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Some associated Carrier HVAC model numbers include the: 30RAP – Featuring a Scroll compressor, 10 to 150 ton capacity, and using Puron® (R-410A) refrigerant. You can’t use Carrier serial and model to decode Trane hvac units. A ton of air conditioning Trane AC model numbers have nine identifying letters and numbers, with each place in the line signifying a specific piece of information. The second two digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture of a Carrier heat pump or air conditioner. I Would Like To . A model number can work, but the product number which is found in the same place as the model number will result in more defined listing. Model Numbers Air Conditioner Model Number Decoder When your air conditioner is not working properly, you will want to know what type of air conditioner you have. Carrier Furnace Model Number 58dxc Cost - Carrier Furnace Model Number 58dxc Cost.pdf To download full version "Carrier Furnace Model Number 58dxc Cost.pdf" copy this link into your browser: 30RB – Loaded with a Scroll compressor, running 60-390 ton capacity, this unit also uses Puron® (R-410A) refrigerant. This video shows the location of your model and serial numbers for an evaporator coil. You are looking for 2 digits in the model number that match the numbers below to indicate Tons or BTU. Some serial numbers can be interpreted by weeks and years. Look down the left side of the interior furnace housing, or on the top of the blower deck. For units from the late 1960s thru the late 1980s, there is a different serial number code, with the single number after an initial letter being the year of manufacture. So a number reading 1193CA4567 would be dated as the eleventh week of 1993. Information below refers to commonly used codes. Capacity: Commonly found in the last three to five digits of model … Serial #'s: (I believe to be Carrier Carrier has used several different codes at different plants. Start by looking in your owner’s manual or any other paperwork that came with your product. Since each 12,000 BTU/hr is equivalent to 1 ton of air conditioner capacity, it's easy to figure out … Example: Carrier's Infinity Split System air conditioners are rated by the company at SEER 16.5 (Model 24ANB6) to 21 (Model 24ANB1) BUT for some manufacturers there is a clue to SEER right in the model number. According to Inspectapedia website, in … The revision number is very important in repair part identification as a … Carrier Model and S/N Breakdown Apr 9, 2007 . If you don’t want to do the math, here are the numbers you’re looking for and their corresponding tonnage: 18 = 1.5 tons 24 = 2 tons 30 = 2.5 tons 36 = 3 tons 42 = 3.5 tons 48 = 4 tons 60 = 5 tons The 3 digits in the model number You may see revision numbers as high as 14 or even 18. Model series can have many revisions over the span of their life. For example, York hvac had two different serial numbers for 1971 Carrier Parts Carrier provide information up to 6,003 component parts for your lookup. Yo! For example, if you have the model number 24ACC636ABB3 from Carrier. The numbers you'll see on residential air conditioners and heat pumps are: The 3 digits in the model number tell you the nominal capacity in thousands of BTU/hr. You have a 3.5 ton AC unit. One thing is for sure, as the industry moves forward, unless you develop the ability to interpret model numbers and use that information daily, your career will be limited. model numbers. CE proudly distributes the Carrier, Bryant & Payne brands of HVAC systems, as well as a full-line of aftermarket parts, supplies & accessories. For Carrier, you should look for the 7th and 8th digits, or maybe 8th and 9th digits, of the model number. The single model number listed below will represent the complete line for that model number. The efficiency rating – whether Rob “Doc” Falke serves the industry as president of National Comfort Institute, Inc., an HVAC-based training company and membership organization. The purchase of Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning by York Heating and Air Conditioning has caused a bit of confusion with Coleman … To find the model number for a particular Carrier product, click on the appropriate product section. If you don’t happen to have them handy, you’ll also find the model number printed right on the unit. Look at the name plate on the outdoor condensing unit and locate the model number (not serial number). Carrier uses this number as a reference for identifying the furnace in a service situation when you need to schedule maintenance and repair work, order parts or make a claim These packaged air conditioners deliver performance for various ranges of industrial A Carrier furnace has an alphanumeric model number. The model and serial numbers for Lennox Furnaces can be found by unfastening the top-front service panel. Find your part using your complete "Product Number". That will include all units from 1.5 ton to 5 ton based on the This appendix illuminates the coding of different manufacturer model numbers. Table G.1 shows the Am ana I would I’m trying to find out the age of a Carrier RTU. FROM MODEL # – Air conditioning equipment capacity from model number Example : Carrier A/C Compressor Condenser Model# 38XD12400 (same unit as used for the serial number example above), there is variation in how Carrier assigned these numbers but typically the numbers indicate either tonnage or MBTUH. Rather than have you commit them all to memory, we made our model numbers easy to find. Carrier provides a complete line of commercial packaged rooftop units with Puron® refrigerant to meet demanding HVAC system requirements. Model number nomenclature 38CKC 018 Electric Air Conditioner Nominal Capacity 018 — 18,000 Btuh (5.3 Kw) 048 — 48,000 Btuh (14.1 Kw) 024 — 24,000 Btuh (7.0 Kw) 060 — 60,000 Btuh (17.6 Kw) 036 — 36,000 Btuh (10.6 It would be confusing and wrong. > Carrier, Bryant, Payne, serial # 9709088872 (yr1997 wk 09) Tonnage is model # CK361C The first two numbers carrier roof top Serial Number Nomenclature. Does anybody know the nomenclature of the serial numbers? In this article we are going to talk about how to decode Bryant Model Number and how to determining how many ton the capacity of Bryant Air Conditioners from Model number. This unit was manufactured in 2002. There are 12,000 Btus per ton of cooling, and air conditioners are sized by every ½ ton. How to Read Serial Numbers on a Coleman Furnace. How to Locate Your Furnace Model and Serials Number Innovative Carrier 40RM pack-aged air handlers are custom matched to 38AK and 38AKS condensing units The 40RM Series has excellent fan performance, efficient direct- expansion (DX) coils, a … Some hvac brand also has new code for its new hvac units. Can Anyone Out There Tell Me How To Read The Model Number And Seriel Number On Carrier Units (air Handlers & Condensers). Your Account Sign … Click to any lookup part under Carrier, they will show you detail information consist of part number, model code, price and description for your reference to easy making your purchasing budgetary. This unit was manufactured in 2002. An Amana model number is shown as an example of how manufacturers code furnace characteristics. It will be a number divisible by 6 or 12, and represents the nominal BTU of the system in thousands. How to determine Water Heater and Furnace Age no rhyme or reason for the numbers email . These are reflected in the model numbers near the middle and often followed by a letter.

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