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Does the content extend understanding of diversity and allow students to recognise their own potential to make a difference in a rapidly changing international context? The Inclusive Curriculum The importance of inclusive teaching and learning We think an ‘Inclusive curriculum’ is a good curriculum, that is designed, planned and delivered to enable EVERY student to be successful, regardless of their educational, dispositional, circumstantial, or cultural background. Approaches to Inclusive Education and Implications for Curriculum Theory and Practice Mercy M. Mugambi School of Education, University of Nairobi, Kenya 1. An inclusive curriculum is only as good as its development in the classroom, and thus the teacher. Will the course be delivered in an accessible mode and are there alternative options provided for students who cannot access specific delivery mechanisms? developed a Curriculum Framework for the SDGs to support member countries in addressing all 17 SDGs through education and learning. > How does the L&T strategy ensure that the classroom environment is welcoming and inclusive and encourages participation from under-represented groups? recognising the challenges that different students experience; fostering a sense of belonging amongst all students; clearly articulating academic values and expectations; explicitly equipping students with academic skills they will need for successful study. The Inclusive Education Framework supports the good work that has been ongoing . Curriculum Framework for Primary and Secondary Education i Preamble H.E. Inclusive Pedagogy Framework CoreCompetencies –Designing Inclusive Curriculum Skills Strategies Specific Practices Curricular transformation 2,7,16,18 Incorporate multiculturalism throughout course content 2,4-4m,12,16,20,SI Integrate multiple identity groups into the curriculum through How have you challenged normative disciplinary attitudes to ensure that the course is meaningful and relevant to a diverse student body? Navigating the Inclusive Pedagogy Framework. Basic Education Curriculum Framework Nurturing Every Learner’s Potential 1 Engaged, Empowered & Ethical Citizens KENYA INSTITUTE OF CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT ... education, secondary education, and inclusive education. Schools will be invited to implement, review and commit towards inclusive policies and practices. Are there opportunities to engage students in devising or re-visiting the content and learning and teaching and assessment strategies? MTSS is, at its very core, a framework designed to support the use of inclusive curriculum and assessment to meet the needs of all learners. The aim was to support all students through 3 dimensions: Understanding the curriculum; Engagement (drawing upon the Universal Design for Learning model); Demonstration of knowledge. The framework below embodies the key elements of an inclusive school curriculum that together ensure progress and achievement for all students. To support inclusive learning across all faculties, AL&T and Student Services have produced an Inclusive Curriculum Framework (ICF) as part of their programme of workshops and resources. To the right of each element is a continuum that illustrates how the element can vary from not inclusive to fully inclusive. Have the course team engaged in unconscious bias and equalities training? Taking responsibility Research indicates, for example, that when learners are exposed to diversity, in real-life situations, through texts and experiences, they are likely to exhibit less prejudice. Have you checked all the content is accessible to different groups of students and materials adhere to best practice for disabled students and students with a learning difference? Have you ensured that the case-studies and reading lists reflect the diversity in the learning community? How will the course team monitor how the course is being experienced by diverse cohorts of learners? Are you using inclusive language, avoiding colloquial language and providing a glossary of new and complex terms? There has been lots of debate recently on the nature of the curriculum a school should deliver. Inclusivity is treated as an ongoing measure of quality assurance and enhancement. It instils in them values such as open-mindedness, empathy and cultural sensitivity so that they are better able to adjust to different working environments. As a result of this work, this Curriculum Framework has been developed for South Sudan Schools. Published 11 September 2013 Last updated 2 December 2014 — see all updates A National Inclusive Education Framework is designed over ten central themes and invites schools to embark on a journey towards the development of high quality inclusion. Have you thought about how the delivery engages different learning styles? The Framework puts the subjects of the curriculum into a broader context, and the Key Aims define what the nation wants its young people to be by the time they finish their secondary education ready to join tertiary educator or the world of work. Presenting the Children's School Success+ (CSS+) framework, for building a UDL-based plan for inclusive preschool instruction, this book is a powerful tool for using your existing curriculum to address each child's unique learning needs. Inclusive dialogue is a precondition for consensus on the value of the curriculum to global education and development efforts. The University of Wolverhampton had already developed an inclusive curriculum framework called the Universal Educational Design (UED). How will differential attainment be monitored? By continuing to use our site you accept these terms, and are happy for us to use cookies to improve your browsing experience. An inclusive approach to curriculum design and pedagogy takes all of these factors into account and is proactive in: recognising the challenges that different students experience; fostering a sense of belonging amongst all students; clearly articulating academic values and expectations; This would enable schools to capture the whole range of their provision. They are amon… How does assessment develop the practical skills (including soft or work-ready skills) in students? Inclusive Curriculum Framework. University of Reading. cookie policy. Framework for Inclusion The Framework for Inclusion 2019–29 is a ten-year plan for inclusive education in the Northern Territory. New York State Education Department, Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework 1, page 15. The Inclusive Education Framework is a new interactive tool to be used by schools to assist schools plan, measure and improve how pupils with special educational needs are supported. Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 9000, Achieving at Kingston University: case studies, Supporting female Muslim students in physiotherapy education, Teaching of Capitalism to students of Economics, Co-creating the Curriculum Fine Art and Art History. Are there assessments where students can draw upon their own background? How will the course aim to develop university graduate attributes around global awareness and diversity? ‘open' assessment where students can apply a particular principle to familiar contexts? How will the course team ensure that students from a diverse range of backgrounds get involved in the review and evaluation of the course or module? Some key issues that arise for these students include: An inclusive approach to curriculum design and pedagogy takes all of these factors into account and is proactive in: Scaffolding skills-development throughout the curriculum to enable student success, © Have you created a clear statement related to inclusive course values within student handbook? i.e. Mugabe Over the years I have called for relevant, quality and inclusive education in the school curriculum whose hallmarks are competences desired in life and work. Are there processes in place to monitor which cohorts of students are accessing their feedback? This podcast is hosted by John Jay College of Criminal Justice Associate Provost Dara Byrne and Associate Provost Allison Pease to accompany the 2020-2021 process of creating a shared framework for a culturally affirming, inclusive and anti-racist curriculum that serves all students aspiring to careers in criminal and social justice fields at our proud Hispanic- and Minority-Serving college. A weight of quantitative evidence and qualitative research concludes that teaching and learning pedagogy and curriculum design in higher education advantages students from backgrounds that have a long tradition of attending university, and that other groups of students are disadvantaged. money to buy books or to undertake unpaid placements, time to study and engage in extra-curricular activity, personal support networks to provide informal words of encouragement or guidance when things are tough, or access to work experience opportunities; developing a strong sense of belonging - feeling isolated, different or that they have no 'right' to be at university; shared social or cultural capital, i.e. How will the course team utilise alumni to review the ways in which the course/module best prepared them for the global workforce. The Inclusive Curriculum framework is the institutional approach to building inclusivity from 'concept to review'. Have you addressed the ‘hidden curriculum' if acknowledged in the discipline area? Inclusive settings in the early years, according to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority [QCAA] (2014) sees that “educators strive to improve all learners’ participation and learning, regardless of age, gender, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, sexual preferences, ability or language. R.G. in schools over many years. How will the assessment strategy ensure that students are involved in real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills? Have you involved students in the creation of the course? This video outlines details of Kingston's strategic steps to embed an inclusive curriculum following the University's Excellence Framework for an Inclusive Curriculum. > The cover illustrates the heart of the National Curriculum Framework which is the classroom set-up, in which the teacher is given the latest technology to facilitate learning in an environment that captures diversity and inclusivity and leads students to work towards personal growth, an The Rounded Quality of Education .

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