‘Til death due us part…no seriously

chains_of_love_t-shirt-284x300I just finished reading an article about a man who wants to ban divorce in California. I thought this was funny, but also made a good point. He’s doing it because the people against prop 8 say that gay marriage goes against the sanctity of traditional marriage. If the traditional man/woman marriage is so holy then why are half of them ending in divorce?

I suppose his point is that if you’re going to be holier than thou then damn it be holier than thou and prove it! Personally, I am straight and I’m in favor of gay marriages. Why? Because I have lots of gay friends and I know that they’d all be FAB-U-LOUS! They would spend lots of money on making sure everything was just right and that in itself would bolster the local SF economy. People have said [and I’m not quoting this as a fact] that gay marriages don’t last because being gay you don’t take it as serious. Even better! More gay marriages then and more money being spread around. This is a win/win situation. The gay population tends to have more spendable cash, at least that’s been my observation from my friends who are gay who have all the latest gadgets with all the hot new bells and whistles. My god, I’m wearing shoes I bought 8 years ago. I am so outre compared to a gay man in San Francisco. I did spend $75 on a shirt last year that was my one extravagance, but it’s been several years since I’ve had an extravagance spending if you ignore the occasional gelato.

But I’m digressing. I think this idea is a real punch in the face to the anti prop 8 people. The whole idea behind www.rescuemarriage.org was started by a man in Sacramento who thought similar to what I started out with in this post. If you feel the sanctity of your marriage is being eroded then maybe you should stop cheating on your spouse or leaving them for someone else. Catholics ban divorce, but substitute it with an annulment. That’s their way of saying, “this never happened” even when the couple is still paying off the bills for an event that never happened. If you really oppose gay marriage and you’re married and get divorced then you’re a hypocrite. Once again half of all straight marriages end in divorce. So where is the sanctity there?

P.S. Even though I’m straight and have been married for 13 years, I’m also  licensed as a Reverend by the Universal Life Church and for a small fee I’ll marry any couple. Trust me, I’ve done the research and I’m legal in California to do it. Now why am I hearing Aretha Franklin singing “chain of fools” running through my head.