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A unique collection of the poetry of Táhirih: scholar, poet and the only woman Letter of the Living. Baha'i Publications Bookstore Adam's Wish: Unknown Poetry of Tahirih,,Adam's Wish: Unknown Poetry of Tahirih,978-1-931847-61-2,BP - Published,Trade Paperback,Hatcher, John S. … Point by Point. Tahirih: Life & Poems of the Great Female Persian Baha?i Poet & Martyr: Smith, Paul, Tahirih: Amazon.com.au: Books But, in fact, the main reason that more has not been done by way of celebrating her accomplishments as a poet, as an intellect, and as an astute scholar of religion, especially among modern literary and religious academics, is that it is only recently that anyone has had access to her work, whether in the original Persian, or translated into English. 1–2. This volume of forty-two poems contains works of varied style and length, from brief two- or three-line pieces, to more formal and lengthy elucidations of what Tahirih portrays as a milestone in human history, the universal recognition of the essentially spiritual purpose of creation and of revealed religion as the motive force in the dynamic progress of human society. Religious Organization. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Any sites linked to Bahai Blog or opinions expressed on Bahai Blog are only those of the authors and editors of the blog and are not necessarily those of the worldwide Baha'i Faith community. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. They also reveal her antinomian sentiments, her reliance on feminine power, her call for social justice and universal reconciliation. The Poetry Of Tahirih. In these poems, Tahirih is a source of divine insight and wisdom, and she asserts her station and capacity in this regard. Unknown to most, her poetry exists in manuscripts that are in the Baha’i archives. July 26, 2018. Video Transcript. In these she makes use of the traditional conventions of Islamic jurisprudence and theology. This Heart. pp. published in Materials for the Study of the Babi Religion, pages 323-358 Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1918 If I met you face to face, I would retrace—erase!—my heartbreak, pain by pain, ache by ache, word by word, point by point. ISBN 978-1-931847-61-2. All this was a new theology that broke with Islam and its traditional theology in favor of a revolutionary new doctrine. But she is most commonly designated Qurratu’l-Ayn (Solace of the Eyes), certainly the most well-known woman in Baha’i history, and the A few years later in mid-1852 she was executed in secret on account of her Bábí Faith. A second volume—Adam’s Wish: Unknown Poetry of Tahirih published in 2008— resulted from a most propitious find. Thanks for this post. Thank you so much for the wonderful Article about the Poetry from Tahirih. These poems are more lengthy, industrious, more serious and complex. The Persian poetess and theological scholar Tahirih (the Pure One), also referred to as Qurratu’l-’Ayn (Solace of the Eyes), received the gift of learning to read and Tahirih: Heroine, Poet, Feminist Martyr An accomplished South Australian poet has paid tribute to Táhirih, a 19 th century Persian poet who called for the emancipation of women decades before suffragette activism in Europe.. Roshanak Amrein made her comments at the Adelaide launch of her second volume, Songs from a Far Island, an event held at the South Australia Art Gallery Auditorium on … Thank you. A unique collection of the poetry of Táhirih: scholar, poet and the only woman Letter of the Living. Tahirih (meaning 'concealed'), also called Qurrat ul-ayn (meaning: 'freshness of the eye') was Zarrin Taj Fatima and this extremely beautiful and intelligent woman led a short and stormy life. He insists that her scholarly works are “too arcane and abstruse” to reveal her “tempestuous temperament” and her true doctrine. Edited and translated by Amin Banani with Jascha Kessler. Thank You So Much for this article I present Radio Bahai each Sunday Night 8pm -10pm sTREAMING lIVE FRPM FLEURIEUFM.ORG Amrollah Hemmat, PhD, was born and educated in Tehran and is the co-author of four volumes of poetry translated from Persian and Arabic into English, as well as the author of books and educational material on Arabic grammar.

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