Merry Christmas To All!

[imagebrowser id=7]Every year I get into the holiday spirit early, but this year it took me awhile. Twas the night before Christmas Eve and I had to take a trip to 34th and Quintara to get in the mood. There’s a guy who owns the corner house that for every holiday puts up a display for everyone to see. Whether it’s Valentine’s day or St. Patrick’s day he does up the house, but Christmas is his biggest time of the year.

I have no idea what his name is, but tomorrow I’m going to knock on his door and introduce myself to him. Cars that drive by his house slow down and people bring their kids to have their pictures taken in front of the house. His house is so magically Christmasy that even during the day it looks beautiful. Why he hasn’t been written up in the paper yet is beyond me, but I’m hoping someone from the Chronicle or Examiner or even SF Weekly will stop by and interview him.

He works hard to do what he does and i feel he should be acknowledged for it. We take our daughter down every Christmas and Halloween [the two biggest times for this houses decorations] just to see that WOW look on her face. He is the Santa for all the kids that need something more than the mall Santa’s. He doesn’t get paid to do this, but he does it anyway. That’s a rare thing in this day and age and I feel he needs to be recognized for it.

If you get a chance, definitely go by and see his house. It is a wonderful Christmas tradition that is non-sectarian like the Christmas’ I knew as a kid. In honor of his work, I did a little work tonight and put together a video tribute to his house and it’s decorations. I hope you enjoy it and drive by and see his place. He and his wife are doing a great community service for what they are doing and they deserve an award. My video is the best I have to offer so far. I’ve included a slideshow at the top from pics I took last year and this year. While I can’t give a gift to all of my readers I hope you’ll all accept this. Enjoy!


The Holiday House

I’ve written about this couple before. Every holiday that you can imagine they decorate their house for the holiday. I had noticed that while he had put out everything for this Christmas the lights weren’t on at night. I happened to noticed that he had lights on tonight so I had to rush down and take some pictures.

For those who remember my last attempt at night photography of their house around Halloween, the pictures didn’t do it much justice, but luckily my iPhone has a new HDR [High Dynamic Range] added to the camera so you can take low light figures without too much graininess.

As I was taking the pictures the man of the house happened to walk out and tell me to take lots of pictures now because he was turning the lights off soon. I mentioned that I hadn’t seen the lights on since he put everything up and he mentioned an unfortunately loss in his family. For this, I told him I was very sorry because I pointed out to him all the cars and people that his house attracts and the smiles on all the peoples faces when they come by his house. He smiled and laughed a little bit hopefully to help him forget of his recent loss.

I didn’t get to talk to him more, but I’d really like to. Just to find out why he feels it necessary to light up his house for every occasion you could think of. He did mention he was having a few electrical problems which he still needed to fix which explained why the last side of the house wasn’t lit up, but as soon as he figures it out I’ll add some more pictures to the album. I might even offer to give him a hand if he’ll accept it.

If you want to see this place it’s at 34th and Quintara in the Sunset district and if you’re lucky his wife will be by the front door handing out candy canes to all the kids who come by. They also run a holiday boutique out of their garage on the weekends this time of year just so you know. Maybe not this year, but usually they do.

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