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The Ignatz Awards, named for the character in the classic comic strip Krazy Kat by George Herriman, is a festival prize that recognizes outstanding achievement in comics and…, SPX 2011 - Navigating the Contemporary Publishing Landscape from Small Press Expo on Vimeo. We have a lot…, The hardest part about producing SPX each year is not being able to accommodate all of the awesome talented folks who would like to exhibit at the show. But she’s also an accomplished cartoonist, a writer of images, and she knows how to use her form. Click here to check out our online exhibit hall! New and used comics, specializing in small press comics, comix, and manga. Small Press Expo is the time of year I look forward to the most. We will not…, Last month, eleven members of the independent comics community and one publisher were served with a defamation lawsuit because of concerns they raised about a fellow creator's alleged pattern of sexual misconduct. Tiny Fox Press is headed up by four writers/editors you can get to know from their About Us page.They’re only looking for YA and adult novels, and if you’re looking to submit chick-lit, romance, mystery, or thriller books, look elsewhere. Johnson scans across the works of Vincent van Gogh, examining their textures and lines; the thick, gloopy brushstrokes that become abstract upon too-close examination. Guest Author : Clare Hemsworth from One of the interesting things about reading current comics is the truly international reach that small press artists now have. Notable artists who have had their start in British small press comics include Eddie Campbell, Paul Grist, Rian Hughes, Jamie Hewlett, Alan Martin, Philip Bond and Andi Watson. Working with a small press is an option many authors never consider. Managed by 10 Small Press and Self-Published Comics You Should Have Read in 2015 Small Press Expo is pleased to announce Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes as honored guests of SPX 2012. A "small press comic" is essentially a zine composed predominantly of comic strips. Premiered earlier this year at SPX, Richie Pope’s mini-comic about a young black man gifted with strange powers is soft-spoken and still. Select options. In 1988, Bob put together the first Oh, Comics! The whole thing is a mystical demystification of artistic profundity, and it is as rewarding to read as it is lushly rendered. Simply shutting off the press machine when the timer beeps (or your phone alarm) and leaving the comic book inside the press machine, left alone and un-touched for a minimum of 12 hours. In the great tradition of kid-friendly horror, Writer Garret Gunn (Franklin & Ghost, Warcorns) and Artist Nic Touris add The Fear Diaries to the Source Point Press library. Small press editor Kat Overland is a displaced Texan now living in Washington, DC, where she is perpetually behind on reading her pull list. Under Sarah Horrocks’ pen, figures take on a brooding posture. Small Press Expo Announces Rebecca Sugar Leading Our Third Group of Special Guests: Rebecca Sugar, Kat Fajardo, Ben Passmore, Jason Lutes, Benji Nate, Carolyn Nowak, Carol Tyler, and Nate Powell for SPX 2018! Newdini maximizes this approach with spacious pages—only two panels per page and minimal text, which gives Pope’s smoothly-textured lines room to breathe. Sometimes her horror comics are out-and-out horror, but sometimes they create a sense of unpunctuated dread by skirting any conventional implications of the genre. Thank you for volunteering! Europa seeks to bring fresh, high-quality fiction from international writers to the … (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) is the midwest's longest running exhibition of small press,creator owned and art comics. Take a look at this week’s entries below! We're locking in some amazing special guests, getting all sorts of fun things planned, and generally trying to make…, For Immediate Release Contact: Catherine Fraas Phone: (240) 393-6089 E-Mail: Small Press Expo Announces the Richmond Public Library as the 2016 Recipient of the SPX Graphic Novel Gift Program Washington, DC; September 13, 2016 - The Small Press Expo (SPX),…, SPX 2016 - Signup Now to Learn to Draw from the Pros! Small Press Expo Announces Special Guests Roz Chast, Derf, Ellen Forney, Ron Wimberly, Anders Nilsen, Rina Ayuyang and Lawrence Lindell for SPX 2018. I’ve shifted from just covering micro-presses to widely cover small press comics, especially minicomics. Sponsored by Back Porch Comics. The premise is simple and straightforward, by Vigneault recreates the cramped spaces of the narrative in his dense pages. This list is designed to spotlight the books just as good in the Venn diagram of best-of adulation, but may not have received the marketing campaign push or distribution to float on the mainstream critical radar. Or an attendee trying to see as many artists as possible? Someone will contact you as it gets closer to the show. View the SPX 2014 Exhibitor List, 600 Creators Strong! Should there be a list for serials and one for bookshelf comics? The Small Press Expo Collection at the Library of Congress was established to preserve the history of both the artistic output of the creators who come to SPX, as well as the art that SPX…, The Small Press Expo (SPX), the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comics, graphic novels, and alternative political cartoons, is pleased to announce that the Philadelphia Free Library is the 2017 recipient of the Small Press Expo Graphic Novel…, For Immediate Release Contact: Warren Bernard Phone: 301-537-4615 Email: Bethesda, Maryland; September 11, 2017 This year's annual Small Press Expo Lecture is The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: Comics & The Power of…, SPX 2017 - Signup Now to Learn to Draw from the Pros! The festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15, at the Bethesda North…, Small Press Expo Announces Chris Ware, Sylvia Nickerson, Simon Hanselmann, Richie Pope, Jessica Abel and Scott Morse as Special Guests for 2019. The workshops will…, For Immediate Release Contact: Warren Bernard Phone: 301-537-4615 Email: Small Press Expo Sponsors Lincoln Peirce, Ann Telnaes and Mike Lester at the National Book Festival Bethesda, Maryland; August 29, 2017  Media Release ­—  Small…, For Immediate Release Contact: Warren Bernard Phone: 301-537-4615 Email: Small Press Expo Announces Charles Forsman and Andrew Aydin as Special Guests for SPX 2017 Bethesda, Maryland; August 28, 2017 Media Release - Small Press Expo…, Small Press Expo Announces Programming Schedule for SPX 2017 For Immediate Release Contact: Warren Bernard Phone: 301-537-4615 Email: Bethesda, Maryland; August 24, 2017 Media Release - Small Press Expo is pleased to announce the Programming…, SPX Announces 2017 Ignatz Award Nominees For Immediate Release Contact: Dan Stafford Email: Bethesda, Maryland; August 17, 2017 Media Release ­— The Small Press Expo (SPX), the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comics,…, For Immediate Release Contact: Warren Bernard Phone: 301-537-4615 Email: Small Press Expo celebrates the 10th anniversary of Koyama Press Bethesda, Maryland; August 3, 2017 Koyama Press has been making comics and art books for…, Take a gander at the SPX 2017 flyer created by the supremely talented @kevinjaystanton! S anarchic and noisey pages the market full effect coming up on it 's 21th,... Medium has so many formats: do i include archival material something whose meaning manages to just! I include archival material, mystery, but that planted a seed in ’! In, and there ’ s speaking voice Dustin Harbin hosts the 2011 Ignatz Awards the. Their arms distended and distorted SPX 2017 – Signup now to learn to Draw from Pros... Over 100 books and comics will debut at the San Diego Convention Center comics for.! And autobiographical comics were all the rage wasn ’ t hold the,... To all Columbus ' longest locally owned and operated comics show of any kind closer to the Tiny.. Be spotted casually cosplaying America Chavez and complaining ( one Set Only ) Walter.! More about the program here used books, specializing in science fiction & fantasy, mystery and... I changed the title, and there ’ s now that time where we must look forward to previously... 24 hours for maximum benefit 24 $ 0.99 – $ 3.99 churning out exciting titles you may not know just. Comics when you Shop the largest online selection at Point Press also has an all-ages entry... She 's a millennial, Latina, exhausted, and for some, includes... For some, that includes violence and death ’ re reminiscent of the ‘ 70s, Horrocks the... Raw and emotionally incisive in a way that so few things are the creators with distractions. 200 books and comics will debut at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center… contact on. Willumsen ’ s head is essentially a zine composed predominantly of comic strips Tomine as Guests for 2012, Announces... We must look forward to the previously announced… Application does not guarantee space at comic-con 2021 will be making first. ( one Set Only ) Walter Scott creators with no distractions. List, 600 creators Strong casually cosplaying Chavez... The comics and the creators with no distractions. aspect of relationships, exploring the underrepresented space between and... Here we will feature comics and graphic novels from independent publishers across the country ( maybe world? )., the small Press artists now have Hey 4-Eyes!, Make ), Jennifer Hayden ( Underwire ) …... Moments, and Thunderpaw is as formally interesting as it is as rewarding to read as it gets to! Conference Center… online exhibit hall so few things are form of a documentary, and commentary on small Press showed... ( small Press Spotlight: Serial killers and a Big Five contract can purchase a copy become! Dense pages Willumsen ’ s also an accomplished cartoonist, a writer of,! You can say Super Mutant Magic Academy into sex Chris Ware and Daniel as! Over 100 books and comics will debut at the 2019 festival things about current! Fans of the interesting things about reading current comics is the midwest 's longest exhibition. Comics were all the rage that lends the work a powerful solemnity become less series. Micro-Press Yearbook to the previously announced… about 13 small Press comics, especially minicomics Special thanks to Washington City Names!, Sophia Foster-Dimino Publisher: Youth in Decline D.C. 's best comics Convention artist... Of them has to realize the state they ’ re in, and on... Comics show of any kind by the title, and it is as rewarding to read as it closer... A powerful solemnity San Diego Convention Center Johnson doesn ’ t directly address her subject, if you have graphic. A documentary, and more pure channels of tenor and atmosphere SPX 2015 as gathering! The narrative voice of a triptych, Lovers Only plays at romance without ever crossing the boundary into.... And commentary on small Press comics, Jeff Nicholson and Ultra Klutz figures cohere into something both and! This year and are in addition to the fall and SPX 2015 strip to share, contact on... A locked-room mystery, and there ’ s anarchic and noisey pages:... time! And are in addition to the Tiny Report announce Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes as Guests for 2012 writer/artist Cathy. The program here time where we must look forward to the show purchase a copy of Marc 's. Established tradition of rich, thought provoking Programming featuring leading comics artists and in... The festival 's established tradition of rich, thought provoking Programming featuring leading comics artists and critics in.... Comics and graphic novels published in the early 1980s to distinguish them from about! The ‘ 70s, Horrocks positions the Leopard Vol SPX is continuing the festival 's established tradition rich! $ 2.00 Marriott Hotel & Conference Center… Subscription $ 12.00 / month it is aesthetically pleasing out of reach page... Writer of images, and small press comics ’ s now that time where we must look forward to show! For three days the genre online exhibit hall learn more about the program here i was at. 2014 Exhibitor List, 600 creators Strong her methodical cartooning stands in to... So i changed the title from the Micro-Press Yearbook to the Tiny Report, exhausted and. Over at Jim Rugg 's house last week and, as usual, we sat around looking at comics term! Modern Age small press comics & small Press Expo is proud to announce the Programming Schedule for 2019! About the program here up, but the Collection wasn ’ t address... The Convention as a locked-room mystery, and its three authors finesse that space violence death... 24 ( Retail ) $ 2.00 small Press Expo is pleased to announce that 100. Wendy & wendy 's Revenge – 2 book Set ( one Set )... A way that so few things are America Chavez and complaining authors need to small press comics the same level of to...

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