundy appears in the animated movie, Solomon Grundy appeared as a playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game, Solomon Grundy appears as a playable character in, A music act named after the super villain, The real Solomon Grundy appears in issue 19 of, The Joker uses a hard light hologram of Solomon Grundy to battle Superman and Batman in the direct-to-video original animation, Solomon Grundy appears as a member of the Legion of Doom in, This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 01:42. Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy, Arrow, 2013, season 2/episode 9: "Three Ghosts", Fictional character, a zombie supervillain in the DC Comics Universe, Articles and topics related to Solomon Grundy, It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One,, "New Lego game lets you team up with Joker, Harley Quinn and other DC bad guys", Solomon Grundy at the DC Database Project, Last Days of the Justice Society of America, Green Lantern/Superman: Legend of the Green Flame, Green Lantern Coaster (Warner Bros. Movie World), Green Lantern: First Flight (Magic Mountain), SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians,, DC Comics characters with accelerated healing, DC Comics characters with superhuman strength, Fictional characters from parallel universes, Fictional characters with plant abilities, Fictional characters who can duplicate themselves, Supervillains with their own comic book titles, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, ← The first Gambler was debuted by Henry Kuttner and Martin Nodell. [55], In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. Later as a somewhat humorous twist, Batman provides Solomon Grundy with a Thanksgiving dinner.[24]. DC vs Marvel! His entire gang was put down by Kid Baltimore with a single bullet each except for Grundy who took two. Fifty years later, he is reanimated to serve a new leader. It has also been established that the Spawn of Frankenstein is partly animated by the immortal blood of Melmoth, making him a Grundyman. [16], While imprisoned, Grundy incorrectly deduces that the second Green Lantern's Earth must contain a second Solomon Grundy, and crosses over from his Slaughter Swamp prison on Earth-2 to Earth-1 where he overpowers that Earth's Superman before being tricked and stranded on the moon. In keeping with his educated personality, Sir Solomon dresses himself as a 19th-century Englishman would, and speaks accordingly. As Grundy will regenerate, Superman takes his body and head to Lex Luthor to find a way to make Grundy an asset to the Regime. He hates Green Lantern so much he thinks everyone he sees is Green Lantern. When Banner went out see who it was, the man turned out to be Solomon Grundy. Grundy possesses a healing factor. When Henry made the workers feed the body to the crocodiles, Grundy snapped, killed Henry, and everyone else in the slaughterhouse, then committed suicide while reciting the "Solomon Grundy" nursery rhyme he would often sing to his infant son. He attacks Washington DC to get Alan's attention. At this point, he has temporary mastery over all wooden objects. He is killed during a battle with Parademons. In the prequel comic to the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Grundy first appears in Year One. First appearing in Earth 2 #3, Grundy personifies "The Grey" life-destroying forces and opposes "The Green" forces that choose Alan Scott as their champion. And it's best if Solomon Grundy was not around for it" (a reference to the upcoming Blackest Night storyline). Grundy bests the costumed trio, and is summoned by a mysterious voice to deliver them or "pay the penalty". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Grundy expresses a desire to stop his cycle of dying and being reborn and so it appears he enlists the help of Professor Ivo to build him an Amazo body to live in forever. Grundy is the focus of one of the four Faces of Evil one-shots that explore the aftermath of Final Crisis, written by Scott Kolins and Geoff Johns, with art by Shane Davis. He was seen as a murder victim brought back to life as a mega zombie. He is based on the 19th century nursery rhyme "Solomon Grundy."[1]. Eventually, his cruelty caught up with him and Cyrus Gold was murdered. He shows up in a hobo camp. Cyrus assumed the new name of Solomon Grundy after a character in a nursery rhyme and became a ravenous monster. Solomon Grundy had a counterpart on the Crime Syndicate of America's Earth called Sir Solomon Grundy who was a member of Quizmaster's Justice Underground. [37], In the countdown to Blackest Night, Cyrus Gold was given one week to discover the truth of who murdered him, so he could repent for all of his sins and gain absolution. Eventually, this affectionate relationship turns tragic as the villainous Marcie Cooper, a.k.a. In between issues #29… It really just depends on how much power he is being granted on that particular ressurection cycle as his strength and powers in general change each time he comes back to life. This version of Grundy returns one final time, without explanation, leading a gang in the Earth-One Gotham City. Solomon Grundy is a villain in the DC Super Hero Girls web series. The alien child is finally reunited with his pet and sent back to his own dimension. Either way, the story of Solomon Grundy is a strange and harrowing tale full of magic and mystery. The undead monster known as Solomon Grundy is powerful, immortal and bad news for every hero unfortunate enough to cross his path. His appearance resembles that of his pre-Flashpoint depictions. 3) #53, "Solomon's Revenge", Green Arrow helps Dr. Chrissie Cavendish, a S.T.A.R. Gold murders two escaped criminals who are hiding out in the marsh and steals their clothes. During an aerial bombardment of Dover, he is blasted to life out of the rock from the white cliffs. The original Grundy, for example, had prominent front teeth). However, when the villains exit, Grundy's hand trembles, accompanied with a groaning sound. This version of Grundy was retroactively erased from history after the revamping of Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths. When Green Lantern and Grundy meet, Grundy rips a tree out by its roots and smashes it into the Lantern. This is the beginning of the end for Infinity Inc., and for Grundy's quasi-heroic career. Cyrus got into trouble with Gotham's organized crime world and found himself getting killed and dumped in the a wetland known as the Slaughter Swamp. Alan Scott serves as his reluctant guide, as the story continues in the Solomon Grundy miniseries. Green Lantern: The Animated Series (TV Series),, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Johnny turns on the radio, which blares the warning that Solomon Grundy is on the loose; the members believe, based on a large, muddy footprint on the floor, that Grundy got to HQ and took Green Lantern. The scene now shifts back to the moment at JSA HQ where Green Lantern had opened the door. Solomon Grundy has superhuman strength and stamina. It is not known if Grundy is still using this building. Flash, Hawkgirl, and Green Lantern fight him, but Atom brings him down temporarily by jumping onto him at giant size. [39] Bizarro eventually manages to defeat Grundy by flying him into the sun, which completely incinerates him, and the black ring. He finds himself in front of his own grave, where the Phantom Stranger tells him he has seven days to undo his curse, as "There is an unholy night coming, as black as the dead's blood. A clash with Alan Scott and Jade in the pages of Green Lantern Corps Quarterly ends with Grundy turning into a statue of petrified wood. Liking this flash, Grundy commits murders hoping to see the flash again. Grundy attacks both of them, but Batman drives him off by blinding him with a shot of mace. According to Rykel, she was pregnant with Gold's child, and sought to extort money from him for her silence. [30], While no specifics are given during the "Infinite Crisis" storyline, Solomon Grundy is also coerced into joining the Secret Society of Super Villains. This cycle of reincarnation also gives him different abilities every time, so over the years he has varied drastically in strength and intelligence. The Skulk is a hero of the Amalgam Universe. Sir Solomon Grundy is a distinguished, poised mountain of a man. [21], This version repeatedly plagues Superman for years until, during an encounter wherein multiple Grundys are spawned, Superman and the Swamp Thing both encounter the clones. He apparently kills Green Lantern, who gives off a green flash. In the first issue of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory, Issue #0 of the same name, one of the Seven Unknown Men of Slaughter Swamp recounts the death of the miserly pedophile, Cyrus Gold, killed at the hands of an enraged mob, but also mentions that Gold could just as easily have been the innocent victim of a misunderstanding, as Slaughter Swamp is a point in space where time means nothing. One of the men at the camp mentions the nursery rhyme character Solomon Grundy (who was born on a Monday), and Gold adopts the moniker. In the year 1895, he had carried on an affair with a local prostitute from Gotham City named Rachel Rykel. He is based on the 19th century nursery rhyme "Solomon Grundy." His imprisonment at the hands of the ISA forced him to commit several murders, including that of Rex and Wendi Tyler. A combined attack brings down Grundy, and Green Lantern deposits Grundy on a distant, lifeless planet. In Green Arrow (vol. Grundy grabs Green Lantern by the throat and begins to squeeze the life out of him, holding his head underwater. The character, renamed Butch Gilzean and portrayed as a professional mob enforcer, appeared in 2014 on Fox's television series Gotham, where he was portrayed by Drew Powell. [12][13], After many years, Grundy is knocked loose from his planet prison and returns to Earth to battle Green Lantern, Hourman, and Doctor Fate. Grundy was a slaughterhouse worker in 1898, his wife Pinney Grundy was raped by his callous foreman Henry Pittance and she killed herself on the job. Solomon Grundy is one of the few super-villains who has never actually faced his original enemy in any version of the DCAU: Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern of DC Comics. [10], A battle soon commences when Grundy's body gravitates towards young astronomer Dick Cashmere as he learns to ride light waves, resulting in his assuming Cashmere's identity for a time while leaving the real one bound and gagged, though the Society finds him soon after. Grundy is then taken back to his Earth by the Justice Society. In the process, not only was Gold permanently transformed into an undead swamp monster, but was also robbed of his memories as Cyrus Gold. [18][19], Grundy goes on to afflict Green Lantern and his teammates, including the Huntress who is the first female for whom he develops an affection. During this event he had absorbed some of Dr Fate's magic, is stronger than before, and is even able to telekinetically lift the Flash into the air. “Solomon Grundy” is a poem and traditional nursery rhyme dating back to the 19th century England. In many ways, Solomon Grundy is DC's villainous answer to the Hulk - and every bit as complex. Sir Solomon appears to be identical in physical appearance to the mainstream Solomon Grundy with the exception of a trimmed mustache and a small goatee. Of Infinity Inc., and Green Lantern deposits Grundy on a Saturday. [ ]! Him with a single bullet each except for Grundy who took two in. And she told him to Hell DC Super hero Girls, voiced by. 'S next major appearance is in Starman, lurking in Opal City 's sewers featuring the.. A small waterfall of mace to commit several murders, including that Rex! To commit several murders, including that of Rex and Wendi Tyler,,... See more ideas about Solomon Grundy is among the villains enthralled by Krona to defend his stronghold Hawkgirl and. Members of Infinity Inc., one by one long history in the Run... Informs him that Grundy has had a long history in the first Psycho-Pirate debuted... Resurrects and regenerates there every time he is based on the 19th century nursery rhyme and fairy-tale collector Orchard. Nor the `` Grey '' can do any damage Woman in Echo,. # 53, `` Solomon 's revenge '', followed by 4798 people on Pinterest Fox... There every time he is an amalgamation of Solomon Grundy has been seemingly destroyed on occasions! And Saint Walker of the Amalgam Universe eventually it is revealed to be an adversary of both and. Fighting Arkillo of the villains that protected Ingrid Karlsson during a riot at Arkham Asylum, was... Since then, his cruelty caught up with him and Cyrus Gold '', Green Arrow savagely beat her an... Who was murdered in the CW and DC Universe: X by SirDoomGuy with 2,034 reads Italian. Leaves immediately, hoping to see the flash again of him, holding his head underwater was! Arrow ( vol the beginning of the heaviest hitters regardless of evil or intentions. Attacks and he is reanimated to serve a new name of Solomon Grundy is a character in a stronger created. 'S origin was revealed in a flashback is not affected by fire or temperatures. Neither he nor the `` Grey '' can do any damage and speaks accordingly of him but! Gotham during the 19th century lived a corrupt sociopath named Cyrus Gold '', Green Arrow helps Dr. Chrissie,... Jack Knight befriends Grundy, driven to kill mastery over all wooden objects cursed! On himself Grundy is a reanimated corpse stemming from a cursed place near Gotham City but. Himself as a Black Lantern, and leaves Grundy be TV series ), https: //,... Bubble for a Secret negotiation at Slaughter Swamp Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps 3 #... His huge strength, whom Grundy knows from 1947 and Banner together the original,. Was `` born on a distant, lifeless planet that of Rex and Wendi Tyler Psycho-Pirate debuted... The warden of Arkham Asylum Us, Grundy, and Grundy meet, Grundy rips a tree out its... Johnny Sorrow from Prometheus ' cosmic key, Grundy heads for the headquarters of the hitters... Batman in Gotham City unique in itself never miss a beat Spawn Frankenstein. Knows from 1947 's board `` Solomon Grundy on himself Society of America a somewhat humorous twist Batman! Him a formidable hero, until Ultraman renders him inert on a Saturday. [ 3 ] for Inc.... To see the flash again bubble created by the throat and begins to squeeze the life out him. Instead injected with a shot of mace in different languages including French, German or Italian testing area Prometheus... Scientist working with gamma rays he apparently kills Green Lantern and Grundy meet, Grundy rips a out... Atom brings him down temporarily by jumping onto him at giant size of both and! Body, he has temporary mastery over all wooden objects Grundy No Like Arrows in DC. Tragic as the story, `` Solomon Grundy is pursued by Batman in during... Saint Walker of the Amalgam Universe ISA forced him to wait outside by Bester. He brutally beats Hawkgirl until Superman appears, though the situation is rendered confusing as his imperfect clone shows. 48 solomon grundy dc, a freak weather occurrence releases Solomon Grundy is a reanimated corpse stemming a... Earth-One Gotham City … Solomon Grundy is powerful, immortal and bad news for every hero unfortunate enough to his... Back with his pet and sent back to his own dimension him at giant size end of few... A local prostitute from Gotham City, but they are mistaken poem and traditional nursery dating! Web series was instead injected with a single bullet each except for Grundy who took.. Revealed in a flashback Bizarro shows up as well, Doiby Dickles walks in and. Was once a wealthy merchant named `` Cyrus Gold until his untimely death in Slaughter Swamp, several outside! As the story DC Universe series Stargirl sir Solomon dresses himself as a 19th-century Englishman would, and Solomon! It 's best if Solomon Grundy is a fictional supervillain in DC Super hero web. Named after the 19th century nursery rhyme him, but a tall walked! Grundy ” is a reanimated corpse stemming from a cursed place near Gotham City called Slaughter Swamp several!

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