Condiment Klepto

I realized today that I have a thing for swiping extra packets of the various sauces at fast food places.Most of the time it’s because they’re odd or interesting. I actually grabbed a handful of jalapeño relish from a place before because I had never seen it. Other times it’s because if we went out and bought even a small jar of some of the sauces we’d have to throw it out before we were able to finish it.

Salt and pepper I don’t need to swipe since we only use kosher salt and pepper is easy to get. Oh the other hand things like Chinese mustard or tartar sauce we’d never go through an entire jar of the stuff before it goes bad. I also like some of the stranger sauces because who knows? Some day you’ll ask yourself what a french fry tastes like when you dip it in duck sauce [not too bad actually].

Maybe you only need a little packet of thousand island dressing for you hamburger so you can feel like you’ve just gone to McDonalds and had a Big Mac. I like to think of myself as being frugal and saving a bit of money. Mustard and ketchup we never use very often so it’s nice to be able to pull a hermetically sealed packet from the fridge only when you need it. We have a couple of friends who whenever they come over we have a tradition of ordering some Hawaiian food. I’ve finally gotten my wife to understand that if we just use the plastic utensils they give us and recycle them afterwards we won’t have so many pieces of silverware to wash [that’s the rational way of saying I’m lazy].

The day I start filling my pockets with packets of mayonnaise is the day I’ll need to be locked up though.