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Click on map to download a printable PDF version of the map. Trail Description: Moderate Hike. #1 - Sugarloaf Mountain and Northern Peaks Trail. This hike only trail can be used both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating. Submit one here. After 800 meters you should see a small parking area on your left. The Sugarloaf Peak Trail is a scenic desert hike on the northern edge of the Sparks urban area. 0000127878 00000 n Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Guide. Hiking trip report, map, and photos for Sugarloaf Mountain and Lost Man Peak Loop, located in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona. Turn towards the Hospital on the Promenage des Religeuses Hospitalieres de Saint-Joseph. Looking for a great trail in Sugarloaf Mountain Natural Area, Maryland? This time started from the green trail from the west (upper) parking lot. The trails have steep hills for intermediate and advanced cross-country skiing. Sugarloaf Mountain Trail Routes North Peak Trail Loop — 6.8 miles, 1,265ft ascent. For detailed description, see AMC's White Mountain Guide, P178 0000123729 00000 n Sugarloaf Ridge State Park | 2605 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood, CA 95452 | 707-833-5712 | For Camping Reservations go to | ©2020 Sonoma Ecology Center Website by Strategy7 Operated by Sonoma Ecology Center and Team Sugarloaf. 0000223240 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� A very popular hiking trail with great outlooks at the top! Journey through a coastal evergreen forest, coastal fringe sandhill forest, tidal cypress-gum swamp and longleaf pine savanna on your way to the Sugarloaf Dune, a prominent precolonial geological feature. 0000126009 00000 n #6 - Sugarloaf Mountain via Mountain Loop Trail. Printed maps are also usually available at the base of the … From the east is the quickest way to access the trail. 0000124899 00000 n Trail Maps; Trail Maps. 0000102075 00000 n Carrabassett Valley, Maine 04947 0000148146 00000 n Sugarloaf Trail is a 1 mile blue wilderness trail trail located near Bretton Woods New Hampshire. The parent mountain for this hike is Sugarloaf. Trails in Sugarloaf Peak - 19. From here, veer left for 100 yards to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. Road Impassable. 4.41 miles. A hike up either side of Twin Mountain is somewhat comparable, though Sugarloaf is a much bigger mountain. 0000316558 00000 n 0000123355 00000 n The hike to the summit is along the A.M Thomas Trail, named after Albert M Thomas who was the first superintendent of Stronghold. MAP: Trails Illustrated shows the entirely of the National Park. The Sugarloaf and Christmas Hills Circuit is a relatively easy hike around the Sugarloaf Reservoir with one or two modest climbs. The parking lot for this trail fills up quickly so it is recommended that you arrive early! Add Your Trails. Accessibility on Sugarloaf Trails. 0000122168 00000 n Get directions, reviews and information for Sugarloaf Trail in Sedona, AZ. The Nature Trail is a .5 mile (one way) ADA trail. startxref Follow the trail for 180 meters until you come to the T junction with the Terry Fo… 0000042216 00000 n From the parking area at East View, the trails starts off on a dusty and fairly steep incline for 0.3 miles on the orange-blazed trail until reaching an intersection with the red-blazed trail. 34 60 xref 0000000016 00000 n You may choose to park at the Wellington State Park (fee) or the Elwell Trailhead across the street (W. Shore Rd). Spur trail. A 1/4 mile improved trail to the summit. Sugarloaf Ridge State Park re-opened on February 1, 2018, though some trails in the park remain impacted by the Nun's Fires of October 2017. Took the pups and they did great. Very easy hike. %%EOF They suggest allowing 3 – 5 hours to complete the hike which when readin… Goose Pond & Sugarloaf Conservation Area . 0000175338 00000 n 1-800-843-5623. The mountain and trails are maintained by Stronghold, Inc. a non-profit setup by Louise and Gordon Strong in 1946 to preserve the mountain so it could be enjoyed by everyone. 0000126491 00000 n Total trails distance is approx. trailer 0000296014 00000 n This is the trail with most of the ascent in steep steps. 0000168164 00000 n 0000217233 00000 n The east side of Twin is easier than Sugarloaf, but the west side (i.e. Information board Sugarloaf Mountain, MD trail map. WTA Pro Tip: Mount Erie has a road to its summit, but is accessible via trail. Length … 0 0000125287 00000 n Trail Blazes Summit Area Trails A double blaze means a junction or sharp turn is just ahead. #2 - Mountain Loop to Northern Peaks Trail, #3 - A.M. Thomas Trail to Sugarloaf Mountain. 0000292779 00000 n 0000124114 00000 n ... Download a trail map Download a trail map, including North Sugarloaf Self-guided opportunities . 0000126728 00000 n 0000285465 00000 n Sugarloaf Mountain and Northern Peaks Trail, Sugarloaf Mountain via Mountain Loop Trail. 0000001960 00000 n The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips and is accessible year-round. The gates will also close due to winter conditions so make sure to check with the park before heading out. The trail ascends the south ridge of Sugarloaf Mountain through hardwood forest. Sugarloaf Mountain is the prominence visible in the piedmont as it rises out of the plains southeast of Frederick MD. 0000128126 00000 n The Summit Trail is the most difficult, hikers climb the rock to the top. Hiking Project is built by hikers like you. 0000081401 00000 n This out-and-back hike climbs about 600 vertical feet to the top of Sugarloaf Hill, which overlooks the Hudson River. Turned out to be a really cold and windy day so a loop about 3 miles was all we could manage. This section of the trail is a standout for coastal scenery from start to finish, and even more so when I was there since there were a couple of icebergs floatingjust outside of St. John’s Harbour. The summit of Mt. 0000121990 00000 n 0000061437 00000 n Orange Trail Sugarloaf Mountain MD The trails are well marked but intersections and overlapping segments can be a little confusing, so download the Sugarloaf Mountain hike trail map to take along. For information about more Reno area trails, go to "Reno Area Hiking and Walking Trails." 0000127136 00000 n The name of this hill is derived from the cone shape in which sugar was customarily sold during the Colonial period. 0000183418 00000 n Wildlife is abundant, including an occasional black bear. 5092 Sugarloaf Access Rd. Start of A.M. Thomas Trail. 0000022375 00000 n To access the trail from the east take exit 412 on Route 11. Sugarloaf, at 1,044-feet, has a beautiful open, rocky area at the top with a view of its brother directly ahead. This is a 7.8 mile loop hike with 3800 cumulative feet of elevation gain that takes about 4-6 hours to complete.

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