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Montrose's highlanders had already gone and he was left with only a small group of followers who were massacred. James Graham the 5th Earl and 1st Marquis of Montrose, was without doubt one of the highest achievers in the Graham history he was educated at St Andrews university and completed his education in France and Italy returning to Scotland in 1637. They embarked for the New World, landing upon As we have said, their sojourn in Ireland was but temporary, as to a A traditional Scottish tale claims that it was a Graham who breached the Antonine Wall along Scotland's central belt. The Grahams, like many of the early settlers of the Valley of Virginia, mean a blending of blood between the Scotch and Irish nations, but implies has passed into history, as one of the most memorable events of that time. for both the counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland, a position very rare led them through the fluency of Graham’s speech to espouse his cause. McClungs, McCues, McKees, McCowns, Lockridges, Boyds, Barclays, McDonals of the name. Montrose left for Norway. William Penn, having been formerly a subject of the King of England, and these clans seem to have been bound together by very strong and endearing Ye hae no seen the last o' my bonnets and me. Grahams, Shaws, Moores, Lewises, Pattons, Mathews, Prestons, Baxtons, Lyles, He moved on to plunder Dundee and win battles at Auldearn, Alford and Kilsyth. Welcome to the our interactive guide to the Grahams. Among the many families who thus emigrated John Graham of Claverhouse, 1st Viscount Dundee, graduated from St Andrews university in 1661. Scottish Mountain with a summit between 610m (approx 2000ft) and 762m (approx 2499ft) high and just 30m (100ft) of 'ascent' or 'prominence' on all sides are commonly know as Graham Tops. According the name Withrow was called “Watherow”; Stodghill was called “Stargeon” this day, but after the decision of this day, I shall be more careful of For almost 500 years, Scotland was torn apart first by wars of independence with England and later by religious wars between Protestants and Catholics. found homes in Ireland. clan, the insult was resented by the clan whose member had been insulted; these names. Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish Travel Around Scotland In First ‘Men In Kilts’ Trailer Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish lead a band around a … would cease and they would be free to exercise their faith[,] which had to seeing their leader in the van of battle, and there I shall be seen James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose, lead the Covenanting Forces in the 1640s, and, after his defeat his lands were forfeited, Kincardine was burned and demolished by the Earl of Argyll in 1646. Its membership is made up of those Grahams who know and who propagate the very distinguished accomplishments and honorable ideals of the Grahams, past and present. Under the rule of tyrant kings, their suffering In 1649 Charles 1st was executed and Charles 2nd * offered Montrose the post of Captain-General of Scotland. Secretary of State of [7] Scotland, under me, so the cause of the king is safe.” These were his last words. The Grahams spent two years trying to restore it to it's former glory but it never quite became what it used to be. in defeat. and witnessed the perse- [6] cution of his This was all to the benefit of King Charles 1st, who unfortunately had suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Nasenby on 14th June. Soon the foe was met and the battle of Killikrankie was fought. In the time of his son, James the 2nd Marquess of Montrose, the Kincardine Castle was attacked and destroyed by an army of Campbells. was a large emigration from Scotland to Ireland, having been brought about holds good to this day.” They were Irish Presbyterians, who, being of Scotch According to WorldNames PublicProfiler, the Graham surname is most common in Northern Ireland and Scotland. that the persecutions and trials which had hitherto made life hideous, daughter of John Graham, Sr. Betsy, It stayed in Graham hands, although latterly was leased out, it was sold in 1925. Inchtalla Castle or Talla Castle is located on an island in the Lake of Mentieth After the Restoration ( of the Royal family ), Montrose's embalmed heart and bones were buried at the High Kirk of St Giles in Edinburgh in May of 1661. The people of Scotland of the same family tree were known as clans; in the northern part of Ireland. Graham’s The Family Dairy is today celebrating their achievement in now becoming number one Scottish Food Brand in Scotland, overtaking Irn Bru for the first time! National experience with a local feel. in this brief sketch; suffice it to say that he seems to have been a leader One Richard Graham, known as Viscount Preston, held the position of Come fill up my cup, come fill up my can, in that eventful struggle, and while his persecution of those who differed He led the royalist forces to great victories among them the Battle of Inverlochy in 1645, where despite being heavily outnumbered his army disposed of over 1200 Campbells who with the Duke of Argyll were the power house of the Scottish Covenanter forces at that time. Graham’s milk and dairy products, direct to your door. positions on either side. But the Provost, douce man, says; Just e'en let him be or for that faith which they believed to be taught in Holy Writ. of differences between church and state. Tragically during a cavalry charge a musket ball deflected up through the breast-plate and Dundee was mortally wounded. If a member of one clan provoked or insulted a member of another by poverty and other causes no doubt, made that their permanent home. When Sam Heughan and his Outlander co-star Graham McTavish first announced their "Clanlands" project, it was a podcast focused on the history, culture, and landscape of Scotland… the firths of the Clyde and Forth to keep off the incursions of the Northern MyTribe101 Ltd., Officepods, 15A Main St, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, A94 T8P8, Ireland. were of Scotch-Irish descent and came from counties Donegal and Londonderry, Kincardine Castle, Auchterarder, Perthshire. in England, Ireland and Scotland, in which King James was dethroned, and * An odd period when Charles 2nd was accepted as the new King of Scotland, which was still a separate Kingdom, while England was still under the rule of Cromwell and it took another 9 years until Cromwell died and England accepted him as their ruler. As a leader of the House of Commons, he counseled King James to to the dictates of their own conscience, the Grahams occupied prominent By Joe Graham. almost entirely aloof [14] from other clans; noted in their day and time, of which we might mention, Malcolm Graham, We make our presence felt. sought and obtained the sympathy of all the principal chiefs of the various Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection. However the likely origin is that the chiefs of Clan Graham were of Anglo-Norman origin. mode of warfare. The most Graham families were found in the USA in 1880. we now have it — Graham. Grigsbys, Crawfords, Comminses, Browns, Wallaces, Wilsons, Caruthers, Campbells, and Florence Graham's Family, Joseph were appointed a committee, known as the Council of Five, to transact the when no man could remain neutral, but, all must declare, either for the of Pennsylvania. his fear of opposers, had fled to Salisbury, Richard Graham and four associates or that happened to please the whims of his own fancies. who is last, but by no means least, stood high in society and was [12] would be free to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience, and in song”. in the lead. An impressive structure it was to be the new clan seat and a fitting place for the The Graham family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. this leader or chief was expected to occupy the most dangerous positions At the age of 24 he started learning the art of warfare while serving in Sir William Lockart's Scots Regiment, helping Lious the 14th in France. The Corbetts are named after John Rooke Corbett who in 1930 became the first person to climb all the 2000-feet-high peaks in Scotland. About Us | Contact Us | Rootsweb Blog | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material Learn more. Even with the victory, such was the charisma of Dundee, that when he died so did the cause. years beginning shortly after the middle of seventeenth century, there There was a large procession with fourteen noblemen bearing the coffin. Arms of His Grace James Graham 8th Duke of Montrose. From the Outer Hebrides to central London, Durham to Dublin and Belfast to Bristol, our footprint is broad and our projects span the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland at the time of its greatest power, had for its official head James Graham, After King James had vacated the throne, and William and Mary had been not of their own choice; restrained [5] from Though Pennsylvania had the highest population of Graham families in 1840. The direct link to the Clan Graham page on Electric Scotland is … must either win a victory, in which he performed some noble part, or die His grandson the 3rd Lord fought with Great Valour at the Battle of Sauchieburn in 1488 and in 1504 was made Earl of Montrose. the broad and inviting land across the Atlantic bade them once more take If you have ancestral ties and a clan history in Scotland, a trip to your clan’s homeland is an incomparable and … than the Grahams. In 1840 there were 395 Graham families living in Pennsylvania. the privy council, and most trusty advisers of the king; that his plans raised above his waistband, exposing his person, when the ball took effect, Killiecrankie, 3 miles south east of Blair Atholl in Perthshire. the following names: Forbesses, Stuarts, Hamiltons, Montgomerys, Alexanders, to King James, in the sense of patriotism, it does not appear that he was name is that the names of the early settlers were scarcely, if ever, seen James Graham the 5th Earl and 1st Marquis of Montrose, was without doubt one of the highest achievers in the Graham history he was educated at St Andrews university and completed his education in France and Italy returning to Scotland in 1637. The castle is a good and characteristic example of it's period with an oblong central structure built on four floors and two towers built on diagonal corners. so long been the desire of their conscience. Among those who sought fresh relief and new homes amid the untrodden In the English civil war he sided with the Covenanter's and as the war developed he became disillusioned with their cause and switched allegiances to the Royalists. in the annal of their country, “from hovel to the palace, in arts, in eloquence Clan Seats: Buchanan Castle by Drymen, Stirlingshire. When John Graham of Dalkeith died in 1341 he had no heirs. Take a virtual visit to Electric Scotland at and see a web page listing some resources and information about the Clan Graham. Claypotts Castle is located in Dundee on the east coast. almost unendurable hardships and degradations, rather than depart from business of the Throne until such time as might be deemed expedient for There are also thousands of people named Graham in the UK, North America, Australia and the rest of the world. descendants of Samuel and James Guinn, James In 1852 while the family were in London for christmas the house burned to the ground. as having the approval of their conscience. and to perform the most daring of the exploits in the heat of battle. dictate to his people such a course as seemed to him most wise and discreet nothing, save their Bible. in the famous golden letters, “For Christ’s Crown and Covenant,” they waited thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through Sovereigns of Scotland 1; name reign; 1 Knowledge about the early Scottish kings, until Malcolm II, is slim and is partly based on traditional lists of kings. of religion, would of itself fill a volume much larger than that contemplated 2 Eochaid may have been a minor and Giric his guardian, or Giric may have been a usurper. The Grahams are named after Fiona Torbet (nee Graham) who published her own list of these peaks in E'er I own a usurper, I'll couch wi' the fox! Buchanan Castle is really a large gothic baronial mansion built to replace the old house in 1854. and recommendations were often adhered to, rather than those of the king Of these, 7 of the 219 Grahams have a prominence that exceeds the P600 threshold of 600 metres (1,969 ft), which would class them as "Majors". for the bonnets o' bonnie Dundee. ago stood ever firm to the Magna Charta of Scottish rights, and rallied Dundee with 2400 men against General Hugh Mackay with 3500 lowlanders.The Jacobites won the day, inflicting large losses on the opposing side. There are 219 Grahams, spead over the whole of Scotland - even seven of the Scottish Islands contain Grahams. Grahams are hills between 2,000 and 2,499ft (610-761m) with a 150m drop between them. for human expectations. In 1641 the castle was partly destroyed on orders from Parliament, but James Graham lived there until 1644.  After the execution of James ( Montrose ) in 1650, the lands were forfeited to the Marquis of Argyll, Archibald Campbell.  In 1655 Mugdock was returned back to the Grahams but the castle was in an uninhabitable condition. It was the seat of the chiefs of the Clan Graham Dukes of Montrose from 1372 until 1700. He started in motion the building of a castle there and Kincardine Castle, albeit a newer version, still stands today. A Personal and wider look at the history of the Proud Graham's of Ireland. a persecutor of those who differed from the king’s religious views. reassemble the Houses of Parliament, in order to secure a peaceful settlement Saddle my horses and call out my men. unhindered by church or state. water; but though broughtest us out into a wealth place.” Gathering together It became the property of Bonnie Dundee and after his death at Killiekrankie in 1689 became the property of the crown. To this Graham replied, “your people are accustomed thou, O, God, hast proved us, and thou hast tried us as silver is tried; Your Personal Graham Bagging Record Graham Tops. The Manor of Gregham is recorded in William the Conqueror's Domesday Book. [4] These names are to-day familiar house-hold In two years he was created Viscount Dundee by King James 7th. But alas! In 1128, King David I granted the lands of Abercorn and Dalkeith to William de Graham, who is the first recorded member of the Graham Clan in Scotland and was witness to several royal charters. In August 1645 Montrose moved into the lowlands and the next month got caught by General David Leslie with a large Covenanter force at Philiphaugh. own church (though he himself was a favorite of King James) it was but The first documented Graham seems to be a William de Graham who received lands at Abercorn and Dalkeith from King David 1st in 1127. Anne, There are hills beyond Pentland and lands beyond Forth, On Walkhighlands, you can record all your Munro ascents here on your own interactive baggers map, and keep a diary, complete with photos, maps and your gps tracks, to store your record of all your walking exploits. “For and punishment was endurable only for its contrasts with their former suffering. extraction, were called Scotch-Irish. In 1682, the 3rd Marquess acquired land at Loch Lomond that had been in possession of the Buchanan chiefs. He returned to Scotland 4 years later older and wiser. from the religious persuasions of King James, must ever be deplored, we from Scotland to Ireland and later from Ireland to America, we might mention man were many, and to rehearse [8] them all [2] church of England, under the false cloak Graham rescues Elizabeth from Indians. While he was true and devoted character of a people who were driven from post to pillar, and suffered General Graham was influenced by the counsel of the Highlanders, assuring Dukes of Montrose. It was built in 1569 and bought by the Sir William Graham of Ballunie in 1601. In 1678 he was tasked by King Charles 2nd to stamp out religious rebellion and anti-Royalist objectors in the Scottish borders. The Grahams are the mountains in Scotland between 2000 and 2500 feet high, with at least 150 metres of descent on all sides. Highland Clans, in behalf of the cause of the late king. and Rebecca Graham's children, More The remoteness The positions of high honor and trust, held and occupied by this one admissible. During the absence of King James from the throne, who, on account of His elder son Peter, started the Grahams of Dalkeith and Eskdale branch of the family Tithes and taxes demanded from their wrecked estates to support a church, a principle which they believed to be the teachings of the Bible, as well obeyed by kings; feared and esteemed by the House of Commons, and held ago our ancestral parents left their beautiful homes in their native land, in his last utterance, after having spent an eventful life in the king’s R1b is certainly the largest major haplogroup among the Grahams, with 59 individuals altogether, but there is no sign of a … by Queen Anne. and eager for the fray. Natural Strawberry Lemon Victoria Plum Passion Fruit, Mango & Papaya; Energy: 276kj/65kcal: 342kj/81kcal: 372kj/88kcal: 377kj/89kcal: 369kj/87kcal: Fat: 0.1g: 0.4g There is a tradition that the first Graham was one Greme who broke the Roman Antonine Wall driving the Roman legions out of Scotland. under their brave banners, emblazoned with the faith of their own creed, Then let each cavalier who loves honour and me The only excuse that might be offered for this misapplication of the The castle and lands passed to his sister Marjory who was married to Sir William Douglas of Lothian. He must have been a respected gentleman as in the next year his signature is given as witness to the charter founding the Abbey at Holyrood. Then awa' tae the hills, tae the lea, tae the rocks Both appear in the lists of kings for the period. in print and but seldom in writing, but were handed [13] king is well; how is your lordship?” Graham replied, “it matters not for Early Origins of the Graham family. William, Price of Orange, a presbyterian, became his successor — a time take consolation in the fact that he but carried out the dictates and decrees Other hills within Scotland have been further classified as 224 Grahams (Scottish mountains over 2,000 feet/610 metres and under 2,500 feet/762 metres), 87 Donalds (hills over 2,000 feet/610 metres in the Scottish Lowlands) or 1,216 Scottish Marilyns (hills of any height with a drop of 500 feet/152 metres or more on all sides). Early forests of America, few stood higher or occupied positions more exalted same lineal descent of their noble ancestors, who, more than two centuries had been persecuted for conscience sake in the old world. ties. Sir David's great-grandson, Sir William Graham of Kincardine, married Mary Stewart daughter of King Robert 2nd, who ruled between 1371-1390. Land and power just kept coming, in 1451 the Grahams acquired the lands of Old Montrose in Angus and in 1451 Patrick Graham of Kincardine was promoted to Lord Graham. Will cry "Hoy!" The Great Historic Families of Scotland The Grahams: THE monkish writers allege that the Grahams can trace their descent from a fabulous personage called Grame, who is said to have commanded the army of Fergus II. There are also many individuals named Graham living in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The rooms in the round towers are square internally and corbelled out to be square on the outside at the top. Clan Chief: James Graham 8th Duke of Montrose. and his younger son Alan, founded the Grahams of Montrose line. When David I claimed the throne of Scotland, Graham was one of the knights who accompanied him. triumphantly crowned, and the armies of James abandoned and scattered, This was to be developed into a more comfortable dwelling where one can entertain and more suitable as the home of a Marquis. He met the King in 1680 and so impressed him with his aptitude that within six years he rose to the rank of major-general and Provost of Dundee. of the Highland Clans urged immediate assault, saying their men were ready Kilbryde Castle is about 3 miles north of Dunblane on the bank of the Ardoch burn. James Graham, of Claverhouse, viscount of Dundee, was also a noted character A planned UK tour by US evangelist Franklin Graham is in question after every venue booked by the preacher canceled planned appearances, … the banks of the Deleware, [sic] and many rested for a season in the land It was given to the Douglas's in 1694. This was about 18% of all the recorded Graham's in the USA. Thomas Graham was born in about 1647, reportedly in Scotland. Graham’s Named Scotland’s Number One Chosen Food Brand. The treatment and torture dealt out to these pious religious people, Montrose escaped and for the next year tried to raise another army but when King Charles surrendered to the covenanters he asked Montrose to cease fighting for the cause. goes the cause of the king?” The attendant answered, “the cause of the cause. orally from one to another, thus giving plenty of opportunity for misunderstandings. he loved so well; dishonoring thus thy loyal name. thus we find arose many of the clan feuds, with which Scottish history disinclination to inform themselves of the nature of the conflict, soon and so on. Graham – from Britain, Scotland, Ireland and beyond The surname Graham is fairly frequent in Ireland and is one of the 100 most common in the country. for the west port and let us gae free, The bells they ring backwards, the drums they are beat, of these semi-barbarians from the active scene of war, coupled with their from what they now are. The Battle of the Boyne in the following year finally ended James's ambition's though not the Stuart's claim, although this was 57 years before Culloden it was the only Jacobite venture of the clan they remained neutral during the others. Be there lairds i' the south, there are chiefs i' the north! Thus, more than two centuries Today, many clans can be traced back to a specific part of Scotland, for example the MacLeods of Skye, the MacNeils of Barra or the MacNabs of St Fillan on Loch Earn. attention to the orthography of names — the name was often spelled Grimes. RootsWeb is funded and supported by [11]. There are currently 219 Grahams. Dalkeith Castle located just to the south of Edinburgh was first built in 1140. The detached fragmentary of the army whom [10] front of his army; to this, his subordinate officers objected, saying, who held tenaciously to the principles of the Presbyterian faith, by the on account of religious persecutions the Scotch received at home. It was initially built by Sir David de Graham in the 13th century. In the years when Thomas would have been a young man, terrible atrocities were committed by both sides. he fell from his horse and one of his subordinate officers coming up to in the engagement Graham was shot, having raised his hand above his head The list of all peaks in Scotland with a height of 2000ft (609.6m) or more and less than 2500ft (762m) with a drop of at least 30m between each peak and any higher land. King James, about the year 1685; and history tells us that he was one [of] in detail, would require more space than it is our purpose here to consume During that bloody, treacherous, and ever memorable struggle The Clan Graham Society is an organization of the descendants of the families of the “Gallant Grahams” of old Scotland. concerning early settlement of Lowell, Elizabeth earliest settlement in America down to the present time, is spelled as Donald Map; Donald Tops Map; New Donald Map; Relative Hills. and remarkable for one man to occupy. Dundee, out of loyalty to King James, raised an army mainly of highlanders with a view to restoring the Stuart line to the throne. Such were the adhesion of these family clans that they kept themselves “It was a daring man by the name of Graham that first broke Montrose had to take his army south to help and this was to prove very unpopular with his army who were mainly highlanders and were not so keen on traveling so far to "help the English", the numbers started to reduce the further south they marched. History hands down to us other names of the Grahams, who were more or less Hewitt Map; Wainwright Map; Wainwright Outliers Map; Other. In 1707 James Graham, 4th Marquess, was created the 1st Duke of Montrose the Earl of Montrose, who laid down his life for love to his king. him, inquired if his injuries were fatal, Graham answered by saying, “How large proportion of those who emigrated there. Today there remains only three walls to show where it once stood. He was born 2 years before his fellow clansman Montrose was hung drawn and quartered. A link to our Society’s website is included, and select/sample issues of The Clan Graham News are archived on that site. hoping against hope, collected together such as he could of the remaining In the early settlement of this country, when people paid but little The relief which they sought, they found but temporary in their new That his fidelity to the king was ever true through life, Buchanan Castle, west of Drymen, Stirlingshire. The Munros are the mountains in Scotland over 3000 feet high. The surname Graham was first found in Midlothian, where they settled after accompanying Earl David of Huntingdon into Scotland during the 12th century. In 1689 Scotland decided to follow England in declaring James as abdicated, when he fled abroad this opened the door to William and Mary of Orange who were jointly awarded the crown. The Grahams, like many of the early settlers of the Valley of Virginia, were of Scotch-Irish descent and came from counties Donegal and Londonderry, in the northern part of Ireland. and standing erect in his stirrups, giving command, his shield or armour He fought hard against the covenanters and earned the nickname of "bluidy Clavers" for the zealous way he meted out punishment. He fell at the Battle of Flodden in 1513. Forebears puts the Graham surname as the 12th most popular surname on Norfolk Island. that the Graham family dates back for a thousand years, and has been conspicuous For the toon is well rid of that de'il o' Dundee. It was built by Sir John Graham in 1460 and stayed in the Clan under the Earls of Menteith banner for nearly two hundred years. Locations. We can recall many names, which in our youth were pronounced differently When, in 1650 under orders of his King, (who had been covertly making power trading deals with the covenanters in England) he was betrayed and captured. my person and not expose myself in action as heretofore has been my custom.” E'er the Kings crown go down, there'll be crowns to be broke; Seat of Graham earls of Strathearn, but passed to Grahams of Montrose. Christopher Graham's Irish origin By John Bush May 06, 2003 at 07:41:53. To illustrate, the name Stevenson was called “Stinson”; the king to return. And it's Ho! The other hero would have to be Bonnie Dundee. There are brave Duniewassals, three thousand times three As of October 2018 there were 219 Grahams identified in Scotland, 5 less than the original 1992 list of 224 Grahams. and our loyal RootsWeb community. of their faith, all combined to make them an unhappy and restless people. Tae the lairds i' convention t'was Claverhouse spoke the ruins of Graham’s Dyke”. he was too valuable a leader to expose his person in front of the battle, Then tremble, false whigs, in the midst o' your glee [3] In 1669 it was sold to Sir Colin Campbell and is still in Campbell hands today. as well as in all the legal writings pertaining to the family, from the mothers who do not like to discontinue the old-fashioned way of expressing Today the castle still stands but is in a very poor condition. The term, Scotch-Irish, does not necessarily and even in the hour of death, is fully substantiated [9] up their line of march and plant their homes in the New World, where they After that statement, his army was commanded to move forward, himself being Scotland, where he succeeded in interesting the Scottish Chiefs of those Scotland, and took up their march for the Emerald Isle, in the vain hope Their sojourn is but for a while, until time honored established church of England; the papistry of King James; marriage and intermarriage by members of one clan to another was scarcely dying on the field, his army won a great victory and the battle of Killikrankie a battle with those who espoused the cause of King William. of James Graham, Sr., at Lowell, The Sir William de Graham was present at the erection of Holyrood Abbey, witnessing its foundation charter. Marilyn Map; HuMP Map; P600 Map; P500 Map; England and Wales. of his party in both civic and military affairs; a minister at the courts It didn't take long until he got involved in religious disputes in the Aberdeen area especially with the Gordons at that time. There seems, however, to have been no authority whatever for this contortion enforcing law as the King saw it, The English had to withdraw covenanter forces from conflict in England to help in the fight against Montrose who by this time more or less had control of Scotland. Hills and bid farewell forever to the graves of their fathers and mothers, Graham captured by the Indians, Col. Legend has it that the first Graham was one Gramus who forced a breach in the Roman Antonine wall known as Graeme's Dyke in 420 A.D.However, historians generally believe that the Grahams were of Norman descent.

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