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(TV: The Impossible Planet) Jack Harkness refused to keep an Ood at this time as he claimed he didn't like having servants. The Ood, the Sycorax and the Silence as seen in Doctor Who (BBC) Elsewhere, fans can catch more glimpses of other monsters caged up from afar – what appears to be a … All perished but were given posthumous honours. At the same time, the Ood had nightmares of a mysterious face and of time bleeding. The Doctor and Rose first encountered Ood serving on Krop Tor, where the Beast of the Pit attacked their telepathic field to turn the whole flock into killers. Sort: Relevant Newest # sigma # ood sigma # ood # doctor who # dr who # karen gillan # amy pond # arthur darvill One more memorable moment (TV: The End of Time), Nephew guarding Idris. They are later emancipated from their slavery and by "The End of Time" have progressed into an advanced civilization, a development which the Doctor thinks to be impossible, given the time span, 100 years, over which it has occurred. (TV: Planet of the Ood) Under the control of House, one Ood's eyes glowed green. Time Lord Victorious will see Paul McGann return as the Eighth Doctor. After being freed, all Ood across the universe are returned to the Ood Sphere. The Ood have become a common feature in Doctor Who since making their debut while David Tennant was piloting the TARDIS. The Doctor successfully frees the Ood by releasing the Ood hive mind, which connects all the Ood with a telepathic link. (TV: The End of Time) In response, they sent Ood Sigma to 2059 to contact the Tenth Doctor. In the Pond Life series, a single Ood who had become lost in the TARDIS wanders out into Amy and Rory's house. Main aliases: (COMIC: The Partying of the Ways), An Ood was at Florana when Amy, Rory, and the Eleventh Doctor went there for a summer holiday. The detail is remarkable. Doctor Who: The Ood Cast Chris Fosten, Chris Mead & … (AUDIO: The Glittering Prize) The Master put the Ood under his influence, preventing them helping Cassandra when Governor Teremon’s forces invaded, and later ordered them to kill everyone in the colony. (TV: The Doctor's Wife), At least one Ood was abducted and sent to face its fear in the Minotaur's prison ship. Notable individuals: There appears to be no sexual differentiation among the Ood, though the Doctor seems to be able to determine their sex. (AUDIO: Babblesphere). They are described as offering themselves for servitude willingly, having no goals of their own except to be given orders and to serve. While possessed, the Ood's eyes changed color to red and they killed several humans by throwing their translation spheres at them and electrocuting them. (AUDIO: Sins of the Father), One Ood was bought prior to the hindbrain operation by the Lesser Order of Oberon. (WC: Pond Life), Ood were used as the prison wardens of Valderon after the telepathic criminal influenced her sentencers, knowing she could telepathically influence the Ood to aid her eventual escape. Takes all sorts of shapes. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice), An Ood, whom the Doctor named "Bonnie", was imprisoned in the Judoon's maximum security facility along with the Thirteenth Doctor. The colour of an Ood's eyes changed with the level of telepathic activity, normally glowing bright-red but turning to white when not connected to a hive mind. It features the return of the Ood , who appeared in the second series episodes " The Impossible Planet " and " The Satan Pit ". Jenny eventually exposed Valderon, enabling the Ood to depart with their prisoner. They are also a long-lived race, though their approximate lifespan is unknown. It's #ThrowbackThursday and today we're revisiting the episode Planet of the Ood! Rose is on a mission to find and save all the remaining Ood in the universe. The Ood are an alien species with telepathic abilities from the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who. see list When the Tenth Doctor broke the gravity field that kept Krop Tor in orbit around the black hole K37 Gem 5, the Doctor was only able to make a single trip in the TARDIS to rescue Ida Scott from suffocation; he was unable to save any of the Ood on the base, who had just been freed of the Beast's control. The Ood are portrayed as a slave race, naturally gentle and kind but readily susceptible to corrupting external influence. This hindbrain is carried by hand and is connected to the Ood's body via a tubul… As with the rest of the inhabitants it appeared cloaked in human form through use of the lurkworms. "The Impossible Planet" is the eighth episode of the second series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast on BBC One on 3 June 2006. Like the amygdala in humans, it processes memory and emotions. The Ood debut in the Series 2 episode "The Impossible Planet". They lack vocal cords and instead speak via telepathy. (TV: Planet of the Ood), Circa 4226, the Ood's development had been unnaturally enhanced, allowing them to build an entire civilisation and extended their mental powers. From shop TheMovieReliquary. He eventually killed the entire guild (AUDIO: The Minds of Magnox) and began working by himself, under the name Brian, until an encounter with the Eighth Doctor on Atharna resulted in him falling into the Time Vortex. (TV: Planet of the Ood). You get rid of that, you wouldn’t be Donna any more. The Doctor successfully frees the Ood by releasing the Ood hive mind, which connects all the Ood with a telepathic link. It is also claimed that they cannot look after themselves and that, if they do not receive orders, they pine away and die. (TV: The Satan Pit), Ood Sigma and other, recently freed Ood. The Ood Sphere is close to the Sense Sphere planet, home to the Sensorites, who share a mental and physical similarity with the Ood. What the TARDIS thought of “Time Lord Victorious”,, At one stage the Ood were going to be in the television story, Ood appear both as allies and as enemies in the. The fourth season pushes this comfort level a little bit further. Cephalopod-faced humanoid Later on, we’ll have a whole bunch of futuristic science-fiction high-concepts thrown together in the ambitious misfire that is The Doctor’s Daughter. There’s the much darker… The Doctor: It’s a brain. 2525 GIFs. You’d be like an Ood, a processed Ood. “Doctor Who” is sometimes a tad British. [2] The Ood say they require no names or titles as they are connected to a hive mind and function as one unit, but they do have designations given to them by humans such as "Ood 1 Alpha 1" or "Ood Sigma" to differentiate them. The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler encounter a large number of Ood accompanying a human-led expeditionary force in "The Impossible Planet". (AUDIO: Prisoner of the Ood), The Ood of the Ood Sphere had a trade agreement with the Sensorites. The second part, "The Satan Pit", was broadcast on 10 June. Planet of the Ood is a trip to a planet that is very specifically designed to be different from Earth, the home planet of an entirely alien race. Despite this, an activist group, the Friends of the Ood lobbied for the cause of their freedom. Humanity, now knowing the truth about their Ood slaves, returned them to the Ood Sphere, where they were set free and allowed to live in peace. (COMIC: An Ood Thing to Say), The Twelfth Doctor dressed an Ood in a Clara Oswald costume for Clara's surprise birthday party onboard The Doctor's TARDIS. The Ood could survive with it being removed and replaced with the more commonly seen translation sphere that connected to an Ood's nervous system. In the series' narrative, they live in the distant future (circa 42nd century). Without a hive mind, the Ood offered themselves to the human colonists and became a slave race. Unlike Auntie and Uncle, Nephew was brought along by House when it took over the Doctor's TARDIS, using him to try and kill Amy and Rory. While there, Ood Sigma refers to Donna Noble as "Doctor-Donna" and prophesizes that the Doctor's "song" will soon come to an end. The Ood acts as their butler for several days until the Doctor can pick it up and return it to the Ood Sphere. The Doctor lamented briefly that Nephew was yet another Ood that he had failed to save. The Ood are a humanoid race with coleoid tentacles used for feeding purposes located on the lower portions of their faces. Ood Sigma returns as part of the 2008–10 specials in the episode "The Waters of Mars", where he appears at the end of the episode in an attempt to contact the Doctor.[4]. I don’t love the episode unconditionally; there is a lot wrong with it. At the end of the episode, the Doctor was forced to sacrifice the surviving Ood to the black hole around the planet because he did not have time to save both them and the human crew. (TV: The Impossible Planet) They were defeated when Danny Bartock, the expedition member in charge of them, broadcast a telepathic flare which reduced their field to Basic Zero. The hindbrain processed memory and emotions, leading to mental instabilities when removed. (PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead, All Flesh is Grass), By the 42nd century, it was claimed that every human had an Ood servant. Appearances: At the end of part two, Ood Sigma appears again to the Doctor and gives him the encouragement to return to his TARDIS to complete his regeneration into the Eleventh Doctor. These events herald the end of time itself. Doctor Who VWORP by Springs Creative fabric, 43" wide, 100% cotton, fabric by the yard, sewing fabric, dr who fabric, bbc, cotton fabric SullivanFabrics. The possessed Ood repeats the phrase "Death is the only answer" before being transformed back into Einstein. In the mini episode "Death is the Only Answer", the scientist Albert Einstein is transformed into a red-eyed Ood after ingesting a mysterious liquid. The Ood have gained power to see through time because "time is bleeding." I wouldn't recommend it for heavy play or young children, but it holds up well to more careful fun and young teens. With David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Tim McInnerny, Ayesha Dharker. The Ood knew of prophecies regarding the Beast, which the Walker Expedition would later discover. We aim to express the joy, the chaos and the glory of our favourite show through laughter, rhyme and song. Nephew is under the influence of an alien entity called House. In 4126, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble visited the Ood Sphere by happenstance. (TV: The Waters of Mars) He eventually arrived on the Ood Sphere and telepathically connected to the Ood Council. The empathic nature of the Ood made them susceptible to psychic possession by the Beast, who formed the Ood on the base into his "Legion". Eleventh Doctor; Ood (Doctor Who) Wolf's Song Saga; Sequel; Return of the Wolf; Bad Wolf; Action/Adventure; Romance; Summary. When the Doctor and Rose become stranded on a planet orbiting a black hole, they find a human expedition crew and their servants, the Ood, being terrorised by the Devil. Nephew's eyes glow green when possessed, a change from the red in previous episodes. Delta FiftyOod SigmaNephewKlineman HalpenOod ElderBrian the OodBonnie The BBC-authorised book Doctor Who: Creatures and Demons elaborates that the Ood came from the Ood Sphere. The hive mind had been sequestered from the Ood for 200 years by Ood Operations, the corporation that processed the Ood slaves. It’s been a long time since we last saw the Ood in Doctor Who. He was the Chief Executive of Ood Operations, a job that had been passed down from his grandfather, to his father, and eventually, himself. (TV: The Doctor's Wife), At some point an Ood (later named Nephew) had been transported by a time rift to a bubble universe, where he was severely injured from the journey. In this episode, the Doctor finally accepts Ood Sigma's message and returns to the Ood Sphere 100 years (in their time line) after having freed them in "Planet of the Ood". They thought it would be amusing (and also practical) to train up a peacful Ood to be the perfect assassin. The Ood tells the Doctor that the Master is part of a "greater design, because a shadow is falling over creation, and something vast is stirring in the dark." The Ood return in the Series 4 episode "Planet of the Ood",[3] where it is revealed that they are not born to serve but are an enslaved race. As with the rest of the inhabitants it appeared cloaked in human form through use of the lurkworms. Die Ood tragen einen Teil ihres Gehirns außerhalb ihres Körpers mit sich und sind telepathisch kollektiv mit einem Riesenhirn verbunden. The episode also alludes to a group called "Friends of the Ood" who oppose Ood slavery a… Nephew is killed when the Doctor and Idris land a TARDIS console in the exact spot he was standing, vaporising him instantly. Die Ood sind eine humanoide Spezies, deren Heimatplanet Ood Sphere ist. The episode also alludes to a group called "Friends of the Ood" who oppose Ood slavery and seek to have them freed. Directed by Graeme Harper. Humans, who only knew the Ood in their telepathy-disabled form, misinterpreted the presence of red eyes as a disease, known as "red-eye". Nephew was destroyed when the Eleventh Doctor and Idris landed the Junk TARDIS on him, ripping him apart at the atomic level. Russell T Davies is still credited at the end for the scene despite it being cut. Ood Clearly, we're not just talking about the Ood anymore. Another memorable moment (TV: Planet of the Ood), One Ood slave ended up wandering Callous and fell under the Master’s influence, delivering a phone to people he wanted to communicate with in the colony. Ood Sphere When he was six, Klineman Halpen was taken to the Ood Sphere and saw the Giant Ood Brain within. Ood Operations kept this procedure a secret from the rest of humanity, spreading the belief that the Ood were naturally servile and offered themselves for servitude. Valderon escaped after Jenny and Noah’s arrival in her cell and the Ood followed her to Waltham Abbey in the 21st Century, taking over humans to aid their search. From shop ClareSuttle. The Doctor suggests in "Planet of the Ood" that Ood individuality is a result of the Ood Hive Mind expressing itself differently within each Ood, saying "Funny thing, the subconscious. The Doctor discovers that the Ood's civilisation has advanced too rapidly, and that the Ood have developed the ability to see and project themselves through time itself. The Ood’s sanity were affected by the swenyo, resulting in one having to be shot. Apparently born to serve, the Ood cater for Mankind's every need in the far future. A hind brain. All that intelligence and mercy focused on Ood Sigma." Affiliated with: (WC: Tardisode 8, Tardisode 9, TV: The Impossible Planet) The Beast possessed the Ood, and made them into his "Legion" in order to besiege the human party of the expedition. "Planet of the Ood" is the fourth episode of the fourth series of British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The Ood are a telepathic race; as such, they require a "translation sphere" to communicate with non-telepathic creatures.

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