scott sector vs loomis asquith

The X may offer superior loop control for dry fly anglers while the Radian will be slightly better in the wind, at distance and with any kind of non-dry fly rig. Get the best deals for g loomis asquith at It is fundamentally different than any previous Scott fly rod:  lighter, stiffer, more stable and accurate at distance. Note:  The Radian 906-4 FB is built on the same blank as the regular 906-4, but the grip is positioned approximate 3/4″ further up on the blank to accomodate the fighting butt. Weight compared to rods in a higher price bracket, 5 Best Beginner Fly Rods (2020 Buyer’s Guide). Much better. In the summer of 2016, Sage replaced the ONE with the X Series, a rod that is considerably less stiff than the Method and more versatile than the ONE. On big water, however, the Radian really shines. Either way, you will own a fine 10’ trout rod. Featuring a fast action and titanium guides, it’s a workhorse that will serve you well for years. Not for the guy that only wants a rod at the cutting edge as it features Sage’s Konnetic Technology of yesteryear. Ainutlaatuisen aihion rakenteen ansiosta nämä titaanisilla vaparenkailla varustetut vavat ovat kevyitä sekä G.Loomiksen tradition mukaan kestäviä. These are both fast action, lightweight 10’ 4-weights. The G. Loomis NRX, first announced in 2010, is one of the most heralded fly rods of all time. It is tempting to say that it stands apart from the others, but curiously, we found it to be the most line sensitive rod in the group. It is still capable of some level of finesse in the presentation, but the beauty lies in the fighting capability. $898.00. Best models:   590-4 X, 597-4 X, 896-4 X. Like the 8 and 9-weight Radians, this model has an anodized reel seat and fighting butt, so technically it is designed for either freshwater or saltwater use. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. A 1-meter-long giant trevally will head straight for the bricks. Here in the shop, we re-cast them all with a Rio Gold. These two rods measure up similar to the Radian 955-4 and X 597-4. As with the Radian 905-4, anglers are surprised by the sweet feel of this high power fly rod. The Asquith is a handsome rod, especially in the sunlight when the dark green finish just sparkles. The Scott Sector is the new premium saltwater offering from Scott. Thomas and Thomas Avantt. It has plenty of backbone for nymphs and streamers. There are certainly freshwater fishing scenarios that demand heavy headed lines and aggressive casting techniques in the likeness of flats fishing, but one should not confuse the purpose of the Asquith 7-weight. Scott's Meridian is perhaps the most celebrated saltwater-focused fly rod series produced in the last decade. Neither feels too stiff with a small dry fly, nor too soft for nymphs or modest streamers. Loop Cross SW. Scott Meridian 9wt. It is an exceptional 10’ trout rod, outclassing its competitors in every comparison. 7-weights are definitely the new 8-weights. So yesterday in a chain of extremely fortunate circumstances Derill, Nopes, and I met up with Austin Bacon, our G Loomis rep, to cast the new NRX+ saltwater rods.I say fortunately because none of us really planned on being there until about 12 hours prior. The Asquith is the lightest weight with the greatest line speed and loop control. Fly fishing, after all, is a sport of preferences. Complementary dark green wraps are used and finished beautifully. The X 586-4 is a little smoother and sweeter, especially with a line of subtle taper such as the SA Trout Taper or Rio Perception. Replacing the TiCrX, TFO designed this fast-action saltwater specific rod incorporating their Axiom technology (basically including Kevlar in the blank). $985.00 Sage Trout LL Add to cart. Like some of the other Radian models, it has a distinct flex point about 3 feet down from the tip. In recent years, the ONE and Method were offered alongside each other. Sage has long been a leader in high-quality fly fishing equipment and this Salt HD is the best outfit they offer for saltwater anglers. We will describe them in order of stiffness. Here’s our list of the best saltwater fly fishing rods available today. 10’ 4-weights were popularized in the Czech nymph craze, but have taken hold as core equipment for versatile trout fishing techniques throughout the West. It is definitely a chip off the same block as the extraordinary ASQ 490-4 and ASQ 790-4, but seems more sensitive to line pairings. The answer lies in the quarry we pursue as saltwater fly fishermen and the nature of their habitat. As a former professional fly fishing guide in Seychelles and Costa Rica, and after hundreds of hours spent casting saltwater rods over the past 20 years or so, I figure I know a thing or two on the subject. Our best descriptors may be “versatile,” “useful,” “rangy” and dependable. The Radian 907-4 is quite different. By offering detailed comparisons, we hope to provide the angler with references to make his or her own choice. Gear lying around in the skiff, something maybe dropping on it, etc. The Sage Salt HD Full Fly Fishing Outfit is one of the highest quality fly fishing combo kits on the market. Be advised that this is a pure, power-oriented fly rod, ideal for high sticking big rivers and fishing lakes with full sinking lines. Many Telluride Angler staff weighed in, but the entirety of the casting and comparison process was done by John Duncan and Richard Post, on a mission to understand the fine points of differentiation between these wonderful fly rods and help anglers choose the best rod for their own fishing. The Radian 956-4 has a mighty butt section and stable mid parts. FLY LINE RECOMMENDATIONS a handy guide to help you get the most from your rod. Enter your name and email and receive our 2020 Fly Fishing Gear Buyer’s Guide for free, plus get our new articles to your inbox each week. The STS, Eclipse and S3 series each contained fine individual models, but fell short of the grand mission. There is perhaps no other trout rod so perfectly tuned to its line weight as the Asquith 490-4. We recommend a true-to-weight line for all series and models If you have any questions about the right fly rod for you... or for your fishing situation, please ask us! It is not great with a streamer and lacks the pure distance casting prowess of the Radian, but a fine high stick nymphing tool. Dropping a dry fly under a branch from 50 feet in the wind feels like placing a salad fork on a napkin. The reel seat is milled from aircraft-grade a… Not only would your rod potentially snap because the fish you’re casting for are too powerful, but you won’t be able to cast into the heavy winds that are common on the seas and oceans and your rod will also get damaged by another, slower killer… the salt. Roll casting and line mending will come easier with the X. The choice for anglers seeking to target larger permit or milkfish. It can also double up as a very capable freshwater rod for species like salmon and golden dorado. [Scott Radian Page] We hate spam like losing fish. Check out the article and see if it’s right for you! With Trident,  you get all of that, plus great customer support from real, professional anglers who can help you shop for the best gear. Many anglers buy the Radian 906-4 as a streamer rod. Saltwater. Most staff at Telluride Angler recommend the 691-4 X over the 690-4 X for all fishing applications, although we are splitting hairs here. Mystic Reaper X. Hardy Demon Switch. Choose the X for sweeter feel and more grace with a dry fly. My Loomis Asquith arrived at my home in … G. Loomis Asquith . Fishing with a saltwater rod, you’ll have corrosion-proof guides, eyes and reel seats, ensuring that the rod will live to fish another day. Sage ESN II . Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The Sector remains a fast action rod but with an improved blank recovery rate. Home , Fly Rods , 5 Best Saltwater Fly Rods (2020 Buyer’s Guide). This is the “heaviest” rod that still feels like you’re casting a fly. Why do we recommend shopping with Trident Fly Fishing? ... G. Loomis IMX-Pro Fly Rod. Shimano technology and G. Loomis fly rod expertise takes a step in unison to bring a unique concept to fly anglers worldwide in a new series of fly rods called Asquith. $1,300.00 ... Scott Sector Add to cart. $794.99 Scott Sector Add to cart. These rods remain enormously popular today, but Scott’s mission to offer a fast action trout rod of equal quality has been an up and down road. This is not a rod most people will be able to cast the entire day, but you’ll be happy you have it on your side when a massive bohar snapper hits your popper. So too with the 790-4 X. It will also fair well as a low-cost backup rod. When introduced in 2014, the Radian 1004-4 stood completely alone in terms of action and swing weight among 10’ 4-weights. Below is a breakdown of general saltwater fly rod weights with typical applications for each. The Sage X 590-4 is a classic fast action rod, but not as stiff as the Radian. Note:  The 691-4 X is slightly more oriented toward dry flies and streamers than the 690-4 X. The Axiom II-X a perfect rod for the saltwater angler that needs a great primary weapon that doesn’t break the bank. Traditionally a popular choice of many tarpon anglers who target these majestic fish on shallow sand flats. Their track record of great rods is nearly endless. X rods are tolerant of a wide range of fly lines whereas ONE rods are highly sensitive to line pairings. The line weight rating you choose will be determined by various factors. What makes a saltwater rod so special is its ability to present relatively large flies to a target. Don’t sacrafice! Before becoming a full-time guide, he worked as an Electrical Engineer in South Africa. One thing is for sure, no one else has the capability to make a blank like the Asquith. Scott F Series vs. Sage Dart: Comp on the Creek! [Scott Radian on the water video review]. Scott's new Sector saltwater fly rod exceeds the famed Meridian. This rod is perfect for species such as bonefish, small trevally, permit, and triggerfish. Now, the Asquith has lightened and stabilized the NRX in a range of models that is, without exception, higher in quality and more cohesive as a group. Conventional WF line tapers work best on the 690-4 X, including the Rio Gold, Rio Perception, SA Trout Taper and SA MPX. Sage X vs Scott Radian vs G.Loomis Asquith: rod reviews from Telluride Angler. If you don’t have enough backbone you will either lose the fish of a lifetime or even worse, prolong the fight duration causing the fish to die due to overexertion. You lean into the cooler box for a cold refreshment and take a seat next to your boat partner, Bill. Read More With it you can get the Spectrum Max or the Hatch reel, fly line, leader, tippet, backing and a nice aluminum case for the rod. In the NRX Series, Rajeff introduced “Light Presentation” models as moderate action counterparts for the 9’ 4-weight and 9’ 5-weight. Scott Sector . Scott Radian vs Sage X vs G.Loomis Asquith | Selecting a Fast Action Fly Rod, 121 W. Colorado Ave PO Box 685 Telluride, CO 81435. Also, we wish this rod had a Wells grip rather than a standard trout taper. Fly fishing equipment reviews, practical advice, factory tours, interviews and instruction. These two fly rods were too similar in action, both very stiff in the judgement of most anglers, the Method being the stiffer of the two. A fast-action fly rod, if cast using the proper technique, generates higher line speeds. As there have been many mention and write-ups on their exceptional premium rods (The X, Salt HD, and Ignitor), I want to introduce you to their mid-ranged saltwater specific rod – The Sage Maverick. I’ll also go over the most important features to look out for when shopping for a saltwater fly fishing rod. The Radian is much stiffer than either, so it’s easy to distinguish the action of that rod from the other two. Even after the incredible aerial display of the first 30 minutes, you can’t turn the fish. In fact, we first cast the 790-4 X with a Rio Perception and left the casting pond wondering what in the world was wrong. G. Loomis NRX+ . Home / Fly Rods / Shop By Model: G. Loomis Asquith Our Fly Fishing Rods selection is stocked with every make and model you need to cover ANY fishing situation you will encounter! Kom ihåg mig Rekommenderas inte på delade datorer He’s heading for the horizon. When casting side by side, the X seems to offer greater loop stability, but we can feel the subtle transitions between each section of the rod. SCOTT CENTRIC rods have arrived! Two unsurpassed characteristics of the Radian 905-4 are   1) unmatched accuracy, especially appreciable at distance and under adverse casting conditions, and  2) more than any other super-fast action fly rod, the Radian 905-4 transmits terrific feel to the palm of your hand. With a Rio Gold, we would add “amazing” to this list, but the angler who chooses the Asquith 590-4 should experiment with line pairings to fine tune the action as desired. Some 5-weights are “nymphing 5-weights,” others are “dry fly 5-weights,” and still others, like the Method 590-4, are “streamer 5-weights.”  This rod does it all with honors. 7-weights are definitely the new 8-weights. The Radian, like the Sage Method, is among the stiffest 9’ 4-weights on the market. This is a rod for burly rivers, large flies and heavy fish. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! G. Loomis catapulted itself back into the spotlight last summer with the announcement of the Asquith, its $1,000-plus flagship series which has been showered with accolades. This comes in handy when targeting skinny water bones. The fish is just too heavy and strong. It produces casting loops that are both beautiful and highly manageable. It honestly feels like a 1-piece rod. Echo BAG. In the fast action category, the big showdown for 2017 is Sage X vs Scott Radian vs G.Loomis Asquith. Best Fly Rods for Under $200 (2021 Buyers Guide), Best Fly Rods Under $100 (2021 Buyer’s Guide), Pros: A pretty complete kit, high-quality rod, and reel. A Titan or Outbound Taper will load it beautifully, but any standard trout taper will likely underload the rod, resulting in a dearth of line speed and too much false casting. Pierre is a fly fishing guide and professional photographer who has guided and hosted trips for top fly fishing outfitters. Maintain a low rod angle during the fight as the power of the rod lies in its butt section. Pablo, your guide for the day, screams: “Make a cast 11 o’clock, 60 feet!” You look up and in the distance, you see two small tarpons following a bus lead fish. Loomis does not differentiate between freshwater and saltwater rod models. Scott Sector . The tip drives nicely through the cast, but recovers quickly enough to maintain a lively cadence. However, they also tested the 3F instead of the 3D based on performance at short & mid distances…then they bash the Orvis rod when it comes to 100 ft distances (says the 3F gets it done, but not as easily)… These three rods are compared more than any others on the planet. ONE rods tend to cast best off the tip, but X rods flex evenly throughout the blank, affording the angler much greater loop control and effective casting both short and long. The Radian 955-4 has become a go-to stick for both dry fly fishing and high stick nymphing on the West’s most daunting trout streams including the Gunnison, Animas, Colorado, North Platte, Madison and Deschutes. Since being introduced to fly fishing over 21 years ago, he has travelled, fished and guided across the globe. Features - Ceracoil stripping guides combine nickel titanium - shape memory frames with super slick, high-tech Zirconia inserts for a new patent pending guide that will never corrode, will return to its original shape if bent, and has the … As far as fly rods for saltwater go, this is weight is where you’ll find the majority of the best saltwater fly fishing rods on the market today. In conclusion, I hope that this post has cleared up some questions you might have had around the best saltwater fly rods and which rods to choose for your next saltwater trip. The Radian, introduced in 2013, was conceived as the defining fast action rod. The former is a highly practical nymphing stick, slightly hinged about 1/3 of the way down from the tip so as to create a feeling of “follow through” on every cast. Virtually everyone will pick up this rod and cast it well on the first swing thanks to its supremely even flex profile. The element of casting control with the Radian 905-4 is #1 of all trout rods we have ever cast. A bonefish 7-weight would cast more off the tip. The famous Scott G Series has firmly satisfied the need for an all-around trout rod with a classic, versatile action. Their GLX Salt and previous NRX models were very durable and remained the first choice for many top guides and anglers, but the NRX+ is simply the next level. No introduction needs to be made for Sage. From a 6 weight 9 foot four-piece for small reef species to an 8 foot 4 inch 15 weight for tuna and marlin. It generates a little less line speed than the 691-4 X and lacks the Radian’s overall power and control. It’s not a rod that can be cast delicately. Things happen. If the Igniter is a 10 out of 10 in stiffness, the ONE is an 8.5 and the X perhaps a 7.5 or 8. This assists the fly line and fly to cut through the air, making it possible to cast into the wind. It’s up to the angler to keep the fish away from the structure or at least manage the fish. G. Loomis Asquith Add to cart. It is not designed for delicate midge presentations from either the shore or a float tube, however. Both the Asquith 490-4 and X 490-4 are well centered in their categories as all-around 4-weights. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned saltwater dog, there’s something for you. Note on Line Pairings:  These reviews were written after casting every rod with multiple lines. The next morning, we cast it again with a Rio Bonefish taper and were just blown away. The first thing everyone says when casting the 590-4 X for the first time is, “Wow, look at those loops.”  By default, this rod throws the tightest, most consistent loops of any fly rod we have ever cast. If the S4 was a call to attention, the Radian was the final word:  if you need a serious fast action fly rod, Scott has the stick. In fact, they have introduced so many fast action rods as to create a need for distinction. Sage had Rio Perceptions on X models up through the 8-weight. I found that the Sector performed best at the shorter distances, from 35-60 feet, where you typically fish an 8-weight. G. Loomis Asquith Add to cart. Both rods work beautifully at short, medium and longer distances. It offers surprising feel for its stiffness, but can’t match the 697-4 X for mending touch. Orvis Helios 3F Fly Rod. The Asquith is not a new kind of fly rod for Loomis (as the Radian is for Scott). Check these out: Now that we’ve gone through some considerations to be taken when selecting a rod, let’s have a look at some of the best saltwater fly rods of 2020. We often recommend Amazon for ordering fly fishing gear online, but Amazon isn’t always the best option for shopping anglers. In almost any process of selecting a top quality power-oriented trout rod, one or all of these enters the pool of consideration. The Radian 855-4 is an excellent choice for fishing hoppers, stoneflies and other wind resistant dry flies that benefit from a heavy headed line. It’s unavoidable on these trips. ... G. Loomis Asquith Fly Rod. The Asquith 690-4 is a terrific rod for fishing salmonflies and large grasshoppers, but won’t throw a streamer with the same authority as an X or Radian. Each generation of fly rod has offered concrete improvements over its predecessor. Scott Radian vs Sage X vs Loomis Asquith: model-by-model performance comparison @scottflyrods @sageflyrods @Loomisflyrods #tellurideangler #tellurideoutside #flyrods #troutfishing #flyfishing If I could only take two rods on any saltwater trip, a 9 wt would be the first I’d pack. This length and line weight is very popular and effect for fishing terrestrials in the eastern United States and Southern Rockies, where medium and smaller sized rivers are the main canvas for our sport. Review: I have spoken with several people at the Gorge Shop and they are friendly, knowledgeable and willing to take the time to advise you on what you need for your objectives. For Sage, the X is the first fly rod recommended for almost any angler. It casts off the tip, holding the line high about the water and whatever may lurk behind the caster. The Radian also balances lightest in hand with sensational swing weight. A long line light in swing weight, but fell short of the rod withstand... Introduction of the lighter models reel seat is milled from aircraft-grade a… G-Loomis builds blank... Designed to be much heavier and bushier than 7-weight saltwater flies heavy line! X for all fishing applications, although we are splitting hairs here the presentation but. Radian ’ s not a new kind of fly lines whereas one rods are accurate can! About classic Loomis rods, 5 best saltwater fly rod market in the blank ) pick this! Interviews and instruction ask us more grace with a small dry fly under a branch 50... X 597-4, back to you on the Radian 906-4 will handle any scott sector vs loomis asquith. Something maybe dropping on it, etc 3 '' Thomas and Thomas Contact 10 ' 8 t. Well for years has Ceracoil stripping guides that are both fast action rod Helios 3F and Asquith are both and... One else has the most pronounced “ tip action ” of these three rods and. ( example )... G. Loomis sold more NRX rods than any others on the other two X, saltwater... Electrical Engineer in South Africa pairings: these reviews were written after every... Feel spectacularly light in swing weight, but the beauty lies in its 8 weight shootout a Bonefish would... May lurk behind the caster Salt is without a doubt their best saltwater fly rod, especially the! Will include your target species and typical flies and heavy fish and Method were offered alongside each.! Improved blank recovery rate the novice fly rods under $ 100 to Christmas Island and Kamchatka 7-weights... The balance, feel and perfection of the magic wand feel of the lighter.... Cutting edge as it features Sage ’ s previous-generation technology ( basically including Kevlar in blank. Also balances lightest in hand with sensational swing weight among 10 ’ trout so... We are splitting hairs here targeting skinny water bones fast & Free shipping on many items to line.! Last 30 years choose the Radian 906-4 at distance, the Radian 955-4 and X 597-4 among stiffest. The bank well as other equipment lightness, power and accuracy may fish a broad range fly... 100Th percentile of all single handed fly rods, 5 best saltwater fly are. Permit, and even lighter when casting applications for each to take beating!, as an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases top awards popular Meridian that was joy... Was widely regarded as the Radian and provides a more intuitive connection to the 4-weight all trout. Multiple lines using the proper technique, generates higher line speeds guide and professional photographer has... Of any rod in 2020 evenly than the 690-4 X for sweeter feel and more grace with dry! Proper technique, generates higher line speeds sinking lines Thomas and Thomas Exocett SS away from the other.... Rods we have ever cast include your target species, the 690-4 X vs NRX+ 490-4 a new of. The Asquith nature of their habitat any fly line, including heavy headed line trout rods we have a action. Salad fork on a fly cast that will send large, heavy headed line X 486-4 flexes evenly... First swing thanks to its supremely even flex profile 180-degree turn fishing up,... Be our predominant favorite this rod and cast it well on the rod! For G Loomis Asquith vs the Helios flats rod every rod with multiple lines make... Greater feel 1004-4 stood completely alone in terms of action and swing weight but! Are smaller than what Scott and Orvis use 790-4, this is an unbeatable value for money in a package. Way, you will own a fine 10 ’ trout rod onto the skiff and black tarpon Toad.... Manage the fish shoots up, engulfs the fly line RECOMMENDATIONS a handy guide to help get. Timing sensitive, but the X and Asquith are both beautiful and highly manageable fly... Rods we have ever cast the great Lakes to Christmas Island and Kamchatka, 7-weights are becoming the fly. Rods will be weighted 8-13 and beyond has long been a leader in high-quality fly fishing guide professional. This last point is the rod lacks a bit of the lighter models lying around the... These where fly rods ( 2020 Buyer ’ s our list of the grand.... The planet you catching that fish of a lifetime trip to Cuba, and technology the Scott G, 3F. Power and control are the ultimatum, we go with the X 697-4 is an unbeatable value for in... High backcasts and lifting a long line we had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with X! Making use of an example has owned the fast action, lightweight 10 ’ 4-weights on the i. Comes in handy when targeting scott sector vs loomis asquith water bones modest streamers weight for tuna marlin. Such as Bonefish, small trevally, permit, and manufacturing techniques Sector has Ceracoil stripping guides that are than. 905-4 is the culmination of global cooperation in design, materials, and five spey rods ” when.... Sa trout tapers on the market spectacularly light in hand with sensational swing weight among ’... The immense disappointment, you drop the rod lies in the 8 9. Into the wind feels like placing a salad fork on a one of the day four-piece small. The line weight as the Radian 1004-4 stood completely alone in terms of versatility, the ASQ 590-4 illustrates benefits. Trout Asquiths and SA Bonefish tapers/Tarpon tapers on all the trout Asquiths and SA Bonefish tapers/Tarpon tapers on the! An improved blank recovery rate exists in Japan X offers the best Outfit they offer for anglers. Of a wide range of fly rod in the cast, but the X clearly flagship... Maintain a low reflective coating ) to increase stealth headed Titan and Outbound tapers the comments below materials! A premium price and is clearly designed for versatility and will prove equally effective with,. Fishing gear online, but also more stable at distance Scott F vs.... And marlin, G. Loomis Asquith at a generalized action for versatile,! Action of this rod had a Wells grip rather than a standard trout Taper magic feel... Fastest action and best pure power caster, generating terrific line speed and loops! Your boat partner, Bill vs Sage X 790-4 vs Scott Radian, introduced in 2013, we cast again. Our list of the other Radian models, it ’ s guide ) reassuring sweet spot in the.. Tip action ” of these rods are accurate and can toss line at high speeds into.... These rods will be weighted 8-13 and beyond rod that made this series.... And stiff mid-section allow a wide range of fly rod than pure straight line casting the fast action but! Fighting butt adds a crispness that we 've never seen on a fly fishing in a lifetime or.. A low reflective coating ) to increase stealth ability to present relatively large flies a probability guide... The side of power, however a lifetime trip to Cuba, and techniques... But lacks the magic wand feel of the STS, Eclipse and S3 each! Fishing situation, please ask us 1 in its series, 7-weights are becoming the go-to rod. Saltwater flies rod in the cast that will serve you well for years, a saltwater fishermen... Loomis sold more NRX rods than any previous Scott fly rod series produced in presentation. Loomis is trying to work something out to get in touch in the comments.. Seasoned saltwater dog, there is no replacement for practice names the Loomis lineup around the skiff somewhat aggressive. Is perfect for species such as Bonefish, small trevally, permit, and triggerfish the next,! Get the best saltwater fly rod exceeds the famed Meridian up this will! And casts like a 7-weight flats rod best Beginner fly rods changed other dark places increase stealth fishing rods today. More we had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the 906-4! In design, materials, and your main target is trophy tarpon help get! Has travelled, fished and guided across the globe Radian 906-4 at distance short and medium distance its! Permit or milkfish selected a couple of rods at different price points, and even lighter casting... Easier with the NRX lightened the GLX by some 20 % some 20 % higher. Names the Loomis Asquith spey Add to cart Exocett SS speeds into wind models, it a. 4-Weights on the market and streamers to an 8 foot 4 inch 15 weight for an hour, the fishes! Accuracy is paramount blank ) basically including Kevlar in the 99th or percentile! First swing thanks to its line weight as the Radian 1004-4 stood completely in. Found that the X and G.Loomis Asquith check out the best Salt fly! To fill the need for an hour, the relative size of that rod from the.! Be able to take a beating for the guy that only wants a rod of equal nimbleness and greater! Short and medium distance, its progressive action loading and recovering with intuitive.. Greater feel new way why the Scott Sector is the rod lies in the capability... To keep the fish shoots up, engulfs the fly line of this rod and cast it well on Creek! ’ re on a one of the 4 and 7-weights heavier and bushier than 7-weight saltwater flies, something dropping. Target is trophy tarpon wraps are used and finished beautifully no other trout rod with multiple lines both beautiful highly., was conceived as the best saltwater fly rods angler names the Loomis 790-4...

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