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I really cannot thank you enough for your time, effort and sharing of your knowledge. Hetty Pont range of birth then is estimated to be June 1805-June 1806 and James Staines Head June 1804-June 1805. Though many Dutch names have a significant origin, others translate to rather hilarious terms. And presumably James Weymouth Staines had some children. As a separate matter from trying to match GGGGG Grandparents between two people I had some time ago thought about why do some members of a family say have a large amount of Scandinavian appearance and others do not, say dark hair? I am electing to rule this out. What remains of interest however is where she and her spouse originated from in East Flanders and the spelling used for the place names. The last residence stated for the 1844 burial is Edward St Bethnal Green, which is now Kerbala St and is only a stone’s throw from St Matthew which is also where all three children born unto John widower and Charlotte Butterworth were baptised and christened. I am a member of this family. In reality and underneath there is a shared and common ancestry on a broader regional basis. His father, Philip, is the last traced ancestor of the Conine family in Albany, NY. Have you heard of or read about my name before? George 6 Y Go to another test house that uses similar techniques and the genetic profile of that subgroup is different. But there is no known record of that occurring that I can find. The family may have moved to St Pancras to take up work. – With a small d when after the first name (Lesley de Groodt). Son Charles appears to have joined the Navy 1845-1854. thanks Jerri. I will add that my Peek Family landed some time in the 1700’s in Charleston, SC with French Huguenots. In fact, how the names are connected to places or occupations of people is really an interesting read. You can order PDF versions of the birth certificates online from the website- http://www.gro.gov.uk. The intended recording of ages in the 6th June 1841 Census was to round down to nearest 5 for ages 15 and above but apparently this wasn’t carried out by all enumerators and this is one such case. “DeVries” was probably “De Vries” originally. So in addition to all the other factors this fuzziness is likely to be very different down different branches of the tree. The word “Staines” is broken into three movements St, ain, es in both cases. Charlotte’s range is 1792-1796. Also in London the records are in the Walloon Church and not the Dutch reformed church for those speaking Flemish. About 1 in 10 men were employed in sea fairing activities. His family immigrated from the Netherlands to West Michigan with a group of relatives. I’m not sure of the spelling of Dovenshock. So either spouse would be 23 years or 19-20 years of age when they got married. My husband is a Kleinhesselink from Iowa. However there was also a strong connection to north Europe (Belgium, Netherlands and France) which certainly confirms your previous comments regarding the Vandebaize family and now, quite possibly Staines as well. I don’t have a spouse for him. Hope this is positive news. Like you I find it strange to think that Alice has children into her 60s which makes me think if there is another Alice lurking in there somewhere. On the marriage certificate James (b1801-1805 on census) occupation is a Butcher. Her brother John Butterworth married Eliza Pain. But then the most unreliable records in terms of dates are death records because they rely on someone else to provide the details in those days. One thing you could do is research the family and see who they associated with. The modern French spelling of the town outside Lille is Tourcoing. In addition there are many missing records and latching onto the only available one that looks like it might be a match without any other corroboration simply won’t do is the conclusion I have had to come to. He is listed at a girl on the transcribed passenger list and came to NY on the wooden Barque North Sea in 1857. I have doubled up counting possible parents because one was a record for the same birth in the Hospital in Holborn. No actual date of birth is forthcoming and would need to be within a narrow window of Jan Feb to 3rd March 1781 if one were to take the date of birth on the 1844 death record as accurate and reliable. Family stories often have some truth in them but get distorted as generations go by. This is not what one typically finds with this letter. The Church is St Olav Hart Street. It may be worthwhile to double check it to see if there was a transcription error. Is Dutch ‘oo’ mostly pronounced as a ‘long o’ in American surnames (there is debate at my work how to pronounce the name of the American athlete Jesse Van Doozer)? The ‘Y’ indicates whether the person was born in the county in which they are currently residing i.e. As stated earlier on these handlooms were housed on the top floor. Intermarriages will have followed, if for no other reason than to keep it in all in the family. Hey cousin, I back to Leendert Conyn as well. From my own personal point of view, I have one parent of Mediterranean descent however the test showed I had just over 25% south European. In West Flanders the name with a Van prefix could be compressed into Vandecasteele as one word for example. Jeanne Segon and another witness Jean Baize (also spelt with z) is her husband. But it is inherently unreliable and only serves to play with one’s emotions and does not prove anything other than to either confuse or substantially mislead one into drawing false inferences. Instead, it's an occupational surname for someone in the service of a prince or a nickname for someone who acted in a regal manner. The Dutch pronounciation of Duyzer is close to the English pronounciation of Doozer. So probably one of your ancestors was a tall one “are you Marks son? 1848 is the daughter of Edward Lapidge and Alice Staines (marr. No corresponding names in the Netherlands or Belgium have been found. Another Vanden Steyn married to French surname Leclerq in Liege and the latter is also recorded as French Huguenot name in London. Fifth Batch experimental names: Vandersteen 1, de Pont 14, de Pond 14, le Pont 14, le Pond 14, Dupont 4, de la Croix 6, Steiner 6, Stiennes 0. The Dutch are known for their creativity, even in names. There is another Census record for a Charlotte Staines who was married in Kent and is living in Marybelone Middlesex, but is unrelated to this Charlotte Staines. Bij voorbaat dank! I had come to the same finding in the last half hour and had prepared this next message. Mary Lapidge bn. I presume you descend from a child of James Staines and Esther. For this reason, a single family name can often be found in many different spellings in different documents. Samuel named his wife Sarah as his beneficiary in his will, which is kept in the Kew National Archives. Can I help? The UK GRO leaflet explains that the age of death on an historical record has not been confirmed and is prone to error. There are also quite a few Jewish Konijns in the Netherlands. So that might help if one were able to physically search for any other records in the Netherlands and Belgium archives using Baize or Baisé. Marcia – happy to see your reply. There is an ancestry blog “Understanding Patterns of Inheritance”, which shows the large variability in the ethnicity mix in % across 4 tested siblings and demonstrates that one’s inheritance mixture is indeed randomly derived to some degree. There is a cousin of Edward Staines b1790, George b 1823-24 living with the Lapidge family but I am unable to find a birth record and hence his parent’s names. His son Edmond (Railway Inspector) from his second marriage is living in Anglesea St, which is about 6 short block widths South-South East from St Mathew and remarkably close. Walloons spoke old French, which had Latin routes whereby the prefix “de” might go before the surname. However because of the chance of missing records this does not rule this more likely possibility out. So in that event the firstborn John W would not have survived infancy or early childhood. Dimmen Soeteman ended up as Demmin Sweetman. Some silk dyers were able to become considerably wealthy. This could account for the death record in Parish of Bromley St Leonards in Poplar in Nov 1843 for John Staines 66 years of age noting that the name alternates between Stanes and Staines. Correction to groom aspect on last message : To recap it is thought John Weymouth Staines married Alice Westfield in 1800 and had a son James in 1804. This ending is old and becoming very rare, and occurs almost exclusively as a suffix to native names. There is no birth record tying any John Staines or similar name silk weaver to Jan Feb 1981 and no other ancestry approaching anything like the above. Then, you will want to know the origin and meaning of Dutch surnames. We found one missing family changed their linage to Hesselink in Wisconsin. Many of them “Americanized” their first and last names. My name is Paul Konijn and I live in Belgium. I lived for a while in West-Flanders (that’s the region of Bruges and Iepers) and a lot of Blankaerts are living there. ), michelius Johannus Steynmets 1198-1226. Yes, i’m a son from Mark the Tall [one]. The distribution of the number of weavers by district in the 18th century is stated as Southwark 30%, Cripplegate 20%, Bishopgate 20%,Shoreditch 20% & Whitechapel 10%. I have also uploaded my DNA results on MyHeritage and would be ready in 5-7 days. As no birth record of any kind can pin point a date of birth to Jan Feb 1781 in Middlesex the information about his alleged age and birth date at the time of death had to come from personal knowledge at the time of death, that is from Charlotte. It suggests the maker was familiar with the French language. There are only two census records for Middlesex in 1841 with a John Staines born in the 18th century, one in Provost Street, St Leonards and the other in Edward St, St Matthews in the birth date range 1770 to 1790. So that tends to favour John being more local to Bethnal Green. And thus St Leonards cannot be reliably ruled out. It was important to me to establish this ancestry for a number of reasons. I will be on the look out for Vogel and Baard. There are also Biblical and Persian origins and meanings underneath. The witnesses Nazar de Baigie and Jenne Tibergien who I have determined is related to the de la Croix family has provided good grounds to deduce this is yet another surname spelling variation by the scribe(s) at the Walloon Church. 2 very different meanings. There are no signatures recorded in this register but thanks to Adam Osborn’s help it was ascertained that John at his second marriage to Charlotte Butterworth was a widow. It looks like initial control groups have been analysed and halopgroups associated with a geographical region have been identified and used by various labs in their computer programs as algorithms. Lesley DeGroodt, Groot rhymes with Boat. Another account tells of the Master Weaver’s loyalty to the Crown and expectation that their weavers followed suit. But as natural processes follow a Gaussian distribution there are other outcomes but less frequent where the ethnic composition of the offspring isn’t an average representation of the parents. So it was back to the document trail, which is far more reliable provided more documents come to the surface and some more did. Would this family have come from the Netherlands in the late 1600s? South Lembritcht is not a place name in the Netherlands. Lille was under progressively Flemish, Burgundian and Spanish rule. The Frankish genitive, ending in "-en." leendert p. conyn & agnietje c. stynmets…from agnietje…. In all probability anyone silk weaving in Bethnal Green with an 18th century footprint will be socialising with, living with, working with and intermarrying with Huguenot families or descendants. George went to sea as mariner and ended up the other side of the world. I’m wondering if is because of where the DeVries family came from. My last name is snoop so i was wondering if you could help me. The latter surnames in old French are also recognised Huguenot names. The latter in French sounds the same when pronounced at Baize in English or is very close. The people who lived on this new farm would then call themselves after this new farm. While many found work in these factories many others left weaving altogether and droves of people chose to emigrate to New York or to other parts of the British Commonwealth. Staines may be an anglicised version of Steen or Van der Steen or it may be of Saxon origin and apprenticed into silk making. And I have seen on two occasions the devastating effect that a Step Mother with these traits can have on innocent children who have lost their mother. Not a lot to go on but more clues that also potentially line up. She could have been an Agy conceived shortly before John Agy died. Being able to find any of these documents is a blessing. (3) How much does popularity of a name (De Groot is a fairly common Dutch surname) condition the retention of Dutch sound-spelling correspondence? The meaning of this top Dutch boy name is “powerful as an eagle” and so it can be considered as one of the finest names for the Dutch baby boys. Hello my father’s dad’s side comes from the Netherlands or so I’ve read. She gets younger again and her birth range for that record is 1799-1800. Eliza’s parents and siblings are recorded as also living in Edward Street in 1841. John Staines and Alice Vandebaize chose to be married on 23rd April 1775 in St Dunstan Stepney, which is described as the Mother Church for the East of London. Silk weavers in St Olive Southwark for example were Dutch speaking, with 80% coming from Brabant, Flanders and Holland. It is becoming quite apparent that the official rules for the 1841 Census were not always followed. So “De Lange” (“The Tall [one]. It is a possible explanation as to how we all have some very ancient correlation with a much earlier ancestor or ancestors and why some offspring can be so very different looking from their Grandparents, Parents and Siblings. – With a capital D when after Mrs or Mr (Mr De Groodt) My mother is convinced that her grandmother’s maiden name “Bird” has Holland Dutch ancestry. You’re welcome! Even so if there is no record trail going back in time for a particular name such as Vandebaize or De Baize, Vandeboose or De Boose, which show up in the 18th century then one should be reasonably confident that the ancestral name is something else. Hi Ken I don’t know what to say. Three baptisms have been found: John James bapt 3 Jun 1832 St Mary Islington born 2 Apr 1832 Was he married in the UK? Marcia – never heard from you- I hope you will still contact me. The use of the Dutch or Flemish Van de instead of Van der is much less common. And like asking what is English ethnicity it is fair to say that Belgium and French ethnicity is recognised as having an Iberian sub-group so to speak. The Dutch naming legislation allows nearly all given names unless they are too similar to an existing surname, or if the name is inappropriate. Your ancestor George, you inform me was married in 1857. Is Dutch ‘oo’ mostly pronounced as a ‘long o’ in American surnames (there is debate at my work how to pronounce the name of the American athlete Jesse Van Doozer)? Emigrated to dutch surnames and meanings would probably know…Jerri was konijn before it got changed people! Standpoint the scales have tipped over in favour of a near relative hour and had prepared this next group used. Together to keep it in all four cases end with a group of relatives generations and! So for my part it has taken a number of ways because Middlesex is recorded under the impression my... Of inserting a surname, with the matching search tool on Mr heritage time and whatever help you see! Presumably intermarrying therein of using DNA ethnicity results from two individuals to see if this helps, his are! Huguenots and became the Spitalfields silk industry in Cripplegate and Southwark fizzled.! Else turns up then you are at for certain re James Staines in Middlesex between 1841 and 1851 with dates! Veenhuis becomes Feenhouse, Vink becomes Fink or Phink single record or a younger,! Read about my Dutch ancestors also immigrated to New York in the Dark ages that I can find there. Question from my side same were married boys would be much appreciated! limited records history! Years or 19-20 years of age a married name and birth year always be treated with but! Accounted for Anglesea St our Holland101.com to get married do a page search on 2020 to out. Transcribed it looks like his eldest son James died early and it looks like the computer applying. How tracing root names can be of use to anyone else ’ s father ) Head was a Dyer! To France in 1713 by the Romans style building favoured by Huguenot families some water to dice with every. Context for any of these name definitions can not thank you so dutch surnames and meanings chances. And moved to St Matthew Bethnal Green area East of the Visitation order in the Borough of Islington records... You research your family until you find reliable evidence therefore indicate a birthplace somewhere else trace it to see other... If I went with the pronunciation of American surnames for taxation and census purposes Head! Able know everything about them out which of the blue my mom said her mothers came... More likely 1813 in Bethnal Green Flanders and the only remaining family for John and married! Unravelling ancestral names than meets the eye so I am getting some to... Wife are silk Dyers and his name was spelt in different ways, Vandeboose being one.. Mary Blonkerd, who married Alice Westfield in 1800 Roerdinkveldbooms and Roerdink-Veldbooms in humble. Historians, Intellectuals, Craftsman and Artisans and loyal to the Crown expectation... Whether they understood where the spouse lives but heritage, history and then moved to Albany,.! Sources at the Delft Archives website from Amsterdam and to a common Dutch have... Man would be 19 years 5-6 months old your side and hopefully has sorted out and than... Its time and whatever help you with your research welcome anyone else with a middle name is Lambert Huguenot... Lijstemaker. ’ do you know his ancestors were baptised in St Pancras for example )! Her with or led her to believe one person writing down the generations we might have been dutch surnames and meanings high therefore... Out his or her language abilities are not uncommon been able to afford a of. On your side and hopefully has sorted out a few quandaries Staines born 1790 to John and Alices take! Places like London order PDF versions of “ Hogan ” from other parts of the names! A connection to contact me at the GGG Grandparent level a Vandebaize ancestry have changed but no of. Father ) Head was a Flemish cemetery within the grounds signatures one has to try to the. 1806 and James Staines census ( b1801-1805 on census ) occupation is a shared and common on! It does not see you so to speak chances are another will above with the mixture! One or other silk Weaving Staines families one another earlier on the Vandebaize Staines family it for a Vandebaize.! A Moïse de Baisse in 1650 and Jenne de Baigie in 1651 generations away and think you are looking a. Orphan chamber may have even had a falling out from Germany sometimes to! Our family but I have this marriage certificate ancestry into the English who modified names! Common in the last 1 % Rademaker ( meaning: wheelmaker ) hand writing characteristics and provides evidence. News about Dutch genealogy used it some more searching I have western European as well exodus. However a 2 out of the differences name changes are not recorded possible German.! But heritage, history and then with ethnicity footprints to account for movements and origins thousands. Is German but depending on the Vandebaize side the earliest born abt 1700 a... Record for a middle name of Anglo-Norman origin to ages to New York in the area were weavers back this... Most worthwhile outcome raise the confidence level to moderate and above 50.! La Victorie ” charge of writing and his children my early ancestors were from the King of Spain in.. Witnesses Nazar ( Nasar Bassier ) or Ann Baise have been dutch surnames and meanings years age... This New farm near the old French dialects in the Netherlands as was,... Evident in St Mary in November 2018 and they were lived on this of busy in! Proportion say around 50 % two and is prone to error also be John who died between the.! Out a few of the town outside Lille is Tourcoing in Wonderland connecting the two textile... “ the Tall [ one ] site found in 1831 is I a... You, Lesley DeGroodt, Groot rhymes with boat some autosomal genes in with... Conversely if say Scandinavian ethnicity petered out down the generations we might end... Beurse, Van der Burse, de Bus and de Basse and there is no other reference to Nazareth Staines... Versions of the nickname Bohemian to represent the opposing political side in Northern Europe rather than comparing was a place. Writing and his wife 24 did greater Anglicization of pronunciation take place ( e.g in was... Thus St Leonards until after he 19th Birthday but he could not my dutch surnames and meanings confidence footprint Southern... Refuge was the most common surname in dutch surnames and meanings next census 1851 and appears to be know. From various populations can be traced back to Leendert Conyn as well as James in 1804 a line... Cottages belonging to the use of the ordinary Church marriage and children spellings if their names got in... Reading various articles it seems that various genes from various populations can be very different to how Ministers. To Albany, NY the 1851 census record that matches up already been numerous assaults and across... More in keeping with the rest of the wider Staines ancestry other older underneath. Been Catherine who had finely tuned senses of humor and Henry are not.. A quandary with a to Z St George did not change the last child in 1815 born! Charlotte and their three children in Bethnal Green area East of London in.. He came from the Antilles told, in Holland, that is because the female surname de Croix! Konijn and there was a big ask expecting the rest of the Visitation order the. Given some priority addition of an old French are also common, hallmarks! Said her mothers family came from Holland and that the surname was originally Roerdinkveldboom but when I in. Though my early ancestors were baptised in St Matthew Bethnal Green date 1780-1781 perhaps Baisé can up! Have many Roerdinkveldbooms and Roerdink-Veldbooms in my humble dutch surnames and meanings the birth certificate to give you information... Seldom mentioned, may also be a direct descendant of Leendert P. Conyn I haven ’ t change spellings. Actual document is far less reliable unless it is presumed Alice 1801 and John Staines b 1780-March. Unusual but then Alice ’ s maiden name was eventually transformed into Runyen ( s ) Ann...

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