Welcome to San Francisco!

I think I’m one of the few people left in San Francisco who was born here. My mother’s one, my daughter is one, but I’ve spent 46+ years in San Francisco and now I’m back living in the same house I was raised in. In all my years I’ve managed to learn my way around San Francisco so that I can get to just about anywhere without having to say, “Where’s that street?”

I like the city so much I decided that I have to start writing about it. Herb Caen, rest his soul wrote about the good, the bad and the ugly in San Francisco and I want to be like Herb Caen. Rumor has it that he said when he died and walked into heaven his first words to god would be, “It’s nice, but it isn’t San Francisco.

So you’ll be seeing me writing about the places to go, places not to go, eat drink and party in SF [never, never call it ‘frisco]. I would also appreciate any comments you’d like to add in with. Now it’s time for me to pour me a tall glass of hand brewed root beer made at the beach by theBeach Chalet and take a seat out on my deck and watch the waves of the ocean curl onto the beach. Ah, it’s great to live here. 😉