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Do I need to do anything to get ready to be able to use PayID? No waiting in queues to deposit a cheque; Cheques processed overnight; Free service. How do I remove my Westpac card from my Samsung Gear device? Where can I find the $5 Hey You credit offer T&Cs? What is the Centsitive Objects by Hayden Cox range and how much does it cost? What can I do as a business with Westpac Online Banking? 9:30am - 4pm, Mon - Thurs Features and benefits. You may only submit Australian dollar cheques; you must be the true owner of the account; and you must not allow a cheque to be deposited again after it has been submitted. Can I add multiple cards to Apple Pay on my device? This includes bank cheques. Can I make or receive international payments with Osko® or PayID? What do I do if I have forgotten my password? How will my personal information be shared with Fitbit? Acceptance of over the counter deposits containing cash (notes and coin) and cheques (these are the deposits you make at Westpac either over the counter with a teller, through a Business Express Deposit box or via a smart ATM.) Do I also need to send the recipient my Account Name? Things you should know. Firstly, ensure that your smartphone has the latest version of the Westpac app... Do I need to download a new app? Can I see my transactions in Apple Wallet? Westpac app actually allows it – only 1k over 7 days though. How do I see Quick Balance on my Apple Watch? I can see my Card in Samsung Pay but my transaction is declined. Can I use Google Pay as backup when I lose my card? How do I set up a recurring payment online? How do I calculate what I need to pay each month for SmartPlan? How do I refresh Quick Balance on my Apple Watch? Can I use assistive technology to access my Digital Card details? Depositing a cheque up to $20,000 has never been easier, thanks to mobile cheque deposits*. Do I still get reward points when I use Apple Pay? Essentials. Can I get the balance of the $5 Hey You credit refunded from my Hey You account? Can someone else use Alexa to access my Westpac accounts? Where can I find out more information about Fitbit Pay? How will my personal information be shared with Google? How do I access the mobile cheque deposit feature? When will the External Accounts Service be removed? Check if your bank offers online deposit. How can I view my external account information? A fee of $12.00 will apply. How will I know if I have Digital Mail available? I can see the mobile cheque feature on my personal profile but not on my business profile? How will I know that the change has taken place? How do I arrange for Mobile Payments to be blocked if my phone becomes lost or stolen? You can use the post to deposit cheques into your current account, credit card account or savings account with a sort code and account number. Unless otherwise specified, the products and services described on this website are available only in Australia from © Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714. Refer to the Fiji Customer Service Fees Booklet (PDF 129KB) How do I get the Westpac iPhone or Android Phone app for Mobile Banking? Are there any credit checks done as part of activating a SmartPlan? Will the Digital Mail be the same as paper mail? How can I backdate manual payments in Biz Invoice? Why can't I deposit into my credit card account like I am used to doing via the branch or ATM? What happens if I enter my 4 digit passcode incorrectly more than 3 times? When can I use Online Banking to manage my Term Deposit? (bank feeds). I can see my card in my Fitbit but the transaction is declining. Click here for Can I still make split payments using my mobile? I deposited a cheque at the branch and it was rejected, why? According to Westpac, the new feature allows customers to upload a … NAB app. NAB recommends you consider the internet banking terms and conditions document before making any decisions regarding this product.. Can more than one person’s face be stored on the iPhone X? You should be able to find information about this feature on your bank's website. some overseas cheques can take 6 weeks or longer to clear. Where can I find the option to approve a Term Deposit renewal? What if my Apple Watch is stolen – will someone be able to access my accounts? I have additional questions about my account. How do I install the Travel Companion feature? Normally Westpac shows every other deposits as pending at first and then eventually clears fund within 2/3 business days. In an Australian first Westpac has launched Westpac Mobile Cheque Deposit, a feature enabling customers to scan and submit cheques via mobile banking. How do I change my credit card repayment reminder preferences in Westpac Live Online Banking? What happens if my Garmin smart watch is lost or stolen? Posting your cheques. Can I stop the Travel Notifications from being sent to my Apple Watch? You just need to put your card in, enter your pin number, it will come up with the options such as withdraw, deposit etc, choose the deposit option. How can I find the interest rate on my home loan? Can I increase the $20,000 limit which currently applies for a 7-day period? How will my personal information be shared with Garmin? How do I make a contactless transaction using my mobile? What is Westpac online banking for businesses? How do I set my default card in Apple Pay? How do I change my Westpac Online daily payment limit? Other information: Please note that as advised previously cheque books are now being issued with the BSB … Manage Term Deposit online - what is the Six Business Day Variation Period? What if the app is not accepting my fingerprint after registering? Westpac Protect™ Register for online banking. If I create a PayID, can people still pay my BSB and account number? My Westpac Protect SMS code looks different to what I expected. Which Westpac business accounts are eligible for Osko Payments? Which countries is Travel Companion available in? Are there any transaction limits with Osko® payments and payments to PayIDs? I scanned a cheque yesterday but it’s still not showing in my account today. What is the minimum amount that a Term Deposit can be managed using Online Banking? Will Westpac release funds for additional funeral expenses? Can I cancel a SmartPlan once I have set it up? How do I remove or suspend a card or what should I do if I want to sell my phone? What happens if my mobile number changes or I need to change my PayID? With PayID, does this mean I don’t need my BSB and account number anymore? The feature is also underpinned by the Westpac Live secure online banking platform. How long can I stay signed in to Westpac Online Banking? “While cheques have a reputation for being old-fashioned, we still receive more than 30,000 cheques from customers every day,” Mr … The cash appears in my online banking but not the cheque. What are the permissions I’ll see on my phone and why are they requested by the Westpac Android Mobile Banking App? Which phones and devices can I use Fitbit Pay with? What if I want to sell my mobile device and get a new one? Which cards are eligible for a Digital Card? Please login to Westpac Live Online Banking and check your account transactions... Scanned cheques will appear on the next NSW banking day. Is it possible to change the ATM / EFTPOS limits on my Handycard? Can I use Apple Pay while I’m overseas in the same way I do in Australia? Can all funeral expenses be paid out of the deceased available funds? Not recommended on public or shared devices Sign in. We’re making banking more flexible and convenient. Not available on certain personal and business accounts including savings, credit card and term deposit accounts. A bank cheque requested online that is no longer required can be refunded provided the cheque has not been presented. Once I’ve enabled the Westpac Banking skill, how do I use it? What are the phrases I can use with Siri? What do I do if Westpac is still sending mail to the Deceased? On what devices can I use Siri for Westpac banking? Do I need to remove it? Why? Why don't mobile payments on my mobile work at some terminals? What information is available for interest rates and tax? My device has been lost or stolen. Which Westpac cards are eligible to be added to Apple Pay? The NAB Mobile Banking app is compatible with Android OS 7.0 and above, and iOS 11.0 or later. Where can I find out more information about Samsung Pay? Can I use my digital card details to make online transactions? What happens if I scan my fingerprint incorrectly more than 5 times? Customer ID Password. Manage Term Deposit online - can I give third party account access to a person/organisation and how do I set it up? Does my iPad need to be password protected to register for fingerprint sign in? How long does it take to activate a SmartPlan? Which devices are compatible with the Westpac Banking Action for Google Assistant? Why is the Windows App being removed from the Windows store? If I restore the default settings on my Garmin smart watch or delete my cards from Garmin Pay, does this impact my physical cards? How do I move between Westpac Keyboard, the Android keyboard and other third party keyboards? Can I set it up later? How do I use my PayID to receive payments? What happens if my camera doesn’t capture my card details? Most Westpac ATM's you CAN deposit cheques. What information am I sharing with Apple via Siri? Are the Garmin Pay transaction limits the same as my physical Card? A fee of $12.00 will apply. Which mobile devices can I use to see my Digital Card details? I need help opening a joint account. How do I wear and care for the Centsitive Objects Band + Chain? Can I report a lost or stolen card from Online Banking? Register here to do your banking securely, when and where you want, using Westpac Online and Mobile Banking. How do I know if a payment is received to my PayID? kyanar. Which iPhone devices are eligible to use Westpac for iMessage? Do I need internet data on my mobile to make payments? Can I use Westpac PayWear to withdraw cash? What accounts can Pay to Mobile payments recipients collect payment into? Find answers . Fees. What happens to my cards if I delete the app? Latest updates to Business Online ; Making changes in Business Online. What happens if I miss a SmartPlan Repayment? Are there any fees and charges associated with Online Banking? How long will it take for the cheques to appear as a deposit in my account? Apr 15, 2019 "It's very helpful." Can I make a payment from my Credit Card using Siri? What is the ‘Estimated Total Repayment’ of SmartPlan? Why is this? Does SmartPlan change my credit card limit? Why do I need to give you access to my contacts list to use Pay to Mobile? Why am I asked to complete verification when I add my card to Apple Pay? Please keep the cheque for 10 days and then securely destroy it. Is it still the situation where the deposit details don't appear until the next day? When will I need probate or letters of administration? What do I do if the additional PayWear Accessories I purchased from Winc have broken or are defective? Features and benefits. There is no visible impact to our users with the first two points. How do I wear and care for the Centsitive Objects Nostalgia Pin? Can I use the same 4 digit passcode that I use to access the Mobile Banking app on my iPhone or Android phone?

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