I Am Ozzy!

I did something for Halloween that I haven’t done in years. I actually put a costume together, no not just slapping together a few random items, but I came up with an idea for an actual person to become for Halloween and on Halloween, I was Ozzy Osbourne.

I forgot how much fun dressing up for Halloween can be and when I was out and walking around, not going from home to home, but actually walking around in the commercial areas of the city it was almost magical. People were stopping me and taking pictures of me as well as taking pictures with me. Of course no one really believed I was Ozzy, except for the people working at the local taqueria I went into which was pretty surreal.

I can imitate Ozzy fairly well so I went in and asked for a bat burrito. Some of them looked horrified at my request and others laughed. All of the patrons got a big laugh out of it and I finally picked up a couple of steak burritos and headed home. I had forgotten how much fun I used to have dressing up on Halloween and this brought back to me that no matter how old you get, you’re never too old to have fun on Halloween.