adding egg to 2 minute noodles

Cook your noodles without flavouring and run some cold water over them to quickly chill them. We top our noodles with thin sliced pork belly, veggies, fried shallot and a fried egg. It is mouth watering and our family and friends loves it. This was there feed back Just scramble the egg then add to the noodlew while cooking. I also use to make the noodles as per instructions and then drain the liquid, add a handful of cheese and a pinch of paprika. Mixed up and in the microwave for 30 seconds! Seriously one of the easiest 2 Minute Noodles recipes out there! Often, we treat them as after-school snacks, but in actual fact they can be a full meal if you just add a few extra bits here and there. The main difference between regular pasta and egg noodles is in the eggs. The kids love it and the seasoninh adds a lovely flavour to a meal. "If you're boiling the noodles … I like to add a beaten egg & corn to the Maggie noodles, this increases protein level & sweetens the taste. A very Malaysian way to cook it is maggi mee goreng, simply meaning fried maggi noodles. If willing to wait longer they will put in a few extra vegetables depending on what is available. We use frozen vegetables as they are already pre-cooked before being frozen and the hot water will heat them back up. We love adding an egg, some spring onions and some wilted spinach and chicken, with some sweet chilli sauce to the Maggi 2 minute noodles to make our own version of Mee Goreng. Add a cup of stock, a cup of creamed corn, and your noodles. Diabetics that use the diabetes exchange list can consider 1/3 cup of cooked noodles or pasta one serving or one starch exchange. with the poached chicken in that tasty sweet and sour broth the noodles just make it. Ingredients can vary depending on taste you require. Share in the comments below, what extras would you add to MAGGI 2 minute noodles to jazz them up? 1 winner will receive a Woolworths $150 Gift Card, not redeemable for cash. Salt the Water Like the Sea. Transfer to a tray lined with paper towel. ta da….. chicken satay noodles ? Seal jar and place in fridge until ready to eat. Add the noodles, egg strips and sauce mixture. I mix through some fried diced bacon and an place an egg (either fried or poached) on top and then sprinkle on some fried shallots (from the Asian food section at the supermarket). I’d add some thinly sliced beef, red onion, kale, ginger, sriracha, soy sauce and fish sauce for an Asian style Pho. This omelette can serve two. My family love 2 minute noodles…..adding shallots, tomatoes, corn, capsicum, salami is a nice combining addition. Left over shredded roast chicken drizzled with sesame seed oil and light soy sauce, peas, sliced beans and bok choi, finely diced carrot, onion and capsicum. 1/3 cup of whole wheat pasta has approximately 58 calories, 2 grams of protein, 12 grams of carbohydrate, 1 to 2 grams of fiber and less than 1 gram of fat. My husband used to eat them with butter and vegemite when he was a teenager!!!! I can’t recall the number of heated debates overheard and partaken in over the years on the merits of mixing the sachets into the pot during cooking, or in the bowl after, whether the noodles should be al dente or cooked to huge fluffy dimensions, should there be a stew of soupy goodness in the bowl or a very nearly dry finish… You can’t trust anyone to cook them for you either, as yours truly has the best technique…. In a bowl add 3 eggs and whisk. (“Jazz”, get it?!) We like to use them with our curried sausages and add wilted spinach and mushrooms to it. I love adding my left over roast vegetables and an egg for protien, quick easy filling lunch. To cooked noodles add a handful of bean sprouts, half a tin of chopped water chestnuts, chopped shallots, a handful of chicken, tinned or fresh baby corn , then stir fry with some garlic and soy sauce ? It’s good cold too! Put a cup or two of stock in the pot, add a handful of dumplings, your noodles and a selection of veg like snow peas, finely sliced carrot, chopped cabbage (any variety). Entries close 11.59pm AEST Wednesday 7th February 2018. (Optional) You can add the egg to the broth along with the bok choy to make runny poached eggs. By the time you’ve got the pan out, boiled the water, opened the packet, chucked it in and let it return to the boil it’s at least 5 fucking minutes. Yum!! Add 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, ¼ of a teaspoon of soy sauce and ¼ of a teaspoon of water. A little extra texture and flavour and it gets them eating a veg with it. 6. in the last minute add in chopped up whole cucumber. My son likes to have ‘noodle bolognese’. To garnish 2 tbsp vegetable oil 2 eggs 2 tsp sesame seeds, toasted Chilli oil, to serve Cook the noodles according to packet instructions, then rinse and leave to air-dry in a colander. If I have not received a reply from the winner within 7 days the prize will be forfeited and awarded to the entry judged to be the next best. Sprinkle with curry powder and stir for 10 seconds. Add salt and 3 tablespoons of water and cook till slightly reduced and thickened, 2 to 3 minutes. My boys like to add cooked bacon pieces and sweet corn kernels, as well as some grated cheese. Made in Malaysia, Maggi 2 Minute Curry Noodles are quick, convenient and delicious. Mix well to combine. TO MAKE: Cook noodles following packet directions, discard flavour packet you won’t need it for this recipe, drain noodles. When I was a young single mum (22 yo Mum to a 5 yo) I used to add pot soup to 2 min noodles on off pay weeks and it was a meal for us. I love having tuna with 2 minute noodles and most of the time I’ll have chilli tuna, it certainly has a kick to it! Delicious, We love making Noodle cakes (what you called noodle fritters). TO MAKE: Simply add the ingredients into a jar, starting with 1/3 cup frozen peas, corn and carrots, a handful of chicken and spinach leaves. The egg will cook into tiny pieces and incorporate into the noodles. I would add coconut milk and some brown sugar with the noodles served hot and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon, instant yummy maggi after dinner treat! 8. I would add cheese and ham as my kids love cheese! Disclosure Policy  |  Privacy Policy, If Mondays were shoes, they'd be Crocs. From classic two-minute noodles to baked beans and supermarket mud cakes – this is how you get more out of those everyday items. Top it of with Parmesan cheese!! So if you fancy mixing it up a little, here are some ideas to really work that jumbo packet of quick and easy goodness; I give you, seven 2 Minute Noodles recipes every student needs to know. There is nothing better than adding frozen peas and corn and little tiny chunks of carrot. Hard boil eggs and let sit in cold water for 5 minutes before peeling and cutting into 6-8 slices. Another big player in the instant noodle world are Maggi 2 minute noodles. However many noodle cakes to feed everyone in the family 5 -6, cook with satches, drain reserve about 3/4cup of liquid Egg noodles are made with a higher proportion of eggs … I usually add salt, pepper and onion powder for my palate. I brown mince and add whatever veges I can find (left over roast veges work too) diced or grated and cook these for a few minutes. Just add the seasoning… just sayng . While the noodles are cooking add 1 sliced spring onion, 1 diced bacon and 1/4 teaspoon minced garlic to greased hot frying pan. Something simple but yummy, i add an egg. Whole family likes it, gone in 2 minutes! MAGGI 2 Minute Chicken Noodles; ¼ red capsicum, finely diced; ½ small brown onion, diced; ½ carrot, grated; 2 large eggs, lightly beaten; Salt and pepper; 1 tablespoon olive oil; Salad leaves to garnish/serve; Method: Break up the noodles and cook as per packet instructions, drain. To make a minute steak appeal to our little one’s eyes, we like to add cooked 2 minute noodles to the pan juices on low heat, stirring continuously until they take on the colour if the juices and remove before the pan dries up. Add bok choy, mushrooms what ever veg you like and boil them up then add the noodles and flavour sachet. Read more. I’ve always just added the kids’ favourite fridge leftovers to MAGGI 2 minute noodles, but these days I call it our “sneaky snack“… now that Miss 10 can reach the shelf in the pantry… no need to add anything, but the child! Mines very basic but so yummy, cheese, bacon & steamed broccoli! Honest to goodness I don’t eat Maggi, but noodle-the-less, would love to try and win this. Top with Maggi cheese sauce, bake for approx 30 minutes (just enough to heat through) and serve. Cook for 5 minutes, until the mushrooms soften a but. The kids lunch boxes come home empty, Bring water to boil on stove, then add noodles, greens, miso and soy sauce; Cook, stirring, for approx. It has fresh mushrooms, tender and juicy chicken and a creamy sauce that’s so easy to make. I’d add a bit of Kale, some chopped onion and a little Peri Peri Sauce. Drain the noodles and add the flavour sachet and noodles that have been drained into a bowl with the eggs and salt and pepper, mix well. Adding our fav ingedients, we have the knack! An adult version I like is to stir through chilli flakes and Parmesan cheese once the noodles are , Fried mushrooms and red onions, homegrown cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, freshly ground black pepper and a good dollop of sour cream. Add flavour sachet and some sour cream and noodles. A regular Sunday night speciality that beats pizza. Yummy and easy. Ingredients. Don’t Add Oil to the Water. This is such a treat, and waaaaay easy. In a separate bowl, mix two eggs with a bit of salt and pepper and pour egg mix over veg. Simply break the noodle cake into quarters and cook on the stove top or in the microwave. Sausages with sweet & sour sauce on top of the noodles. This chicken egg noodles skillet dinner is simple, but it’s not lacking in the flavor department! Tastes so good but so quick ? One of our boys loves noodles, pineapple and ham fuels our motox rider especially on cool days at the track. So quick. Cook, stirring, until hot, 1 to 2 minutes more. Sometimes a little grated cheese, and a twist or two of crushed peppercorns. Cook MAGGI 2 minute chicken noodles, drain and refresh under cold water. YUMMMM! Nutritional Info. Keep it simple and just use a little fresh lemon or lime, or go all out and mix up a little mirin, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, pinch of sugar and a spoon of oil for an authentic Viet take-out dressing! They soak up the flavours and take simple 2 Minute Noodles to a whole other level. Step 2 Add sesame oil, sesame seeds and half of the seasoning packet (discard the remainder or reserve for another use); toss well to combine. Easy Egg Drop Ramen The quickest and simplest way to add an egg to your ramen is by assembling and cooking your ramen and then bringing it to a simmer. Morrocan style noodles are quick, nutritious and delicious. sweet chilli flavour would be just the right ingredient to give it a bit of a kick. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 10 Tips On How To Stress Less At University, Great Bakeries You Must Visit In Melbourne, The Best Doughnut Shops In Melbourne That You Must Visit ASAP. Good luck everyone, Kids said the add could say what’s your maggi flavour. I like to serve up layered from the bottom, a slice of toast, a sunny side up fried egg, cooked, drained, (with favourite seasoning) 2 Minute Noodles. It’s actually really tasty! However in saying that I am also enjoying this age, conversations are different and much more in-depth, we are enjoying the same TV shows, they are taking on more responsibilities and they are becoming more independent socially and here at home. We add a flavoured tuna (tomato and basil is the favourite) to the cooked noodles that have the flavour sachet added. Pan fry diced chicken thigh pieces with a small quantity of honey & sweet chilli sauce & herbs to taste. At any time while making the soup, if the overall liquid level is lower than you like and you prefer more broth, adding a cup or two of water is okay. Eggs There are a variety of ways to prepare eggs for a noodle dish. I always cook up a double batch of bolognese, it’s handy to have left overs in the fridge or put it away in the freezer for a meal another night. Not just for the kids, also grown ups Peanut butter noodles! Toss noodles through shredded cold chicken, mixed leaves, diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, sliced read onion and add dressing (1/2 cup sweet chilli sauce, juice of a lime and tbspn fish sauce). Reduce heat; simmer, covered, for 20-25 minutes or until broth is absorbed and rice is tender. If it’s a soup based noodles-eggs!! But seriously this would have to be the quickest carbonara recipe, using MAGGI 2 minute wholegrain noodles is a great alternative for the kids who don’t have the desire to sit around stirring fettuccine waiting for it to cook. Homemade Egg Noodles are a great make ahead recipe that freezes wonderfully. Cook and drain noodles as howe you would normally do. Photo in Facebook post. Cook down until all soft and squishy, add some beef maggi noodles dry ( sachet and noodles), allow to soften. Chinese sausage, red and spring onion, carrot…you get the idea. While they are cooking, shred some iceberg, chop up some cucumber, maybe some bean sprouts, shallots, fresh mint, grated carrot, fried tofu, even some fresh prawns would go a treat here. Most of the following recipes can use (gasp!) There are many ways to add them to your pot of boiling water — the key is to keep the egg from falling apart. I remember being at a friends house as a kid… we always had maggi 2min chicken noodles, drained them well and spread it on french stick bread for a really filling snack. in our house it depends who is eating them.. just the flavour sachet for the girls, add chilli sauce (the hotter the better) for Dad, cooked chicken and veg for Mum (me)…so many great ideas in the comments. : ) It makes it feel like the take-away styrofoam cups of noodles but is homemade and comfy. Heaps of flavour . i add garlic, chili flakes, crab sticks chooped up and fry everything up with a dash of soya sauce. Usage Instructions: Prepare a delicious MAGGI in just 2 minutes – Boil 1½ cup of water and add the TASTEMAKER along with the noodle cake broken into 4. Vegetable, ham and 2 min noodle cups. First prepare the noodles, if you use fresh noodles you can add straight to wok. Most supermarkets and all Asian grocers sell big bags of frozen dumplings with pork or prawn or veg or all three. We like to scramble an egg through the cooked 2 minute noodles with soy sauce and peanut butter. Cook the noodles (chicken flavour is my preference for this dish). With 2 min noodles, before adding water & noodles, sautee 3 cloves of crushed garlic, then add water & noodles + flavoring then walk away for 10 mins then add … Stir in parsley. Each pack brings you a taste of Malaysia and is ready in just two minutes. Stir in the contents of the flavour sachet. Stir through hot Maggie noodles (made without flavour sachets), and sprinkle sliced spring onions. I add soy sauce, brown sugar and Maggie noodle already cooked. This 2 minute carbonara is tasty and super easy for the kids to make and it seriously can be made within 2 minutes, if you have the water boiled and bacon and spring onions already sliced, so maybe I should call it 5-minute carbonara LOL. TO MAKE: Cook chicken noodles following packet directions, add in chicken flavouring, drain. Toss it all together in the pan for a few more moments and bob’s your uncle. I think you should talk to Maggi about a book deal , For savoury – cook some onion, garlic and bacon. Cook noodles and toss through vegetables and chicken, top with dressing and garnish with chopped peanuts and some coriander leaves. Well, here is an ingredient list for just one type of these noodles, Maggi 2 minute noodles as sold in Australia (you can find all the products and ingredients on their website). Place the noodles into the freezer for about an hour. Put the flavour sachet aside for your next stir fry , cook and drain your noodles add 600ml of cream a d two handfuls of frozen fruit stir through spoon into individual bowls and add a scoop of icecream to each bowl and serve . Why not roll out a double batch and load up extra in your freezer to throw in a last-minute soup idea. An omelette is one of these adaptable recipes where you can just throw in whatever fresh vegetables you may have in the fridge and serve it at any time of day, for breakfast, lunch, after school snack or dinner if you like. we use up anything we have in the fridge, veg, cheese, meat, spices and just mix with eggs and cook! Salting the water adds flavor to the noodles as they cook.. 3. Japanese Egg Crêpe ‘Noodles’ Makes: 2 side-dish servings Time: 10 minutes. (This works in mason jars too!! Really easy and a simple quick meal. One entry per household and open to Australian residents only. Perfect for a busy day with 7 month old twins when time to eat is short. Add broccoli; cook for 2 minutes. Not terribly fancy, but I’ll take what I can when I don’t have to cook ? Ingredients & Directions. Thank you to all who entered. Stir in broth; bring to a boil. The easiest way to upgrade instant noodles is to add an egg. We add them to whatever has been cooking in the slow cooker! Preparation Can you pan fry egg noodles? Add chopped veggies, egg, what ever meat is left over. Add some chicken, cooked if you’ve got it, otherwise make sure to fry the chicken until it is thoroughly cooked (brown it on all side and fry for about 10 min). Heat gently. You can pan fry the cooked noodles. The sauce should coat the noodles nicely. Put a large nonstick pan over medium-low heat and add 1 tablespoon oil. While the noodles cook, crack 1 egg into a bowl and whisk until frothy. We add prawns, chicken and thinly sliced vege like pak choy, capsicum and spring onions. Make a broth by frying up a little ginger, chili, garlic, golden shallot (or any variation on this theme). They cooked fast and were a nice chewy egg noodle. I would add some sliced sausages and bit of chilli sauce, yum! Let the egg cook for no more than 1 to 2 minutes, garnish with chopped green … I saute some mushrooms first in butter with a little oil added, also some finely diced chives, then I add wok ready noodles with soy sauce, stir thoroughly and cover the pan to bubble away for 2-3 minutes on a low heat, We have these noodles with teriyaki belly pork. To freeze fresh egg noodles, flour the noodles well and then lay them flat on a cookie sheet. Egg Noodles. My family loves my invention I like to call Noodle Surprise as it’s a surprise on what I add to it next! I’d add just the basics, scrambled egg, spring onion and frozen veg mix and soy sauce, but all of these comments with ideas have been so great! Homemade egg noodles are a simple way to make any pasta or soup dish a thousand times better with very little effort. So healthy. You can poach an egg directly in the ramen as it cooks, or whisk the egg in while cooking to create a rich, creamy broth. Drain the noodles and add the flavour sachet and noodles that have been drained into a bowl with the eggs and salt and pepper, mix well. My kids love 2 minute noodles – they tend to add extra herbs/spices, gravox, sliced mushrooms, diced bacon and sometimes a little bit of cheese. Heat bolognese sauce and serve on top of noodles with parmesan cheese. Very simple – frozen peas & corn while cooking, then grated cheese at the end. It is also a good source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E and B vitamins. We make corn fritters with them. Cut up ham, corn, carrot, broccoli & leftover roast chicken!!! For sweet I cook banana in butter with a little brown sugar until the banana softens then add some cream and pour it over. We love to add some beacon, baby spinach, broccoli and just a touch of soy sauce…. 3. Seeing as Australia Day is coming up and my daughter loves Maggi Noodles I think I’ll try Vegemite and grated cheese melted through! Add some peas and cook the noodles stirring constantly. Stir and cook for another 30 seconds. To me through the being home from school until Mum made dinner I used to (and still do now) boil the noodles until they are soft, tip out most of the juice, add a splash of soy sauce then throw shredded cheese (or slices broken up) mix in until melted then, if we had them some diced up tomato. All mixed with Maggie, 2 min noodles, please In a bowl mix three eggs. When you are ready to use them, remove the desired amount and add to boiling water or soup and cook for about 8-10 minutes. We love to holiday in Indonesia, partly because of the food. It is the one staple you can’t do without. It’s so quick- especially if you already have bolognese sauce/meat already cooked and frozen into serving sizes in the freezer. ), I love to add bacon,onion,corn,capsicum with fresh tomatoe and cheese. excellent quick meal after sports training nights and happy full tummies! Hang in there….this too shall pass , agree! ⭐ Finally, drain and serve with butter, or ladle out some yummy homemade soup! And just 2 minutes later… Gourmet noodle soup, easy as you like. Mix 12oz. When ready to eat, tip the contents into a microwave container, add enough boiling water to cover noodles and cook in microwave for 2 minutes. Cook for 2 minutes in open pan, while you stir occasionally. I love it with stir fry but my daughter just loves them by themselves ? Place 2 noodle cakes on each serving plate. We also like to stir pesto into the noodles & sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the top, sometimes we add in diced chicken. Stir in the garlic, carrots and green onions (I reserve a few for topping). You name it, we Maggi it up!! I add frozen veggies or drop a couple of eggs to the chicken flavoured noodles soup. 4 eggs; 1 tablespoon soy sauce; Neutral oil (like grapeseed or corn) for cooking ; Instructions. When the oil shimmers, add the eggs and cook, stirring and folding gently with a wooden spatula to scramble until cooked, about 2 minutes. I have added the “token vegetables” to them since the kids were toddlers . Add the pak choi and stir-fry for a minute with a splash of water and a pinch of salt. Here are 7 creative two minute noodles recipes! Or stir through a beaten egg and the hot noodles will cook it!!!yum!! Ingredients. Amazing! 10. Then, add the noodles to the pan and pour in the contents of the flavor packet. At this age it’s good to start with some basic easy ideas and one of my favourites for my kids was MAGGI 2 minute noodles. "I love this because it's fast, easy, and delicious." (don’t want these cooked too much so they retain their crunch) Season with some ABC sweet soy sauce and sweet chili sauce and top with sliced fried egg (whisked and cooked quickly and thin). once brown add in honey, soy sauce, 2 tsp corn flour, reserved liquid stir until thick, add noodles. After cooking and draining, add to some melted butter in a saute pan. Once the broth is done cooking, add the sauce mixture and stir to incorporate. One of my favourite old recipes is one that we made in high school (many moons ago) that the teachers names ‘Summer Noodles’. 2. 5. My husband’s speciality is Maggi noodles as per packet, drained and with a fried egg on top. Cook the 2 minute noodles as you would normally but without flavour sachet. Add a boiled, scrambled, poached, half fried or full fried egg to a bowl of steaming hot ramen. Bring a cup of stock to the boil on the stove, use powdered stock or cubes. Serve with or without broth as desired. We always add eggs, either stirred through like a Chinese soup, or poached on top. These fritters would also make for a great lunchbox snack. The best way to get kids to eat a range of veggies…chicken stir fry. You can use fresh vegetables if you prefer, but you will need to cook them first to soften them up. Okay so what is wrong with 2 minute noodles? I’ve had a lot of practice at jazzing up instant noodles and by far the best way, which can be used for just about all types of instant noodles is too cook them by the instruction and just before they’re ready drop in a raw egg (which will cook by the time the noodles are done) aboyt a tablespoon of sliced spring onion and to top it off when serving, sprinkle over some grated cheese! The best way to serve an egg with the least amount of effort is to make soft-boiled eggs or even ramen eggs or ajitsuke tamago eggs. Honey soy or oyster sauce really give them a yummy flavor, add snow peas, baby corn, carrot, peas and shredded left over chicken roast. Serve sprinkled with … Wrapped in a spring roll wrapper with chicken bean sprouts carrot and cabbage and deep fried delicious, My ten kids said add crunch noodles & in various flavours and chop stick and forks to the cups or packs and to top with your favourite seasoning, your noodles could come along in kids shapes styles and pre cook them to enjoy a healthy lunch without the boiling hot water for safety! Cook for 1 to 2 minutes. I love to add shredded roast chicken, mayonnaise, grated cheese and spinach. We like to add Maggi 2 minute noodles to a chicken Tom Kha soup ? A few dashes of some spices and a little butter, and I can focus on the rest of my meal. Basically a good way to use up left overs in the fridge. I also flavour mine with sweet chili sauce or sticky soy and coriander for an Asian vibe. Add cooked 2min noodles to the pan including some of the flavoured water. Once cooked, drain and serve immediately. Remove from the freezer and place into an airtight container or bag, and be sure to label it. I soft poach an egg in mine. Noodles, ham cheese, peas and corn. Chilaquiles with Fried Eggs. If you’re feeling fancy serve with a drizzle of pesto and some Parmesan. Put the vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar in the pan along with 2 tsp of the crispy chilli oil. Add the egg noodles and boil mixture for about 10 minutes, or until noodles are soft and cooked through. Top with Parmesan and chopped parsley. I use a simple trick in my noodles to add a little extra flavor! We use them as a cheats Singapore noodles. A to of tuna to the carbonara instead of bacon or with the bologna set I add kidney beans and chilli to turn them into Mexican noodles. In a large saucepan, heat butter over medium-high heat. Transfer the eggs … Then, add the noodles to the pan and pour in the contents of the flavor packet. r/AskReddit: r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. It’s all in the layering. Heat oil in frying pan over medium heat. You’re one gutsy lady- meaning very brave. share. Have it with some fresh cucumbers. I love adding cream corn, cooked chicken and spring onions for chicken and corn soup. Satay noddles with peanut butter, mixed veg, chilli and a fried egg on top! The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered. Directions. You can serve this dish with toast or a side salad, making it one of the best 2 Minute Noodles recipes because you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Chicken stock, chilli, lemongrass, basil, beef pieces, and green bean pieces for a Thai themed soup! For my kids I like to add a little sparkle by adding a mixture of tamari, ginger, rice wine vinegar a touch of sesame oil and a touch of minced garlic. Get in my belly! Add any cold meat and or veges that you have and eat. It will have the whole family asking for more. Peanut & soy sauce: Put 1 teaspoon of olive oil in a saucepan over a low heat. 2 minutes; Stir in egg (if adding), then cook for a further 1 minute Directions Nutritional Info More Recipes You’ll Love. Cool the cooked noodles, roll it up in fresh rice paper rolls with a slice of roast chicken, cucumber, capsicum and a snow pea. Instant noodles are also high in sodium and artificial flavours, so are not a nutritious choice for children. Fry some onion and garlic for a few minutes until going clear. Cook the 2 minute noodles as you would normally but without flavour sachet. In a toastie, a hipster cafe idea but totally yum ? Put the vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar in the pan along with 2 tsp of the crispy chilli oil. Voila! Who knew 2 Minute Noodles could be so tasty? My youngest turned 13 this week and the twins are 15 next fortnight, it’s crazy how quickly kids grow up> I feel like I have been mourning it, I loved having little ones around the house.

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