Hostess Goes Down…

Everyone seems to be up in arms that Hostess is shutting down. People are ambushing stores grabbing every last twinkie, ho-ho and ding dong. I say good, because all of the people doing this are over 20 and probably haven’t had one in ages. If you’re under 20 then fine, eat as much as you want, but once you pass 20 all the chemical food product in them will kill you. In case you didn’t know the original twinkie creme was whipped lard and sugar only to be replaced in some cases by hydrogenated oil and sugar [that’s what the vegetable/animal shortening is].

Please people, eat all you want and all you can because when you’re dead there’ll be more job openings in the market. If I want something sweet I’ll bake a cake [usually from scratch] or grab a 70% cacao chocolate bar or if I’m cheap I’ll just grab a plain Hershey’s dark chocolate bar. Not exactly the most healthy, but it’s better than the hostess junk. I’m surprised Michelle Obama hasn’t jumped all over this one. I think the only people who have been regularly eating all the sugary, lard filled Hostess snacks you will normally find at WalMart.

As if twinkies weren’t bad enough there are actual people at county fairs who are deep frying them and serving them up. I have to say a part of me wants to try one, but I’ve already got a bit of hypertension and cholesterol problems so I think I’ll have to stay away from them. This is what everyone is focusing on is the snacks, but there are other things that we will lose with Hostess going out of business.

Dolly Madison, Columbo, Home Pride, Parisian, Toscana and Wonder Bread are all owned by Hostess and three mentioned here are big French bread makers. At least in San Francisco we’ll still have Boudin, La Brea and a few other smaller French bread makers to fill the void. There’s more companies than this, but I just listed the ones that Bay Area people would recognize.

Don’t believe the hype though that it was caused by the strike. They filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and came back [barely] and have bleeding money every since. So this year they decided to triple the CEO’s salary. I think that’s more reason for them to go bankrupt than a few little strikes.