disney lgbt representation

Though Owl House is an excellent first step, the company is still years behind other networks like DreamWorks and Cartoon Network in terms of LGBT+ representation. (Another was scheduled for 2020 but was canceled due to COVID-19). The furor over 'Beauty and the Beast' sidekick Le Fou ignores the way Disney has subtly represented LGBT people throughout the company's 93-year history. Disney might traditionally be known for being apolitical and steering away from controversy, but in recent years it’s tried to hail a more progressive stance. A minor … Despite being popular with queer fans, Disney has done virtually nothing to include LGBTQ characters in its movies, according to a new analysis released by GLAAD. It was as if the mega-company was trying so hard to not do what not to do, that’s exactly what it did. That said, Disney still has a long way to go to achieve equal representation. As more original content comes to Disney+ over the next few years, we’ll likely start to … And, to be clear, I do only mean somewhat here. Disney’s one and only Pride Parade was held at their Paris theme park in 2019. We see Disney’s commitment to the LGBT+ community somewhat played out through Disney’s LGBT+ representation in movies. With any luck, transgenderism will become the new cool and we can look forward to people transitioning either for fun or in support of the LGBTQ community! During The Walt Disney Company’s 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, CEO Bob Chapek confirmed the company will have an “increased commitment” to LGBT characters and stories.. Chapek’s confirmation came after he was questioned by Caroline Farrow of CitizenGo. Earlier this year, Disney made history by releasing Onward, a movie that featured the company’s first openly LGBT animated character. Well I’m sorry you lesbians and gays. With the LGBTQ community finally getting representation in a Disney feature film. it does suck that other countries are banning these things though. Better luck next time. Man 7 moments of history Disney really seems to be doing great lgbt representation. For the last eight years, GLAAD has rated each of the major film studios on their representation of queer charcters, and Disney has ranked near the bottom every year. Farrow asked, “Now, as you may be aware almost 700,000 people have signed a petition asking Disney to … The fact is that Disney is just far, far behind everyone else when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation. But it’s also dumb considering how big of a deal it’s made when it’s so subtle and doesn’t effect the movie. April 8, 2017 May 3, 2018 ~ hollygatfield. Last weekend I went to see Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast. Disney is proudly unveiling its first LGBTQ animated character — but the initial reveal of its jaw-dropping one-eyed, horned lesbian cop fell way flat. Well Now They Know: LGBT Representation in Disney. Onward, the latest Disney-released film to be hyped for an LGBT "first," fares slightly better than past examples.Officer Spencer, a cyclops cop voiced by lesbian actress Lena Waithe, passes some bare minimum expectations for "representation:" she's a character with an actual name and some degree of impact on the story, and her queerness is unambiguous -- she clearly mentions having a girlfriend. Children across the world will feel more comfortable in the body they were assigned at birth.

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