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Published by Kilroy was here on 15th Sep 2018. Dead Air Armament Key-Mo "S" Mount - Blast Shield / Silencerco Saker. The Griffin QD Blast Shield is compatible with our line of SDQD mounts in 7.62 and 5.56mm, Including the M4SD Flash Comp, Muzzle Brake, Hammer Comp, Linear Comp, Compensating Flash Hider, Tactical Compensator and 30SD Flash Comp. Muzzle Device sold separately. We wanted to design something to combat the overwhelming heat and glow that a lamp worker faces, as well as protect them from popping glass and fumes. I also have a BCM Mod0 comp that is advertised as being compatible with A2 accessories and it does indeed work. Buy it. The KeyMo changes your Nomad-30 from a direct-thread to quick attach, making it compatible with any of our muzzle brakes or flash hiders. SKU: DAA-DA429. Grooves that "A2" were very shallow and obviously out of spec. Lumenis Versapulse Laser Blast Shield Versapulse 0640 083 01 Versa Pulse Holmium Lumenis Debris Blast Shield - New in package - P/N 0640 083 01 - Item may not include bubble wrapped package ** … It's not very surprising, these things retail for around 7 bucks. Cheap Cz Evo Muzzle Brake And Dead Air Keymount Muzzle Brake Blast Shield cookboo Fits VG6, that's a real plus. Griffin Checkmate QD 3-Lug Mount . Our Price: $79.00. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I have a few on hand to test and found that both my BCM and PSA A2's were just oversized enough to prevent the blast shield from locking on. Bethlehem. Welcome to Shield Blast. Flawless function right out of the box. Shop our vast selection and save! DEAD AIR BLAST SHIELD INSERT PYRO. This is designed to be permanently attached to a 14.5 inch barrel and adapt to KeyMo compatilble suppressors! Blast Shield. Welcome to Shield Blast. Installing the Key Mo Mount on your Silencerco Omega or Silencerco Saker & Chimera changes it from a direct-thread to quick attach making it compatible with any Dead Air Muzzle Brake or Flash Hider. maybe an inch or 3. Out of stock. Model # DA428. It was capable of deflecting fire, blaster energy, and more. The QD Blast Shield was designed to offer significant concussion reduction for the end user and other team members operating in the immediate vicinity. The Atlas Blast Shield is compatible with all Our Price: $69.00. GEMTECH 22 QDA ADAPTER ASSEMBLY $ 129.00 Buy Now. Search for Griffin Armament Taper Mount Blast Shield Ads Immediately . The QD Blast Shield also comes with a shim set and overtravel stop to refit your A2 compensator for optimal use. Dead Air Armament. It's legit and i'd easily buy it again. Current Promotions !! Shield and Marver Combo , Blast Shield. Join our Newsletter. Shop all Products from Dead Air … I'm buying another. The blast shield compresses tight to the back of the muzzle brake and directs the noise forward, downrange from the shooter. GEMTECH .22LR SPACER $ 10.00 Buy Now. Griffin CAM-LOK Piston. Availability: In stock. High Quality Custom Tools Made in America for Glass Artists Worldwide. Only a 4 star because only shot about 50 rounds and when you take the blast shield off the finish on the flash suppressor already had carbon residue on it. Why Shop With Us? Graphite Customs. SHOPPING Cva Scout 35 Whelen With Muzzle Brake And Dead Air Keymount Muzzle Brake Blast Shield You can order Cva Scout 35 Whelen With Muzzle Brake And Dead Air Published by Shawn on 1st May 2020 The fit and finish on this mount is beyond what I expected, extremely precise machining. Graphite Customs. Out of stock. Fortis Rapid Engagement Device RED Muzzle Brake- 7.62 Black This item is currently on order MSRP: $89.95 . Add to wishlist . MSRP: $124.95 Our Price: $119.95. Join our Newsletter. The blast shield for the taper mount works great on the other mounts, so I figured i'd give this a try on these rifles. The Pyro is an amazing device that reduces felt recoil. SKU: DAA-DA429. The Blast Shield Gen 2 Looks and Performs fantastic. I purchased the Griffin armament gen 2 blast shield and it locks up to my b.c.m. Manufacturer: Dead Air. Search; Stock Status. SKU: Dead Air Flash Hider Categories: Dead Air, Mounting Devices, Rifle Mounting Devices Tags: 5.56, 7.62 Manufacturer: Dead Air Armament. mod 0 comp. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

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