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'And how do you suppose we do that, Milord? The trail looked like, the continuation of the last few kilometers of Bedini pass. Get ready to make your way back to Lohajung via Wan village. That's what happens when you are at a place, filled with people whose eyes shine, when they talk about mountains. Everyone was ready with their rucksacks on their back, the gears, trekking poles and everything else. Ali-Bedni Bugyal is combination of two most popular and beautiful meadows Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal on the way to Roopkund – The mysterious lake. Dayara Bugyal in Uttarkashi is one of the most beautiful meadows in India and no nature loving trekker should ever miss the chance to be there. The jeep took us to deeper forest and I could make out that we were gaining good altitude. Nothing was visible from that place but thick fog. Ali and Bedni Bugyal are considered as two gorgeous sinuous meadows of Uttarakhand. At around 7:30 in the morning we boarded a small public bus from Haldwani. The best part for me by then , was how unprejudiced I was about everything. Read more ₹5500 Winter Trek. Know more about Uttarakhand Travel Guidelines. Dayara Bugyal is known for its meadows and the smoot setting of these meadows as far as you can see. I didn't even know where I was supposed to walk to. I could make out Mt. It lies within the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. While taking a dip in the lake, Parvati saw her beautiful reflection and was bewitched by it. There was a common open tent, where food and drinks were distributed. It strategically falls in the Chamoli, Uttarakhand and features vast pastures that are a treat to sore eyes. Encountering the gurgling Neel Ganga River and camping by its cool and refreshing waters. asked one of them. Previous Next. He claimed it to be freshly plucked from the trees. Avoid hiking alone in the Himalayan wilderness. Little did I know that this would be the day I would cherish later! We were distributed with a packet of biscuit, a bar of chocolate and flavored beverage, which we have to use in day 5. I never knew sympathy was something his eyes could bear. The painful memories of morning jogs flashed in front of me. Didna was around 8000 ft high and we are gonna scale an altitude of 12000 by the time we reach Bedini. I wore the Poncho frowning and whining, more than a child who was about to get injected with a scary syringe. We have to cross the river. Most of us were tired already in these distance. The trails were slippery at places and we had to rely on tree roots and firm rocks for a better hold on the ground. There was a small temple on top of the Mountain. The lil girl changed her mood again, her face went dark and decided she'd cry the whole day. The fog has started setting in. Yes! The Vaitarni lake ( Bedni Kund ) located here, is famous for the rare Brahma Kamal - Uttarakhand state flower. That's what happens, when every local, no matter how weary they look, gives you a smile, that is too transparent to hide anything other than happiness. Acclimatization walk is done for adapting yourself with the high altitude conditions, and is a preparation for big treks. The guy was puzzled a bit but then bowed back with greeted hands. Camping out under the stars in the wilderness of the bugyal is a heart filling experience. What all should you take along, when you are leaving for the trek? I felt really weak and worse, embarrassed to see older people moving in a steady speed. It is to Bugyal. I desperately tried to recall it. In the evening we went to the village for shopping. After what seemed to be 150 meters I reached the Didna camp. To reach Roopkund, you have to climb 3 km uphill from Bhagwabasa which will take 3 and a half hour to reach. Bedni Bugyal from Mapcarta, the free map. I accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Tripoto. Lets send em some love'. Ali Bedni Bugyal trek is the beautiful amalgamation of 2 scenic meadows -Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal. A 12 km trek to one of the most pristine and serene location of Uttarakhand. The trekkers take tents along with them and camp along the trail when they halt at night. It is from Bedini, did I meet Charlie, the shepherd's dog. I had already started sweating. I kind of rushed up after introducing myself. First one km, was solely climbing a big mountain, in front of us and from there we continued in the narrow trekking trail. While we were slowly climbing up, trekkers who were coming back from Roopkund, tried and cheered us up. And, then I saw the camp! Later that night we gathered around in the wooden house and started telling funny stories and singing songs. Dayara Bugyal is the high altitude meadow in India and absolutely is the prettiest too. The camp is located in the valley of that hill. I felt that sometimes it's okay to be wise than proving your strength to everyone. It was noon and I then realized we had been trekking for the past 4 to 5 hours. It was so interesting, that I found it hard to stop yawning. Everyone was busy being happy. This shallow lake has a depth of about 2 metres and is the most popular lake in the entire Uttarakhand. That is the point from where the oxygen starts depleting. I was terrified about the expenses I was about to incur. By then, I was courageous enough to talk to the intimidating strangers in the group. Now, I'm serious about Yoga. Myths are that, the company vanished under the stones and there are big holes in the ground and rocks all around. My walking pattern was simple. The adrenaline pumping trek to Roopkund starts from Lohajung, a tiny pass seated at 16,499 feet above sea level in the Garhwal Himalayas. You will find GMVN Guest house in Wan. If things are like this then you are in Bedni Bugyal, a paradise in Uttarakhand. Walkthrough the dense rhododendron forests; soon you will see a steep descent for the Neel Ganga River. 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS. The first 3 kms will be descending and the next 2 to 3 kms will be steep ascending. The weather was not good. The camp leader gave us instructions and both the second batch (BB23) left for Minfar camp. The camp understood! And we complained that our backpacks were heavy! ', might've asked the dumbest of angels. The day four is an easy trek so just follow the straight line ahead of you up to 3 km. These mammoth meadows stun you with an infinite expanse of green carpet flanked by Himalayan giants of Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. This is the time we have to greet them. I woke up around 7. I couldn't help but notice, we were surrounded by cannabis. Take the trail to Tolapani, where you can find the cluster of shepherd huts. ", he asked back, still puzzled. The trek to Roopkund is steep from Bedni Bugyal therefore, one needs prior. A small headache had started, and this one felt familiar to the one in Bedini. It was the top point of the mountain. Neither did I have any worries. Though it is impossible for tree line to survive at that height, i could see a lot of beautiful flowers on the way. They didn't use a sweater when were wearing 3 layers of clothes and were still shivering. Click here to download KML file of the trek. The way he slept calmly, without any worries made me proud. This meadow trek goes through a series of switchbacks and the thick oak forests. The headache was stronger now and I felt it really hard to breathe. On one side, I could see a part of the mountain covered in snow. '"You can't trek without tying your shoelaces, and where are your socks?". Being a remote location, there are no hotels, resorts or guesthouses at Roopkund. I sat there for some time.Then I had my packed lunch. Even then, I struggled alot, by the time I reached the top. Bedni Bugyal is a charming green meadow adorned with flowers in a spell binding varieties, in full bloom. Moreover, the region is prone to unexpected landslides and road blocks. I was sure about vomiting, when someone offered me the tea. "It's morning exercise", whispered the girl standing behind me. I could hear people talking about the next day's trek. This would be the most challenging part of the trek, and we were advised to be ready with the full trekking gear, including anti-fog glasses. Dayara Bugyal trek is one of the maximum underrated treks in India. There are people talking about mountains, valleys, their travel experiences and everything else under the sun. One could easily feel the waves of excitement in the camp. Nandagundi, Standing tall and mighty and still far away. A large number of people from Garhwal and Kumaon take part in this tough holy yatra. Lights were off by 9:30 and we all marched back to our tents. I could see the camp, from far away. I wanted to see nobody and talk to nobody. Bedni Bugyal Is a Alpine Meadow, situated at an elevation of 3,350 metres (11,000 ft) in the Chamoli District of Uttrakhand.The Bedni Bugyal Trek and Ali Bugyal Trek passes through lush green grassy land, conifer forest clinging into the slopes of hills and steep climbs. We were supposed to have our packed lunch, after the first 3 kms. If you are in a group then hiring a cab to Lohajung is the best option for you. Good job brain. They’re light-weight, weighing hardly 260 g, made of the strongest aluminium, and come with a clip-locking mechanism, which is easy to use. In hardly 30 minutes, you will reach Junargali. I wanted to complete the trek. I looked down the valley and made out the silhouette of the tree line far below. Auli Winter Trek. I was conscious of each step I take. "Milord, let's start throwing stones at them. " The trek goes steep to Roopkund from Bedni Bugyal. BB 24, which is my group, BB23 - the group which is a day senior to us and BB 22 who were having their third day in the camp. Remember that, the weight of every extra gram will be felt in exponential values, during the trek. It was the nest of a Himalayan vulture. I suddenly took my socks out from my pocket and told him that I'd wear it from the jeep, as punctuality was more important to me. "That's called a hailstorm" shouted some one in the group who knew what was going on. As per the recent order, the Uttarakhand High Court has ordered mandatory COVID-19 test of tourists visiting Nainital and Mussoorie. Bedni Bugyal is situated northwest of Dhura. On reaching Roopkund, relish a magnificent view of the glacial lake and if the weather is fine then climb up to Junargali. Now, I've no idea what that word means and the local most probably might've thought this is how we say hi in South India, or wherever shitty place I'm coming from (Try Madras). I recalled, the times in Hyderabad, where I wouldn't sleep the entire night because it would bring the next day sooner. Halt at Didina for the night. Before this trek, I always had this image of the Himalayas in my mind. My sleeping bad was ready. Few budget accommodation facilities are available at Wan, which is the last habitable village on the trail. It is to Bugyal. Tolapani can be seen from the valley and it is only 3 km away from here. The driver informed that the bus won't go to Gwaldam and we can easily find jeeps and pool our way to Gwaldam which is only 50 km distance from there. Apparently they carry goods of trekkers. The landscape was mostly covered with thick fog. I just shouted and listened to the sound of my own voice dissolving into the void. We passed by a lot of important places like, 'this is beautiful', 'I just wanna sit', 'water', 'more water''are we there yet' and 'how many kms so far'. The camp leader walked with us for quite a distance and bid goodbye to us. Ali and Bedni “Bugyal” two adjacent alpine meadows form one of the most eye soothing and peak view rich trail, Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal trek. So to witness the verdancy of this meadow, you could either choose the easy trek to Bedni or go further up to Roopkund which is at a height of 15,600 feet.The route to Bedni Bugyal is through exquisitely beautiful forests of rhododendron and oak. Friends, family, football, non vegetarian food, PPTs, the ugly Aaddhar card and the useless college Id, and everything else, was irrelevant up there. Contact us for planning your Roopkund Trek tour with best travel packages of as per your requirements! Poncho is the ugliest apparel ever discovered. Limited period offer. We had the urge to go inside our tents and to never come back. I looked at my friend who was still sleeping off the afternoon. I was surprised to see, Charlie (the dog) to see beside me. I was keenly watching everyone, how they are different from each other, have different culture, languages, and then I was wondering about that one passion that brought us all together, on top of a small hill, in Uttarakhand on a Thursday afternoon. Our trekking trail was visible for at least the next one kilometer. After breakfast, we had some horses as visitors. When you are carrying a heavy rucksack, it is important that, you pull the straps tight, so that the weight is distributed evenly with your body. One of those meadows were chosen by guides to have lunch. Relax amidst the natural vistas and have an overnight stay in the tents. When I stopped for a five minute break, while climbing up, I could see three of the members struggling really hard to climb up. Roopkund Trek is famous among tourist as Mysterious Lake, Trekking. Either rush and join the group or enjoy the tea. So was my health. After a 6 km walk to Kuling village, there is a steep slope towards Ruan Bagad. kaushal photography See More The trails are more clear now. I felt the need of disappearing and me and me best friend walked back to the tent, had our packed lunch together and slept off the entire afternoon. We were asked to assemble in the ground, and started for rock climbing. The weather is unpredictable at such high altitudes so do carry a raincoat along with you. Roopkund and Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra. Everyone assembled and the next batches were already present, to flag us off. Gear up to trek on the snow line, this trek will take you closer to an altitude of 14,500 feet and will give you the chills of the weather. This lush green meadow is … The trail had strong streams of rain water flowing down. Bhagwabasa is only 2 km away from here. Most of the passengers were locals and nothing was tourist like (or Himalayan like) along the way. At any point of time, Pathar Nachuni accommodates, two trekking batches. The skeletal remains around Roopkund are believed to be 500-600 years old. Thousands of crystal stones were dazzling in those vast green meadows. The hills did a pretty good job, in hiding most of the sunlight. These misconceptions about the Himalayas were far less harmful, when compared to my Himalayan trek ideas.And when I registered for YHAI's Bedini Trekking program, I wasn't a bit worried. The further we went, it felt like we were getting more and more disconnected from the outside world. The windy drop, the strong drop, the fat drop, the weak drop,poor poncho bravely took it all. Roopkund Trek is recommended destination for Foreigners, Groups. Unlike all the other camps, trekkers spend two nights in this camp. The temperature was very low that I could feel the the cold penetrating through my gloves. It was beautiful and the view was breathtaking. I petted him, and he did walk with me, for few meters. Insurance. Day 7: Vedang – Chilthi Bugyal (10 km trek/ 3-4 hrs trek) After breakfast trek to Chilthi Bugyal. I roamed around the camp. I still remember how cold it was and then suddenly a small hail storm started. Then It started raining heavily. Features. I'm Sandeep, keep the rucksacks inside and stay out of tents after that. The winds are stronger now, the pasture land still wet with God's love, hail stones are visible no more but slowly melting into love. They were too many in number that if they ever plan out on taking over the village, oh dear, we wouldn't stand a chance. Bedni Bugyal is a charming green meadow adorned with flowers in a spell binding varieties, in full bloom. Body rejected that too, instantly. Then, we walked up to a clearing. Video of Roopkund Trek by Live for Adventure Group. The geography has changed. Next, he came to me. 4 kilometers felt like forever. I started from Delhi, on the previous day and reached Haldwani Railway station in early morning next day. Well, in both case, I really thought that Gods have to chill a bit. The trek to Roopkund also goes through Bedni Bugyal. If things are like this then you are in Bedni Bugyal, a paradise in Uttarakhand. Then I threw up. The people who were with me thought Momokocho is a pahadi language, because they witnessed with their naked eyes, how they greeted me back with momokocho. Lighter rucksacks were already provided at the camp. With each step, I could feel how all those things, that once made my identity were lost behind. The camp leader gave us all the instructions and gave us tea afterwards. Dinner and overnight stay in tents. Eating or drinking was the last thing I wanted to do and I still forced few sips of hot tea down my throat. I was already feeling like day to day life where even the slightest surprise can make you happy. The first few hundreds of meters were common, as the task in these distance was to climb up the valley and join the main trekking trail. By this time, I had brushed(Oh I really did!) It was a serene morning. After that, it is an hour’s drive back to Lohajung, where you can stay for the night. The entire trekking trail is filled with beautiful nature’s beauty all around. To my right, near the cliff, the staff was distributing tea. By 6 we were given soup, 7, dinner and 8, a cup of bournvita. (Still cheaper than Starbucks.). The fact that, I'd be climbing the highest altitude of all my life so far, when I wake up, sent chills into my brain. A swift drive will take you through the lush green woodlands. When I reached on top there was a beautiful green valley beneath, and I could see tents there. It took the empty sleeping bags beneath, for me to realize that I was a little late. Take the sharp left towards the south and move towards the ridge. In short, no one knows what momokocho means, but it made the world a less shittier place. Kalu Vinayak is a temple situated at an altitude of 14100 feet height. The rental cost mentioned is for the full duration of the trek. We helped the YHAI workers, to fold and keep the sleeping bags away together. Chief seemed to be satisfied. It's covered with snow (obviously), it's romantic (because Bollywood) and it either snows or is sunny. And it is not that bad" consoled the aunties around my hospital bed. At one point I called out for one of the fellow trekker to walk behind me, so that, in case I pass out, I'd be safe. I was short of a jacket, a good pair of trekking shoes and a raincoat. But, the practices grow on you. The camp is 30 meters away and your welcome drink is ready". On the other side, there is Kalu Vinayak, which is 4 kms away from our camp. This fairly marked trail descends through the mixed forest and it will take around two and a half hours to reach Ruan Bagad. For BB 23, it was their second day and they were leaving for rock climbing and rappelling. Yhai did a remarkable job with all the food they provided. ), the jacket for 850 and a pair of gloves for 70 (though I'd recommend the waterproof gloves which cost around 150). I rushed down the valley like how I used to rush to home after getting down from the school bus. Didna was around 8000 ft high and we are gonna scale an altitude of 12000 by the time we reach Bedini. Dayara Bugyal is a perfect trek for beginners, it can even be considered as a pre-trek to get used to rigours of high-altitude trekking. We sat in small groups and had our lunch. In the morning assembly, Sandeep, the camp leader, explained us, the schedule for the day. Astonishing it was, to see all those big mountains disappearing beneath us, in the fog. Now, everything else is a luxury. Bedni Bugyal Winter Trek. The headache had gone and I felt fresh. No one really gave any shit about BB23. On one side of the camp is a huge hill, which has the trail we used to travel from Bedini. Then, they all started jogging. With new Unlock guidelines of Uttarakhand, all the travel destinations are opened for tourists. Some of the houses were very beautiful and made the place look like the Neverland of India. At the end of the day I bought the shoes for 400 bucks (That's right honey! ", replied the innocent me. But, they all were happy and content. Now, its an uphill. Bedni and Ali Bugyal are situated at an altitude of 3,354 metres. He then personally asked everyone about their winter gears and rain coats. I got off the jeep to Kuling. From the village We had to walk for another one km to reach the base camp. I wanted to go out and wait for an awesome view of the galaxy, but it was drizzling a lot. In fact we visited the last place quite a few times. He looked at me and I smirked. I knew that my body wanted adequate time in between the climb, to pump oxygen inside. Bedni Bugyal Trek; Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Trek; Kedarkantha Trek; Gomukh Topovan Trek; Dayara Bugyal Trek; Q. The Distance that I had covered showboating, I scaled it again walking. After that, the group was scattered and we went to the market. Screw safety. Well, the sky had a mood swing and it was sunny again. Everyone walked in their natural pace, which made even the best of friends separate. Start off early; there are two alternative routes from Didina that leads to Ali Bugyal. Wake up early and take the trail to Raun Bagad, just behind the bus stand in Lohajung. There are just too many people sharing the same wifi hotspot. I felt like a chicken hiding inside the wings of its mother. Some were playing carrom board. The trek to Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal passes through lush green grassy land, conifer forest clinging into the slopes of hills and steep climbs. The camp leader followed by few fellow trekkers, enquired about my health. Bedni Kund in Bedni Bugyal holds great religious importance amongst the locals. But it is still a mystery that what were those people doing there. Later, I learned that Didna doesn't have any original inhabitants, but they are all from Kuling(the carrom board village) who does farming in Didna and will go back to Kuling during winter.Now the cannabis made sense. To enjoy a tea from there was one hell of an experience. This well-marked trail can be easily crossed. Book Dayara Bugyal Trek Now! When I looked around, there was this local man sitting next to the driver(because the bus was full) on what seemed like to be the part of engine of the bus. About Dayara Bugyal. It rained very lightly that we had to wear our poncho. The total trekking distance to Wan village can be completed in 6 and a half hours. There is no such thing as weather forecast here. Next time I woke up, the sleeping bags beneath me were empty again, except my best friend's. It is mandatory for trekkers to carry a copy of their photo id for entry at forest check posts on the trek. The entourage followed by other unpleasant events infuriated the Goddess and she showed her wrath in the form of a severe storm. For a guy, who has never had brass juice, I was more than willing to give him my ten rupees. ", shouted the guide. I was just thankful that I reached back.I felt like I knew my body better then. There are various shades and diversified splendors of nature and is considered among the finest altitude of grasslands within the … And then there are people, who resist oxygen :p. "Welcome to Bedini. It sort of goes around the camp, with a terrifying height. "Let's make something very ugly that even rainwater hesitates to touch it", and then they claimed that it protects you from rain.

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