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Notes - Section 4.4; Notes - Section 4.4 (filled) HW #32 - Worksheet on 2nd FTC; HW #32 - Answer Key; 3.8: FRQ Practice on FTC and Motion. Let g be a differentiable function. If you look at this same graph over the entire domain you will notice that there is no absolute minimum or maximum value. Increasing and Decreasing Functions,1st Derivative Test, 4.2 Mean Value Theorem. The table above gives values of g and its derivative g at selected values of x. 3.7: 2nd Fund. (a) Find the slope of the line tangent to the graph of f at x p. Video Notes Review Relative and Absolute Extrema (Day 1) Nov 23; Video Notes Extreme Value Theorem & Candidates Test (Day 1) Nov 23; Video Notes EVT examples (Day 1) Nov 23 Mean Value Theorem (MVT) Guided Notes Filled In. These both require a calculator. 1 (b) The trapezoidal sum is ... Value Theorem and Extreme Value Theorem) Parametric, Polar and Vector Functions The analysis of planar curves includes those given in parametric form, (9.3, 9.5, 11.1) Extreme Value Theorem. Overview. if a function f is continuous on a closed interval I, then f has both an absolute maximum and an absolute minimum of I. Rolle's Theorem. 5.1 Extreme Value Theorem & the Candidates Test. Rolle’s Theorem and the Mean Value Theorem 4.) Let h be the function whose graph, consisting of five line segments, is shown in the figure above. The Extreme Value Theorem states the As the plot shows, the rate of accumulation is negative when tt0, for a certain value t0 which is approximately 5. Theorem and Avg Value. Then you’ll have 1 hour for the remaining four—Part B. Standards: Algebra 5.0, 11.0, 14.0, Calculus 3.0 Many functions do not have an absolute minimum value or absolute maximum value over their entire domain but will have absolute extrema on a closed interval. Extreme Values of a Function Practice 01 Solutions Extreme Values of a Function Homework 01 - HW Solutions The Mean Value Theorem Notesheet 02 Completed Notes Mean Value Theorem Exploration Desmos 02 N/A Mean Value Theorem Homework A 02 - HW Solutions Mean Value Theorem Practice 03 Solutions Mean Value Theorem Homework B You’re given 30 minutes to complete the first two—Part A. FREE-RESPONSE SOLUTIONS ~ 2019 AB Question AB-2 (a) vtP is differentiable and therefore continuous on 0.3,2.8 .Since 2.8 0.3 55 55 0 2.8 0.3 2.5 vvPP , the Mean Value Theorem guarantees that there is at least one t in the open interval 0.3,2.8 such that vtP 0. Khan Academy Extreme Value Theorem Khan Academy Critical Points. These, however, are tech-free. We solve for t0, which must be the time when the amount of sand on the beach is minimal: FindRoot@S@tD-R@tDã0,8t,5

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