At The Car Wash!

Getting your car washed is a bit of a chore. I used to love every Saturday morning as I’d get up and wash my car by hand and spend a couple of hours detailing it when I was in my 20’s so I’d have a hot looking car for when I went out on Saturday nights. The problem was it was kind of a waste of my time doing it when I could get it done professionally once a month and they’d do a better job. The place I’ve found that always does the best is out on 17th and South Van Ness. It’s a 76 gas station that does a lot more than pump gas.

After you drop off your car you can walk around and watch them do their magic to your car. They’ve got lots of colorful liquids to spray on your car and then hose off and I’m sure kids would love to watch while it’s all happening. Once you get past the car wash you enter into a room with ever possible thing your car could or could not need.

The best part for me is when the car comes out and it’s attacked by what I call, “The Pirahnas”. You remember those old National Geographic seens where a cow walks into the water and the fish swarm all over it until there’s nothing but bones? Well that’s kind of what happens to your car. About 5-6 dive on your car with towels to dry it off and make it shine. There’s one guy running around putting tire dressing on, a couple more doing the inside and outside windows and dashboard. You can go and grab a hot dog while you wait at the convenience stores where you pay for gas [which you get at 25¢ off per gallon if you get your car washed. All in all I’d have to say this is the best place to get your car washed as they take care of you inside and out. I just have to get used to them yelling “ULTIMA!” when they’ve finished with my Nissan, but I have to say it does look pretty ULTIMA!