America’s Cup: What it means for San Francisco

Well, obviously we’ll have congestion around the city. While there are a lot of people who love to sail [I’m one of them] the America’s Cup people are more like Larry Ellison, maybe not as rich, but they’ll come here with money to blow.

There is also the rebuilding of the piers where the race will be based which will give us more nice areas to hang out at to watch the day go by. Now this will also cost the city big bucks to do this, most of it will be coming from corporate sponsors to have their names up during the race and from the last winner, Larry Ellison’s team that’s is giving $150 million to help cover the costs.

The changes to the piers that have been submitted so far look really nice so I’m hoping for the best. Anythings better than the wrecked state the piers are in at this point in the game. This upgrade will help to overprice the already overpriced SoMa condos and there will be more jobs created from this. I’m sure the downtown businesses will bring in more money from all the monied tourists that will be coming in for the race. It will probably take a while for the money to trickle down to places like the Sunset and Richmond Districts, but I’m sure some of the people will want to see Ocean Beach from the shore, not looking at it from their boats.

[mappress mapid=”5″]Some people dislike the idea that we’ll have all these smug rich people taking over our city for a few weeks, but if they have money and their credit cards don’t get declined let them come and give me their money. I’ll be happy to take it from them. I’m happy that their money will go to help upgrade the city and I’m happy that we’ll have more nice places to see in San Francisco. Sailing isn’t only for rich people and there’s a group out at South Beach harbor that gives kids a chance to learn how to sail without having to sink millions into a boat. I can’t remember their name, but I’ll have to go down there and check it out and see if I can find them.