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is Dow corning GP silicone okay for pasting Thermocol cement pasted decoration?? I have no experience with Dow Corning GP Silicone. If you used enough glue, the glue should now support the plant without your help. This isn’t an issue at all for plants, which are just going to grow over it anyway, hiding it from view. Hi Thanks for your feedback. The most weather- and chemical-resistant structural adhesives, epoxies tend to work especially well on metals. Believe it or not, there was a time when there was no such thing as an underwater sealant. Rubberized: Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue resists shrinkage, … You only need to hold it in place, applying pressure for a slow 5 count. LIQUID NAILS® Siding and Trim Construction Adhesive, LN-501, is formulated for use as a fast-setting, high-performance adhesive that bonds PVC shims to PVC siding and PVC trim components to common construction surfaces. I bought my wife an aquarium and want to use Star Wars models from Bandai for the decoration. If you are asking if original Gorilla glue will cure underwater, then no, it will not. No worries – underwater glue to the rescue! Nope, certainly not brand specific. There isn’t really any fish-safe products I know of that will allow you to patch this while wet. That sounds like a very interesting project. The MSDS would not download from the company’s website. Required fields are marked *. Yep, this glue is good stuff for when you want something stuck in a hurry. If it makes no mention of Cyanoacrylate then I would be hesitant to use it in your tank. 3. I would be hesitant to add anything found on the beach into a tank, not only can these contain pollutants (not noticeable in a giant sea, but dangerous in a small tank) but also introduce hitchhikers, bacteria and disease. The tank should hold 160 gallons of water with water level going halfway up the tank. I think I can remove it and scrape off the mess but can I reglue the piece back on using super glue without draining the tank or removing the fish? (of course I will use lots of clamps during the curing process). All that’s left to do is press the plant down onto the section that you prepared earlier…. LePage® Marine Epoxy is a two-part system consisting of an epoxy resin and a hardener. Yes. No worries – underwater glue to the rescue! And, tying them with string is so fiddly. It’s looking a little worse for wear now, but don’t worry! If in doubt, don’t add it to your tank. It was effortless sticking them to to little shiny polished agates! Materials with Low Surface Energy: Materials, like Teflon, have a low surface energy, which means it prevents the adhesive from “wetting out” or spreading out to form a strong bond. 2. As always, make sure the rock or weight is aquarium safe. Silicone is easily removable with a razor. There is not a lot more frustrating than waking up to discover that the moss and other saplings you planted the night before are all floating on the surface of your aquarium. I’m wondering if the glue you mentioned above is 100% waterproof and can b applied underwater because I want to glue it to the corner of my aquarium which of course is underwater. Your pets are very lucky to have an owner like you. It’s still going to be visible, but it won’t be white and can easily be removed. This is due to the fact that a good adhesion takes place between the concrete and rubber, ensuring a strong and powerful bond no matter what. Marine organisms have inspired numerous studies on the design and development of wet adhesives. I’m so glad it went effortlessly! If you have a glass tank, it’s the same stuff that is bonding the glass together. It has hold my plants down for a long time now. A few minutes and it should have adhered. For instance, if a plant root dies, and you have used that plant root to anchor with glue, the rest of the plant could detach. I bought the glue based on your reccommendation. It’s cheap, can be cut into smaller pieces and can remove almost anything from anything. I have no experience with ponds or liners. (290 mL) Forget reaching for a tube of silicone – it takes too darn long to set and is best used for sealing and repairing. It was the strongest construction adhesive in an independent adhesive strength test, way stronger than anything else that was test. Which means they cannot be easily repaired or replaced. The glue must be applied 100% underwater and has to cure underwater too. Are you able to call the company’s customer service to fine out? When it comes to gluing down anything in your aquarium – rocks, gravel, plants or decorations – there is just one tube of glue that you need to reach for…. Buy 24 or more $2.01. If I can in the future will i be able to remove them if needed. Anecdotally, I have used two whole tubes in a mammoth gluing session and saw no problems with my fish, shrimp or water parameters. All of our adhesives are available in the 30 gram dual-syringe system. Now that the question for aquarium safe glue is answered, I was considering to paint and seal the models. I followed your advice to glue my liveplantsto myrocks and decorations….question..how do you clean the decorations later …I usually take out the decoration and place it in bleached water for a while….I assume I needto clean now in the tank?? Hi Ian, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. More Options Available. Glue decorations and ornaments to rocks or even rocks together. We know from various tests that CT1 as an Underwater Sealant will surpass any alternative, especially with continued exposure to water. I also use this foam to wipe down the aquarium glass for a sparkling finish and, just yesterday, I used it to effortlessly remove my nephew’s “artwork” that he drew on the walls… Great stuff! This waterproof sealant works in both dry and wet conditions. Ordinarily, for glass dividers, silicone is used to hold them in place. I was wondering if this is a brand specific recommendation. You get the idea, this stuff is darn handy – it’s basically an aquascaper’s best friend. When securing subfloors, for instance, you’ve got to screw down each sheet while the glue is still soft, not after flopping down all the sheets that cover the floor (however more efficient this might be). 4.6 out of 5 stars 780. Moss floating up from your gravel? Would you have any advise/ideas? I am committed to compassionate pet keeping, which means giving each of my pets the most fulfilling, natural, non-stressful environment I can provide. Due to its acrylic adhesive technology, aluminum foil tape offers better cohesion, adhesion, and thermal stability than a tape with a rubber adhesive. I have never had any issues scraping superglue off rock or wood once I wanted to re-arrange things in my tank. Chances are you have used super glue before. People struggled to find a high quality solution for their underwater bonding needs, which is when C-Tec stepped up and delivered the ultimate solution. A member of my local fish club has used this glue in multiple display tanks without issue. or should I use Aquatic-safe Silicone? Together, they let you mix and apply only the amount you need, only when you need it. It can also be used on glass, wood, metal, and most common materials. You are correct. I guess I should’ve split these up into two topics. Super glue may be the most popular type of adhesive for aquarium plants, but aquarium safe silicone sealants are deemed the most reliable fix for both ornaments and tank cracks. Have a piece of driftwood in your planted tank that you want to glue some plants to? But as it gunks up and the plants grow, it soon is unoticable. Not only is CT1 the ultimate Underwater Sealant but it’s also the ultimate Structural Adhesive. The dual syringe can be used to resin and hardener before applying to the surfaces needed. If it’s 100% silicone without additives like fungacides, then it might be okay. 1 week has past and the whole thing has slid down the glass, leaving a snotty looking mess. Draining it is not something i can do, I don’t have a way to rehome my fish. Can I glue the tubing to the aquarium while completely underwater in the tank with fish? A wide variety of underwater construction sealant options are available to you, such as classification, usage, and main raw material. The superglue turns a clear white in the aquarium, it’s very visible at first. Sticky's Underwater Glue combines the bonding power of epoxy with the the resiliency of rubber to achieve a heavy duty bond. Would the gel be thick enough to do the same? That’s my fault. Hi, my names Ian. However, based on discussions I have had with other fish keepers, it doesn’t appear to hold anywhere near as well as Super Glue Gel, which in my opinion defeats the purpose of it being used as a glue. Keeping an aquarium is a balancing act and it’s often difficult enough to get it right when using properly sterilized or sourced products, let alone stuff found on the ground. Lastly, if I want to change the decor in the future, would anything unglue the piece? Polished agates? In construction, pressure-sensitive tapes are often used in areas that are concealed (like housewraps or foil-faced insulation). And, considering that you can use this glue for more than just your aquarium, keeping spare tubes on hand always comes in handy. Construction adhesives have done more than anything else to make modern houses solid and squeak-free, but they need to be used properly to perform to their potential. and I want to line the interior of the tank with a big sheet of 20mil LLDPE smooth clear vinyl. Thanks! Hi! Although the ideal is to apply outside of the tank as it “dries” quick (water is an accelerant for the curing process). Yep, 100% aquarium-safe. Yep, this glue is essentially waterproof. I can’t wait to give gel superglue a try at sticking the plants to rocks. there is a close up view of the back label on amazon. Another great advantage of using CT1 as an underwater sealant is the fact that it will not shrink, crack or even sag over time. I am going to be using an anubias nangi sapling. Airline tubing falling off the suction cups? The liner has developed a small hole and although I patched it with a pond liner repair kit (and followed the instructions faithfully), it looks like the patch is coming loose on one side. Irina. Well, it’s easy to dispense, holds tight and dries quickly – you know, all the stuff that you would expect from glue. Can using to much gel super glue make fish sick? And, don’t even think about buying one of those “special aquarium glues.” Not saying they don’t work, but they are much more expensive than they should be! Isn’t it harmful for the fish? Your comment will appear after it is approved by our staff. I visited three different stores today and I cannot find Super Glue brand super glue. For more information, please refer to our Comment Policy. If you want to remove a plant that has been glued on wood or rock, can the hardened blob of glue be chipped off or removed fairly easily? Excellent question. I wish you much success in it’s construction. A great beginner plant that looks awesome on driftwood. A static mixer that mounts onto the cartridge outlet. You can depend on CT1 to last a lifetime. Clear Underwater Sealant Multi-radius spreader PEF-01 12"x17" Polyethylene application film Includes easy photo-instructions for achieving a perfect adhesive application underwater (Requires DM-50 gun and SM-5416 static mixer available below) Clear 50ml Cart is Temporarily Out of Stock Expected availability is Jan. 20, 2021 Non - Drip: Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue is perfect for repairs on vertical surfaces! Hi, I picked out a few plants to test the procedure. You could experiment, but I’m doubtful superglue will give you the bond you are looking for. However, if you are looking at appropriate aquarium decore, this process can take years – as always, for best results, clean and prepare the surface you are gluing too prior. It hasn’t moved since I reglued it. Where other sealants failed, CT1 excelled. Thanks so much for the time and effort you spend sharing these valuable tidbits of information. Hello Ian, Can I use superglue to glue them to the bottom of the tank to keep them from floating up. Not a problem, you don’t even need to take it out of the tank. Thanks for your advice! If my memory serves correctly I used some kind of cement adhesive. It’s been a couple of years now, but all but one have held strong, I suspect I didn’t bond that one properly to the wood. Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive Model# LN-901 $ 2 37 $ 2 37. Many of the products fishkeepers use for aquariums say “not for aquarium use” it’s likely there to protect the company from a lawsuit. If you glue them to a rock or weight and bury the rock in your substrate, then sure. Thanks for updating me on how it went! I want to glue something to the glass but I don’t want it to be white and I don’t want it to be permanent. Best Seller Liquid Nails 10 oz. Thanks MikeE. I am unfamiliar with star wars models but you could use Krylon Fusion Clear Coat. You can apply it underwater, which makes it perfect for emergency boat repairs. It will burst back to life once I get it back under water. This waterproof sealant works in both dry and wet conditions. Despite having such a strong bond, this product is 100% odourless. I “glued” a 5 lb, 13″ tall decor piece to the back of my tank using aquarium silicone, letting it cure for 52 hrs. I’ve read snippets here and there about cyanoacrylate adhesive use in aquariums. I’m building a very large Aquatic Turtle tank for two 8″ aquatic turtles. As for the blob of glue dissolving, if it’s superglue gel, it shouldn’t. It is a climate notorious for potentially challenging the most heavy-duty tape. Like you, I found it floating at the top of the tank. Sika Canada Inc. is a fully-owned subsidiary of the worldwide Sika Group. Do you use glue in your aquarium? The Loctite 0.85 fl. PL Premium is 3x stronger than ordinary construction adhesives. However it seems to be very hard to find creditable information. Do you mean the normal Super Glue which can be found in any supermarket or Store? Does it have to be the gel, or will the thin liquid work too? Hi Fish Momma, Ethyl Cyanoacrlate is the full name, they are not two seperate ingredients. About 97% of these are Adhesives & Sealants. It is a valuable item for first aid. It may take a little bit of trial and error, but you’ll get the hang of it. This paintable and water-resistant construction adhesive is great for both exterior and interior applications with no strong solvent odour … CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVES TIPS & TRICKS. Once you apply this sealant and adhesive to the required area, you’ll never again have to worry about coming back a few months down the line to re-apply the sealant. By pressing down on the glue again with pressure, it will burst the membrane and re-glue before it skins over again. CT1 is a hybrid polymer consisting of a unique formula that allows it to adhere underwater. on conservatories, glass, ceramics, aluminium, metals, plastics & extreme temperatures. I personally have a whole bunch of anubias superglued in various lovations to a widely branching piece of driftwood – so that it looks kinda like a tree with leaves, the roots hang down as if they are vines. Best aquarium safe paint for inside and outside your tank, The best, safest and strongest silicone for your aquarium, How to use Terra Cotta Pots in Your Aquarium. Now that you have the glue, it’s time to show you how to use it…. Cyanoacrylate gel… Better known as super glue gel! this glue works good. Doesn’t seem like this super glue is my answer though, but I’m looking for underwater product to seal the seam with the fish present. The adhesive can be applied and cured underwater. And best of all, it’s harmless to your fish. Will the glue eventually dissolve in the water? Think – Underwater Sealant- Think – CT1 The Snag List Eliminator! Now, all that’s left to do is to repeat until I have my driftwood covered in beautiful aquarium plants! It can be applied and cured underwater. Locally we have the Gorilla brand of super glue gel but not the one pictured above. Stick it down! Superglue gel can be used underwater. Don’t forget to put the cap back on the glue when you are finished. A word of warning, super glue gel dries white. I’m using sealed wood as the main construction. I was wondering if I have to wait any amount of time after gluing the pants onto rocks. Many thanks in advance:). This means that they can fish and sail the seven seas knowing that if an accident or emergency occurs, they have the solution for the job. The wonderful thing about superglue gel is that it dries near instantly. This stuff is designed to stay stuck. I don’t need that much glue. Amazon's Choice for underwater tile adhesive E-Z Patch 4 Fast Set Underwater or Above Water Pool Tile Grout Repair Kit - White Grout Matches Original Sanded Pool Tile Grout, Formulated For Fast Grout Repair - 3 Pounds Sticky`s Underwater Glue actually bonds strongly to PVC, can be easily applied and bonded underwater, and remains flexible.Mr. 201 Polito Avenue Lyndhurst New Jersey 07071 United States of America phone +1 (201) 933-8800 fax +1 (201) 804 1076 the product that is shown also contains ethyl cyanoacrylate. I have also had success with fishing line, especially on plants lower in the tank, it blends right in and doesn’t dissolve. Repairs to your favorite pair of shoes are easy with the right Loctite® adhesive. Sticky`s 30 Gram Manual Syringe System. Your underwater scape must look stunning, I can only imagine how pretty those would look under water. You will need to use a decent amount, the moment it hits water it will begin to cure, but it’s just the outer membrane. The DEWALT DCE560D1 20V MAX Adhesive Gun is ideal for a wide variety of sealing and gluing applications in the automotive and construction industries. Many of them introduced their own underwater sealants in an attempt to mimic our product in both marketing and demonstrations. oz. But if you have a steady hand and are neat with the glue, you can make a bond that is practically invisible. Unfortunately, you are not going to like my answer here – you’ll need to either get a new tank or rehome your fish and reseal your tank. I’m so glad to have stumbled over this page! I've been keeping fish for over 30 years and currently have 4 different aquariums – it's an addiction. Underwater Magic™ is a 1 component sea and chlorine water resistant glue, which even seals underwater. The 2-part formula is ideal for projects requiring high bonding strength on surfaces exposed to water immersion. Even when used under water, these adhesives maintain their strength. You would need to deconstruct the tank and use a solvent. Marine and boating occupiers are rarely on board without a cartridge of CT1 handy in their toolbox. The best construction adhesive by far is Adiseal. Hi Ian, Thank you for this information! Today was my the first time experimenting with supergluing javaferns to rocks for the goldfish tank… I tried many ways to fix it, including draining it past what i think the problem spot is once and resealing with silicone, but it’s not fixed it completely and now it’s worse again. I’d find the plant floating around the tank or sucked up to the filter intake – Not cute IMHO. When it comes to sealing a garden pool or swimming pool, for example, CT1 is perfect for the job. Why not try an aquarium safe silicone instead? You can apply it underwater, which makes it perfect for emergency boat repairs. I know that HMEF (hamburger matten Eck filters) use silicone to hold the L-shaped pvc frames against the corner of the tank, so I’d say silicone would likely be a better choice. Same is true of crumbly rocks, if the surface area that the glue is stuck to crumbles, the glue will come unstuck. The first again: will the hardened blob of glue eventually dissolve or lose its adhesive power over time? Hold on to that glue, you might not have a use for it now but I’m sure it will come in handy in the future. Pro Carpenter's Glue is a ready-to-use, multi-purpose, high tack, polyvinyl acetate woodworking adhesive ("aliphatic resin" glue). The theory being the plant would bond to whatever I attached it to. You get the idea, this stuff is darn handy – it’s basically an aquascaper’s best friend. The adhesive can be applied and will cure underwater. oz. $12.79 $ 12. Moss floating up from your gravel? Rubber bands, thread and twine look messy and don’t last. A multi-use, resealable cartridge of adhesive. So, turn the plant over and apply a generous dollop of glue! I sounds like once I glue something in to the aquarium, it’s forever. I know superglue is used to hold skin together while it heals (instead of stitches) after surgery. I personally use melamine foam. I purchased Loctite Super Glue Gel Control. What glue could I use to glue it? I can’t wait to teach you about the hobby! And best of all, it’s harmless to your fish. Content found on fishlab.com is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice. I already have water and fish in it so I can’t drain the tank. My question is: Can I use the SuperGlue Gel to bond the vinyl to the wood? I have been keeping fish for over 30 years. Our fast & easy, no-mess, low-waste AquaBond cartridge system consists of : 1. Sometimes that happened but usually that twine, thread or rubber band disintegrated first. How long would I have to hold it in place, under water? Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. © Copyright. I just finished gluing them on and I realized that I might need to wait 24 hours or something and wondering if I have to keep misting my plants or something while I wait. Wet, Dry or Even Underwater! The 5 colors of Underwater Magic™ adhesive and sealant 290 ml are the only way to do all swimming pool repairs with a single product. When mixed in equal volumes, the resin and hardener react to produce a tough, rigid, high strength bond in 120 minutes. It has a set time of 2 hours and will cure in 24 hours. Same is true of what you are gluing too it. CT1 will act as the perfect solution for an Underwater Sealant and Construction Adhesive. Affordable and effective, it’s all you’ll ever need. Most of these second class underwater sealants are M.S polymers, which is modified silicone and a big improvement on conventional silicone and acrylic sealants. 4.6 out of 5 stars 529 £4.99£4.99 £8.25£8.25 I have a snapping turtle, and in his tank i glued down rock to the glass, and now i need to remove the rock as the turtle has grown larger and needs the space. Put the cap of the super glue back after use to prevent it from drying; Silicone. Hi Jeffry, as long as the rock is clean and not coated in slime, dirt, algae or anything similar then yes. As for the toxicity, local fishclub members have used this in our display tanks without issue. This amazing sealant has the qualities of not only a construction sealant, but also an industrial adhesive and a filler. And, it is very visible under water. I cannot begin to tell you just how useful this stuff is…. Whether the adhesive tape you’re using doesn’t stick in the cold weather, or becomes dry, brittle, and offers little to no tack so it doesn’t stick at all – can amount to a frustrating waste of time and a compromised project. My goal is to keep the Thick vinyl sheet neatly and securely in place against all 5 sides (4 sides + bottom). Weighing them down is not always practical. Have you used this brand before? or can I apply it underwater completely and not have swings in water parameters and fish deaths. Always read the directions before use. Make sure you prep the surfaces of your rocks first before using it for maximum effect! More Buying Choices $8.60 (46 new offers) I am unfamiliar with Loctite Super Glue Gel Control. I would appreciate any suggestions from you, as you seem like a very knowledgeable and experienced person. Model # 1403221 Store SKU # 1000403473. OUR STRONGEST Construction Adhesive Formula - 2X Stronger than Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive Ultimate. One final thought before I leave you – be careful. If the super glue in your local store is Cyanoacrylate gel, which is usually a combination of silica and Cyanoacrylate. Also i’ve gathered small crabs, clams and other denizens dead and washed up on the beach or in tide pools. This can be used in your aquarium. Underwater adhesives with intrinsically tough and stable performance are urgently needed for environmental and engineering applications. I think I bought too many though. The size listed is the combined total of the two parts. This amazing sealant has the qualities of not only a construction sealant, but also an industrial adhesive and a filler. As long as you seal it, it will be fine. We were the first ever company to introduce an Underwater Sealant into the market. I love that they come in a pack of 12 for one low price. The base is Ethyl cyanoacrylate but what worries me is it claims “superior performance over ordinary super glues thanks to a patented additive” but I can’t find what it contains other than cyanoacrylate. But you see… the tank has water and fish all going already and I’m not going to drain the water so I have to literally squeeze the glue into water and glue it underwater the glue will touch water and I don’t know what’s gonna happen. My airline tubing in my 80-gallon tank is floating like crazy. Can you use glue from a hot glue gun?? If it has additives or mold inhibitors, then no. I’d love to know more, it looks like it’s predominantly available in the EU? Thanks to you Ian I’ve learned an awesome new trick! Free delivery with $45 order. This miraculous sealant quickly became known as The Snag List Eliminator. I have a small outdoor pond made with a pond liner. I was wondering I have two large pieces of Cypress knees I would like to put in my freshwater aquarium. But first, we have to glue this sucker into position. One that you can easily apply, even wet. Would this be safe to secure pieces of fake plant decor that has since fallen apart? For putty adhesives, slice off the required amount, then knead it together to form a moldable adhesive. Thanks. The 20V MAX Adhesive Guns can be used with various adhesives including latex, silicone, polyurethane, flexible epoxy and more. Will the water quality be affected? I can only comment on my experience attempting to glue frags to glass. 79. It is specially formulated for carpentry and cabinet making. I completely broke down my 36 gal tank, refilled it and put my fish back in. However, these can be pressed against either side of the glass. Alibaba.com offers 191 underwater construction sealant products. Okay, so the first thing I like to do is prepare the surface I am going to glue to. Most construction adhesive don’t like this material, primarily because the way the plastic is formulated, the PVC resins are generally heavily compounded with additives to improve its properties. How do i remove the rock without breaking the glass?

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