trane chiller fault codes

12. Read PDF Trane Voyager Fault Codes Trane Voyager Fault Codes 6. Especially when you have open cooling towers. Defrost fault condition (heat pumps only) 7. The chiller could also be overcharged with refrigerant, so you want to check your set points, temperatures and pressures around the system and then remove (recover) some of the excess refrigerant. Chiller Fault Finding. The services of a qualified technician should be employed through the medium of a maintenance contract with a reputable service company. Chillers are very expensive and they can be quite dangerous. Additionally high pressure discharge can occur when the return condenser water, on a water cooled chiller, is returning from the cooling tower too hot. Explanation: Error of condenser temperature sensor (Open/Short) Error code: 201. Now if you have a high pressure warning on the suction line, then three main things that can cause this. Also, make sure that you check with the manufacturer that it is capable of doing so before doing that. It’s slightly uncommon for this to happen, but it could have been knocked during maintenance etc. Check before you turn these back that they are meant to be switched on, and for any grounding faults. I know it runs at 80% for the first 7.5 mins, but then it will usually ramp up to 100% if the humidity condition on the t-stat has been met. Seek professional help instead. Low suction pressure could also be caused by the condenser water temperature being too low. This will cover some of the most common types of faults you might come across in the industry. This is to protect itself, as well as the buildings electrical infrastructure, as the inrush current for these chillers can be extremely large. This is an unconditionally simple means to specifically get lead by on-line. Before you turn any breakers back on, you want to make sure no one’s working on the machine and that the equipment has not been isolated for safety reasons. 9. is not related to a chiller or component failure. Lastly, if none of these resolve the issue, then check that the pressure switch isn’t fault! Trane thermostat error code 91. An unbalanced voltage supply to the chiller can cause faults. If the temperature within the motor casing gets too high, then the motor will just send a signal and the chiller will cut out to protect itself. An option is to spray water over the condenser although this will lead to mineral build up on the fins and the condenser will rest much quicker so this is a last resort option. Found the tutorials super useful? You want to measure your voltages on each of your phases to make sure that they are balanced. and how to decide. Go around and check the fuses and the breakers on your LV panels to make sure that these were working and are not open. If this happens then you’ll probably have to replace the expansion valve, but obviously do try to adjust the superheat set point first. Another issue is thermal overload for the motor. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This code usually means a problem only when the furnace is constantly calling for heat and not responding to your thermostat’s signals. 70-125 Ton Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Rotary Liquid Chillers. A similar scenario occurs with air cooled chillers where the condensers external surface becomes covered in dust and dirt. 12. High Suction Pressure. However, if you’re unfamiliar with error codes for furnaces, then you may be unaware of what these codes mean. The unit will start in 3 minutes. We’re going to cover high pressure on the discharge, low pressure on the discharge, low pressure on the suction line, high pressure on the suction line, some general electrical issues you might come across as well as a few other issues. To protect the air conditioner upon immediate restart after a stop, the microcomputer controller will delay the unit for 3 minutes before the air Make checks on the chiller and listen for noises. You have to wait for it to cool down or adjust the parameters and the set points of the chiller. I caught the fault code occurring one night and then noticed shortly after that the unit that gave the fault was not ramping up to 100%. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. To safeguard against permanent damage, the AquaSnap chillers have alarms and alerts that warn against anything abnormal within the system.

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