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. In the past Conservatives were pacified by this phrase: “we need to beat them at the ballot box, have faith in our great system!”. I didn’t claim to present an exhaustive list of every possible detail associated with voting systems. . . Don’t bother; bullshit and outright lies. I propose this be called the “KS Line”; and those under it might be due some sympathy for their condition. Idiot. By voting a person expresses their part of the contract, their voice and what they believe should affect their life. His criminal family members will be arrested too. Whatever security for absentee ballots is adopted, it should be based on being very highly accurate and reliable at catching ballots not filled out by the voter and not falsely indicating that the ballot was filled out by someone else. Tony January.11.2021 at 12:19 am You say “lies” like some meek little voice in the bowels of your subconscious is worried to death that you’re the one who’s been lied to and Tony is right about everything….”. Christian Britschgi The Minecraft Skin, Rudy Gillespie (Kickin' It), was posted by EmrysGamer. The very act of voting requires time and effort. If you really want to know why federal debt got out of control, it is because the voters on both sides won’t hold their own side accountable for the failure to balance the budget. President-elect Biden will put forward a progressive-libertarian agenda that raises taxes on the wealthy, pushes sensible, science-based regulations, and prohibits weapons of war from being owned by your average American citizen. You think it will really make a difference to them if they actually knew you voted for him. That would mean that the voter would have to come back to an office when it was open in order to provide the ID credentials that are allowed. What kind of ID are we talking about here? “You mean once Trump stops being the active cause of all our problems”. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person’s profile. If Trump had won and there was a seditionist Antifa riot that stormed the Capitol, they’d be doing the same thing with banning the seditionist Antifa crowd. He will use his quick mind, sharp intellect and 50 years of no accomplishments in government . . 5. A good bit less idiotic than your idiocy; your neighbors could come after you under what you propose. Ostensibly I’m okay with voting machines. The voting machines don’t provide dick pic capability – the electoral commission determined the additional expense was unjustified – but do allow casting of deliberately “informal” votes for nobody. Count yourself in that group. 6. #NeverBiden. Just a suggestion: Perhaps instead of the same tired comments on the umpteenth Sullum article on this topic, let’s discuss instead what we would like to see in an ideal voting system. Every voter has that right. For a president, Trump is also an actual bug chaser. Silly and cavity-searched. This should scare the pants off of everyone, that they could coordinate an attack like this and get away with it. New sarcasmic sock is worse than his sqsly one. Carr again responded by denying that any such agreement had been reached. They’re quickly becoming a permanent policy. Here Tony… This is what I was looking for.. He’s genuinely a sinister fuck. Those are your government now. With Trump gone all the news outlets wont have anything to criticize or lie about. Like maybe these people don’t have the best ideas about liberty, let alone tax policy. . None of it was investigated — The machines were audited (came up faulty), Independent Organization did their own audited and confirmed Trump was correct about massive election fraud. Those two lies confirm that Giuliani never had any credible evidence to back up his reckless allegations against Dominion Voting Systems, which he claims helped Democrats rig election machines to switch "hundreds of thousands" of Trump votes to Biden votes. I am fine with a voter entering their choices on a machine where it then prints them a hard copy of their choices that they look over and give to the officials as the paper record to be checked if errors are suspected. Too ripe for fraud. Yes, for a shorter time period, say one week. He notes that Trump's lawyers were scheduled to present evidence in one of their cases at a trial on Friday before Cobb County Superior Court Judge Adele Grubbs. Can two mismatched elves come together to save Christmas? Thought it sounded odd but I tried it, and the next day saw a couple tongue marks. Not sure on that one, never understood whey military could not vote in the district where they are based. Sullum will probably spend the next four years criticizing Trump and his supporters while ignoring the terrible things the Left will try to do to this country. Joy! Remember, you can put a lot of noise in a filing, it just can’t be false. Lee Morgan. Yes they did, twice. In my district elderly and disabled get moved to the front of the line but they still show up. ID – An ID is fine to require, but it should be fairly flexible about what IDs are accepted. kickinit And two years from now, the antitrust case will be settled with a consent decree already. The only one I’ve ever actually known about, and I’ve had some skeezy friends. Ken was hypothesizing that some commenters here are simply incapable of critical thought; the poster offering this steaming pile of shit qualifies.

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