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The libero said that he wouldn't blame Asahi if he couldn't score, but he would not forgive him if he would give up so easily. Asahi and the rest of Karasuno are taken by surprise when Teshiro performs a ceiling serve. At the next training camp at Shinzen High, Asahi continues to work on his new serve but still continues to struggle with the amount of strength he puts in it and his aiming. Azumane Asahi Hinata’s eyes darted to Kageyama and looked him up and down. He is also able to eventually beat date tech's iron wall. On the day of the Neighborhood Association scrimmage, Hinata catches sight of Asahi peering through the gym window, and Keishin Ukai angrily asks him what position he plays. He regularly styles his wild dark brown hair by ruffling most of it upwards, adding 10 cm to his height; the tiny tuft of hair that falls over his forehead appears to be bleached a dirty blond. “Asahi” you groan laying your head down on top of your schoolwork, “I can’t do this anymore” “I know baby I can’t either wanna take a break?” he grins making his way towards you, arms wrapping around your defeated body pulling you onto his lap as he sits on the floor. During a time-out, Asahi would try to comfort Nishinoya but stating he knew Nishinoya was capable of overcoming that he is unable to receive Atsumu's serves. He gets another chance to attack when Tanaka sends him a set and he is able to get the ball between the net and the blockers. She is the complete opposite of Asahi, she is extroverted, loud, not afraid to speak her mind and extremely strong willed. See more ideas about Asahi, Haikyuu, Karasuno. Hinata’s eyes darted to Kageyama and looked him up and down. Karasuno's Ace. I'm about to make an appreciation post so be on the lookout for that. Azumane Asahi/Reader (187) Sawamura Daichi/Reader (100) Sugawara Koushi/Reader (98) Tsukishima Kei/Reader (95) Nishinoya Yuu/Reader (94) Kageyama Tobio/Reader (91) Oikawa Tooru/Reader (87) Kuroo … What is your instagram btw, Your welcome and thank u? During the practice game against the Neighborhood Association (present day), Asahi tells Nishinoya that no matter how many times he gets blocked, he will still try to score points. "I thought it looked cool." It was fine; he always liked a challenge. See more ideas about Asahi, Haikyuu anime, Haikyuu. Asahi joins Karasuno in the practice match against Nekoma. Thanks to Hinata's effectiveness as a decoy, Asahi is able to score several times and even manages to get a service ace. One night, as the team was closing up the gym, Asahi asked his teammates why they weren't blaming him, angering Nishinoya. (h/c)-Hair Color (f/c)-Favorite Color (f/d)-Favorite Drink ***** Normal POV "O-ONII-SAN!" Asahi, come get ur mans already, the fangirls are on their way. Asahi ultimately decides to stay on the team with the shared hope of making it to the Spring Tournament. He overhears Hinata and Kageyama speaking about their upcoming match with Nekoma High School, and when Asahi expresses his surprise, Daichi catches him loitering. When Daichi is able to receive a serve from Yūto Kosaku that Kageyama would return from Inarizaki's territory, Asahi is able to score from the miraculous save by performing a block-out. This is later changed to show his hair in a bun in chapter 278. While he still feels insecure about a lot of things and seems to be quite a scaredy-cat, he clearly states that he has no intention of letting anyone take his ace position away from him in later chapters, showing his development from the beginning. It goes from tugging his hair to hair littering his clothes, and homework and his desk at school and the floor. [Azumane Asahi X Reader]: Asahi has brown hair that is usually worn up in a ponytail, a small goatee and has brown eyes. The Sister [Asahi Azumane] ... Noya pulls his hair out and shouts: ... Onii-chan, calm down! Final Guidebook Volleyball Climax! Sep 18, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Ayami. 184.7 cm (6' 0.7") - Apr 2012 186.4 cm (6' 1.4") - Nov 2012 In the English dubbing of the anime, he is one of the few characters referred to by his first name instead of his last name. Sugawara had attempted to help the ace ignore the comments. As of 2018, she is working as a professional singer in Tokyo, currently standing at the top of the Billboard Charts as the hottest singer available to listen to at this time. It looked like he had been running because he was panting and his (f/c) little dress seemed a bit messy. Posted at 04:42h in Uncategorized by 0 Comments. Other. When Hinata later makes an emergency set to the ace, Asahi tries to time his spike to take place when the Inarizaki triple block starts to lower. Asahi is mostly seen in a supporting role as Johzenji mainly had their focus set on Hinata. Asahi replies by saying he isn't able to get past high blocks anymore. Several of Asahi's spikes are picked up but he is eventually able to score a no-touch service ace. During the match, Asahi watches Hinata and Kageyama's quick and realizes that Hinata wasn't exaggerating about Kageyama's tosses. Near the end of the set, Aone beats Asahi in a joust at the net but because Nishinoya was able to save the ball with his foot and give Karasuno another chance to attack, Asahi is able to make his spike count and win the match for Karasuno. It looked like he had been running because he was panting and his (f/c) little dress seemed a bit messy. and nothing calms him down quite like the feeling of your fingers combing his hair. Sugawara feels more confident when Asahi returns and joins the Neighbourhood Association's side, just so that he can toss to Asahi again. Its been noted by Atsumu and Asahi himself that he always starts games at around 70% power on his serves and spikes and increases the power gradually as the game goes on reaching 100% towards the end, with each time he increases the power and accuracy of the serve and spikes. Number You wheeled around, thinking someone had stolen your bag, to find Asahi stood awkwardly behind you, his bag now strapped over his shoulder. He stares at his hand and realizes how much he misses volleyball. Asahi was instantly fearful that he had hurt Hinata but was relieved when the first year was fine and instead apologized to him. Asahi Azumane – Haikyuu! During one of their matches against Nekoma, Asahi and Hinata collide during a play when Hinata seemed to try to take the set meant for the ace. In manga chapters 234-277, Asahi's appearance on the rotation charts show his hair to be styled in the manner of the Spring Interhigh games in which he wore his headband. While admitting that he is not great at encouraging others because of his own self doubts, Asahi promises that he will do everything within his power to score points[7]. Asahi is known as Karasuno's ace, but there was a time when he pushed away his title. For most of the first set, Asahi mostly is seen making receives or spikes. Likes Height The libero would take matters into his own hands by performing his self punishment of finger push-ups in the middle of the court. Short summary describing this character. Asahi wears white gym shoes with black accents. When somebody else calls for the ball, Asahi finds his resolve, calling loudly for Suga to toss him the ball while telling himself that he is not fighting alone - and that he is indeed the Ace of Karasuno. Background Information When Daichi says he hasn't come back, Nishinoya storms out, saying "a coward will remain a coward". 東峰 旭 Younger than I look. Male After Hinata was able to score the final point that led to Karasuno's victory, Asahi joins his teammates in celebrating. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Noya stops crying and a dark aura starts surrounding him. The Revived Ace Negative Goatee (By Kōshi Sugawara) Maneazu (By Bokuto) Beard-kun (by Oikawa) Goatee Guy "Big Gun" Samurai Guy Man Bun (by various in anime) The last half of the second set starts to put pressure on Asahi when the Date Tech blockers are able to start blocking him more. Character Info Outside Hitter Ace There's no way Asahi will like me back anyway!" Noya swallowed, he wished he could rip the hair tie back and let Asahi go a day with his hair down. Tadashi Yamaguchi: Tadashi has two younger siblings Sana his sister and Ren his non binary sibling. As his captain, Daichi, has said, "If you want to stop our ace, you'll have to bring an iron wall!". He also appears to be growing a short scruff on his chin, his overall appearance makes him look way beyond his age yet slightly unapproachable. In the Christmas Haikyuu!! Occupation asahi azumane ."

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