Winter In New England

I shot some video today that I suspect my friends in San Francisco would say, oh hell no! about living in New England in the winter. While it’s not that bad for me I can see why living here is not for the faint of heart. 

We had weather yesterday that we got to wake up to 4° and now today it’s 50° and tomorrow it will be possible 60°. In my mind this is good because it will melt the snow which we might get 1″-4″ of snow two days from now. To be honest, stop reading this and click on the video because a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth, I don’t know a million?

Throw Back To 1976…

Last time it snowed in San Francisco was 1976 and it was fun because snow was unheard of in San Francisco. Now that I’m in New England it’s a yearly thing, but still, being a San Francisco native there’s just something magical about it.

I had to shoot a little video of our first snow here since it was late this year. I kind of like driving in the snow, but this year it was coming down so fast and I didn’t have snow tires on the car that I was fish tailing a bit, but I made it home fine during my drive.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the video and if you’re still in San Francisco and don’t have to deal with this then be happy. It’s just something that is so odd to me that I get a smile on my face when it happens…