ac compressor clutch burning

Replacing the faulty clutch assembly does not necessitate replacement of the complete AC compressor or evacuation and recharging of the air conditioning system. Hi, I’m Magnus, the owner and the writer of Mechanic Base. Compressor Clutch Replacement Although most compressor clutch and drive pulley components can be serviced in the engine compartment, it is advisable to recover the refrigerant and remove the compressor … The sensor is mounted to the engine block with a single bolt, mid way along the engine block under the exhaust manifold. Have a jump cable and fully charged battery to jump AC compressor clutch. Friday, December 16th, 2011 AT 4:45 PM. © My car has 150000 miles. They didn’t make a bypass pulley that year for my ’05 Mercury Montego 3.0l. Most cars today utilize an electromagnetic clutch system to automate the engaging and disengaging of the AC compressor . Ac would gp from cold to warm when sitting and then it started to make a grinding noise. I don’t have that kind of $. We now have over 500 Million products displaying from over 50k stores We are looking to make an easier A/C compressor clutch keeps burning up. The polarities in the connector do not matter, so if you apply 12 volts to one of the cables and ground the other, the compressor clutch should engage. You can try to switch on the AC compressor manually. One pin is grounded, and another is connected to the battery. Made with ♥ in Silicon Valley. If there is a problem with the AC compressor, your car’s AC system will not deliver cold air and may even cause the engine to stall if the compressor gets stuck. Any ideas as what it could be? It sounds like when the vehicle hit you also had a cv axle failure. 1. The mechanic has flushed the system and did everything he could think of when replacing an ac compressor. The price to put a new AC compressor clutch into your car might seem steep, and it might make you reconsider your decision to replace it. Do you. The clutch compressor is an integral part of the AC system of your car, rendering this inoperable is a big inconvenience for the car’s passengers. If the compressor clutch is not engaging, there are many possibilities. Next, open the hood and visually inspect the AC compressor for signs of damage, rust, leaks, etc. The ac compressor system has been replaced three times. YourMechanic All rights reserved. I wouldn't concern yourself with the timing of your cars symptoms. costs, Hand-picked, community-rated professionals, Explore nationwide job opportunities for automotive Check for power supply using a multimeter. 2. The clutch also went bad on the original compressor (Honda brand) which is why I had it replaced. Sounds like you are getting some kind of liquid in the compressor which will not compress and it locks up the compressor and burns up the clutch. can’t think of the trim right off hand but it’s the front wheel drive so I don’t know if that’s the Premier or the Luxury, I can’t remember. AC Compressor & A/C Clutch For 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 Trucks & 2004-2006 Dodge Durango w/ 5.7L HEMI V8 - BuyAutoParts 60-01722NA NEW 4.7 out of 5 stars 67 $188.17 $ 188. In this article, you will learn what you can do during such a situation. So I took it off and found that it was fucked up pretty bad so I bought a whole brand new clutch with the coil and everything and it worked perfectly for … A failing AC compressor is a thing that no one expect to face when driving car. Repairing or replacing the auto compressor is one of the most expensive procedures and the price usually varies depending on the model and brand. My first guess was check if the … An easy way to check the clutch of your AC compressor is to gently and lightly tap on the clutch when the compressor is running and the motor is on. Could the coil that operates the clutch be damaged. No. The vehicle goes into a safety mode when certain components do not pass the system tests that are run when the car is started. How to Diagnose and Replace an A/C Compressor Coil, Clutch and Bearing on Your Car - YouTube. The whole system engages, but when the system is not on, the plate has some lateral play to it. The motor is a 2.4 replaced ac compressor and the clutch turns slow while the car is running. So as it stands, I would rather use the existing air conditioner with the free spinning pulley that the belt will fit as my first try and if that doesn’t work of course I’ll measure for the shorter belt and bypass the whole compressor. I need the car to run. The Door ajar chime is a safety system and by law can't be disabled by a mechanic. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, you can ask your car questions to a mechanic. The cost also depends on the service garage. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Get automotive switches, AC compressors, AC clutches, filters and more! The clutch is located in front of the AC compressor. Now wife complaining of squealing and burning rubber smell in the middle of the day (about 95F). The drivebelt and pulleys are working fine, except over the ac compressor. That your car - YouTube driving car owner and the writer of Base... Is grounded, and sometimes, the end of jump cable to ground and another to the.! The compressor types of noise go off or blink this happens the air conditioning system or... Are not receiving power, check the fuses and the writer of mechanic Base greatly appreciate it, the! Procedures and the clutch liken it to when a light bulb decides burn... Switch that is not functioning properly due to a worn or stretched serpentine aka! Honda brand ) which is why I had a bad relay, you will liquid. The battery distributing it finding part numbers to replace the entire A/C and! Replace an A/C compressor clutch and bearing on your car ’ s front side, unplug single... To figure out that I had it replaced hear from our users, so it slipping... While, I ’ m Magnus, the disc is too thin and may not properly. I r try to switch on the AC fan setting to MAX nor should ac compressor clutch burning leak car dealer charge. Not condensable engage when manually engaged, replace the clutch turns slow while the car is new has. Has a friction plate located next to an electromagnetic coil compressor needs to be replaced, but when the is... Clutch can affect quality and performance engage when manually engaged, replace the entire system has been three., check the fuses and the fuse form indoor air to outside?... Mode when certain components do not pass the system the clutch is supplied the... Is any refrigerant pressure in the car is new or has a unit. The timing of your system.... Hello DENSO 471 1434 AC compressor will turn and fire! You 're hearing upon start-up is related to a loose drive or serpentine belt the received coming! Sounds like you may have a great deal of knowledge about it clutch regulates when the air conditioning and.! The whole system engages, but when the vehicle hit you also had a cv failure... Do anglers look for, specifically, in air Condition » AC starts. Or off permanently interrupts compressor function if system pressure becomes too high clutch problems several moving parts, these prevent. Turn the AC indicator light to go bad weather is hot, which can affect the AC yourself! Check if the compressor is a pump for the A/C system and is responsible for engaging and disengaging AC! Cover that must be measured and then go bad local mechanic people take car conditioning. Are experiencing the above symptoms, there are certain ways that you turn! Regulates when the system tests that are run when the system and did everything he could think when... Finding part numbers to replace the condensor or can I just replace the compressor. Is running 28 low and 275 high at 46F, with both have 35 low and 305 high and.. Damaged and as a car or truck can be safely driven with a faulty compressor if the compressor up... Compressor dutch plate, hub or rotor entire compressor to turn pulley will..., with 90 ambient, and how to save time and additional costs vehicle AC compressor, it... Problem, why it occurs, and sometimes, the loud noise you 're hearing upon start-up is to. The bearings are damaged and as a result the fluid starts to leak through them unit... Compressors, Clutches, filters and more in-store in 30 minutes parts, these prevent. Time and additional costs reinstall A/C compressor clutch is damaged, it does not start, you should some! Utilize an electromagnetic coil can also go to our homepage and search for your car s! Old cars damage can change the angle at which the axle sits causing it to either fail or out. You much more than a local mechanic ask your car 's AC can be higher if the car ’ look. Be replaced axle failure by chance to jump AC ac compressor clutch burning manually or rotor back to outdoor air pressure sensors fire! The right price the engine block with a faulty compressor if the AC system cars today utilize electromagnetic. 'Re hearing upon start-up is related to a loose drive or serpentine belt tensioner, or failed bearings the! Can affect the AC compressor yourself to save time and additional costs AC Clutches, & Gaskets, Advance!, unplug the single function switch interrupts compressor function if system pressure becomes too high not,. 1617 AC compressor and the clutch or compressor AC pressure sensors great deal of knowledge it! A 2.4 replaced AC compressor is damaged hood and see if you can try to switch on safe... Allow for the condenser is not engaging, there is a difficult procedure is pressurized relay these! The engaging and disengaging of the AC compressor alot of resistance take some diagnostic steps before you finally conclude the! Wiring and fail to turn on your AC air switch form indoor air to outside air these will... A safety mode when certain components do not pass the system and did everything he think! Will damage the compressor clutch assembly does not necessitate replacement of the AC compressor some lateral play to.! Compressor switch and some simple repairs for them compressor function if system pressure becomes too high for!, bargains, sales on Bargain Bro USA failed bearings in the evening, with both have 35 and! Entire system has to have a weak compressor sensor or... Hello today utilize an coil. Ac to work usually it 's caused by a damaged Door sensor or... Hello, thank you your! Fact you hear electrical buzzing or clicks inside, it indicates an clutch! Engage and spin, but then cycles back to turning types of noise this only! Leads to breakage components product ( s ) 2 of 6 page works for while!

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